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Brittany Cartwright Says Jax Taylor's 'Rage Texts' Led to Her Feud with Stassi Schroeder

Brittany Cartwright is opening up about the current status of her friendship with Stassi Schroeder.

The 33-year-old reality star explained in a recent interview that her and her husband Jax Taylor‘s decision to not attend Stassi‘s wedding in Italy – as well as Jax‘s “rage texts” – contributed to the falling out.

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Stassi Schroeder Says There Were Other 'Vanderpump Rules' Castmates Involved in the Incident That Led to Her Firing

Stassi Schroeder is sharing some new details about the incident that led to her Vanderpump Rules firing.

Back in 2020, the 33-year-old reality star and her co-star Kristen Doute were let go from the show after it was revealed they had called the police on Faith Stowers, the only Black cast member to have appeared on the Bravo series.

But in a new interview on the “Skinny Confidential Him and Her” podcast on Friday (May 27), Stassi revealed that there were actually more Vanderpump Rules stars involved in the incident.

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The Richest 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Members Ranked from Lowest to Highest (& the Wealthiest Has a Net Worth of $90 Million!)

When Vanderpump Rules debuted in 2013, it followed a cast of aspiring models, actors and musicians as they struggled to make it in the entertainment industry.

Now in its ninth season, fans have watched as the stars of the show have launched makeup lines, scored book deals and even started their own restaurants.

The show itself has also become quite lucrative for the cast. According to THR in 2020, the “core cast” of the series made around $25,000 per episode after negotiations that took place in 2017 and 2018, with Lisa Vanderpump said to make more than double that number.

We’ve compiled the net worths of Vanderpump Rules cast members, past and present, and ranked them from lowest to highest. Click through the gallery to see who make it to the number one spot!

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Stassi Schroeder Says Her Pregnancy Saved Her From 'Alcoholism' After 'Vanderpump Rules' Firing

Stassi Schroeder is getting candid.

In a preview for her new podcast The Good, The Bad, The Baby with husband Beau Clark, the 33-year-old former reality star and author explained how her pregnancy saved her after she was fired from Vanderpump Rules for her racism scandal.

Back in June 2020, Stassi and Kristen Doute, among a few others, were fired from the Bravo show following their past behavior towards another co-star, Faith Stowers.

Weeks after her firing, Stassi announced she was pregnant with her first child. She and Beau, 40, welcomed daughter Hartford on January 7, 2021.

“A lot of people think going through a hard time while you’re pregnant, it’s like, ‘Oh man, that sucks.’ I think [it] made me so much better to be pregnant while I was going through a hard time,” Stassi began in a clip shared on her Instagram Story. “If I wasn’t pregnant, I think I probably would have just like gone to alcoholism, Xanax, all of these unhealthy things.”

“I would have lashed out…dark passenger-ed,” Stassi added. “And I think our baby 100 percent saved me.”

Stassi went on to say that her pregnancy kept her “so positive all the time” and “put things into perspective.”

“When I look back on this past year, to me it’s filled with so much more happiness and thankfulness and gratitude than sadness,” Stassi explained, “because when I have the f–king greatest gift I’ve ever been given, it just put things into perspective.”

Stassi Schroeder Has A Unique Nickname For Her Baby Daughter Hartford

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark‘s newborn baby girl Hartford is only a month old and already Stassi is wishing for time not to pass so fast.

In a sweet Instagram, the reality star and influencer shared just a few flashback photos when Hartford was just a week old.

“I’m now one of those moms who constantly walks around saying ‘can you stop growing already?!’ She was only 1 week old in these photos. I can’t believe how fast time flies now that she’s here,” Stassi wrote while sharing Hartford‘s newborn photos with fans.

She adds, “So far she has been an absolute freakin dream (knocking on wood)— She’s chill, curious, makes the cutest judgy AF face and loves morning baby massages.”

Stassi also revealed that she and Beau call Hartford “Velo”.

“We call her ‘Velo’ (short for velociraptor), bc she has major baby dinosaur vibes, ESP when she cries, whines or tries to poop,” she explained. “I still can’t get over how lucky I am to be her mama and I pray every night that she always knows how loved she is.”

Find out the meaning behind Hartford‘s unique name here…

Stassi Schroeder Shares First Photo of Newborn Daughter Hartford

Stassi Schroeder, one of the former stars of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, has shared the first photo of her newborn daughter Hartford!

The 32-year-old reality star welcomed her daughter with husband Beau Clark earlier this month.

Beau & I have spent the last couple of weeks enjoying every moment with our daughter. Every cuddle, every sound, every poop, all of it. It’s her two week birthday and I feel like I’m finally ready to share my little girl. Meet Hartford Charlie Rose Clark, the best thing that’s ever happened to me. My heart is so freaking full. I can’t believe I get to keep her. 😍😍😍😍,” Stassi wrote on Instagram.

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Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out On Stassi Schroeder & Kristen Doute's Firings From 'Vanderpump Rules'

Lisa Vanderpump is speaking out again about the firing of Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules.

The 60-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills socialite and restaurateur on “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her” podcast and opened up about her thoughts of the entire ordeal.

Stassi and Kristen, among a few others, were fired from the Bravo show following their past behavior towards another co-star, Faith Stowers.

When asked about her thoughts on the situation, Lisa shared that while she doesn’t condone the acts that Stassi and Kristen did, she doesn’t think they are racist.

“It wasn’t right what they did at all, but do I think they’re racist? A thousand per cent not. Because I have a lot of diverse people working for me that they’ve all been working very close to for many years,” she shared. “Do I think it was a racist action? Not at all.”

Lisa continued, “I just think it was awful timing and stupid and ignorant.”

She also spoke on Stassi‘s behavior more, saying that she thinks “everything was so inflamed at that time, but it had also been an accumulation of things she had done. It wasn’t just one remark, and I think the fact that she was proactive in calling with this whole Faith situation just was not the way to handle things.”

Lisa said that Stassi did have a “lack of awareness,” “lived in her own bubble,” and so Bravo had to “do what they had to do.”

“I don’t like this cancel culture, either,” Lisa admitted. “Of course, I do think sometimes people should be punished and there should be punitive ramifications and actions do have consequences, but I think people can grow from their mistakes. I really do, and I think reality television is quite a good place to learn and see the growth.”

Lisa first opened up about the firings back in June.

If you didn’t see, Stassi just welcomed her first child with Beau Clark. Find out the baby’s name here!