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Kate Gosselin: Maritime Market Mom

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mama Kate Gosselin dons a white summer dress as she goes grocery shopping at Maritime Market with her sextuplets at Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Friday (June 5).

The 33-year-old reality TV mom was accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neild and her six 5-year-olds, Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel.

The last two days, Kate has been shooting a new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, taking separate ferry rides with the boys and girls.

J&K+8 papa Jon Gosselin has been back home in Pennsylvania taking care of twins Cara and Mady. More Here! »

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Kate Gosselin: Hand Sanitizer Obsessed

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin and bodyguard pal Steve Neild take her eight kids – Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel – for a fun family outing at the Bald Head Island in North Carolina on Saturday (May 30).

M.I.A. was papa Jon Gosselin, who spent $2,000 on Friday at the Barneys CO-OP in the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey.

Pictured below is Kate helping Hannah wash her hands with hand sanitizer. If anyone has ever seen J&K+8, you know that Kate has HSOCD (that’s Hand Sanitizer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to ward off the dirty evil germs!

10+ pictures inside of hand sanitizer obsessed Kate GosselinMore Here! »

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Kate Gosselin & Steve Neild: Baltimore Buddies

Jon and Kate Plus 8 mama Kate Gosselin travels with bodyguard and family friend Steve Neild through Baltimore Airport in Maryland on Tuesday (May 12).

Kate, who has been on a whirlwind book tour, has denied having an affair with Steve.

“[Neild and his family] absolutely love us and want to see us through to the end,” Kate has said. “Of course, both of them travel with us at times, and we’ve spent holidays together.”

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Kate Gosselin: I Did Not Cheat With Steve Neild

Kate Gosselin, of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus Eight fame, is trying to stay one step ahead and shooting down rumors that she had an affair with bodyguard Steve Neild.

The 34-year-old mom-of-eight tells People, “The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family. Already the allegations they’re making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified.

“[Neild and his family] absolutely love us and want to see us through to the end. Of course, both of them travel with us at times, and we’ve spent holidays together, because, in this situation, your circle grows smaller and smaller, and it’s very natural to become friends with your manager, your publicist, your security team … they’re the only people you have left. And now they’re coming under fire.

“I’m totally panicking, and thinking, ‘We are going to lose our last set of friends.’ I keep calling them, begging, ‘Seriously, I’m so sorry. Don’t run away from us.’ They keep saying, ‘We’re fine, we’re fine.’ But they have paparazzi in front of their house. It’s so upsetting.

“We opened our world to this but we willingly made a conscious decision to put this out there. Our friends and family did not. I had no idea we would potentially take down the people that we love around us. It’s like saying, ‘Thanks for your support, let me sic the paparazzi on you.’ It’s very very difficult. It leaves us, essentially, alone and friendless. It’s terrible.

“The scary thing for me is [the tabloids] are going to take information and create a story. It’s a matter of, ‘When will they stop?’ They’re going to keep going, and they’ll make up stuff to connect the dots.”

Pictured here: Kate with her husband Jon Gosselin, who has been under fire for allegedly cheating with a third grade school teacher.