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Tia Mowry Updates Fans on Possible 'Sister, Sister' Reboot

Tia Mowry just delivered some sad news – the Sister, Sister reboot, that’s been in talks for quite a while – is not moving forward.

In a new TikTok video, the 43-year-old actress confirmed the idea was not moving forward after hopes of a reboot were talked about.

While Tia answered some common questions in the video, the final one included was “Will there be a sister sister [sic] reboot?” To that, she said, “No, sorry.”

Tia starred with her twin, Tamera Mowry, who were separated at birth, and each adopted by a different parent. One day, the teens have a chance encounter while shopping at a clothing store in the mall.

Sister, Sister was recently added to Netflix and some fans noticed that certain songs were missing from the show. Find out why that is…

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Tia Mowry Has Reunited With Sister Tamera After Over 6 Months Apart

Tamera and Tia Mowry are together again!

The 42-year-old sisters and actresses have reunited after being apart for months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For over six months, Tia and Tamera were unable to see each other.

“I still haven’t seen her, physically,” Tamera revealed in October. “I live in Napa and then there was a surge in L.A., and right when we were actually going to head up there, there was a surge in L.A. and it wasn’t wise for all of us to go there… we were going to meet up, [Tia’s] working on Family Reunion and the time, it didn’t work. But I know for a fact when we see each other we’re just, we’re gonna cry.”

She added that while they do have Zoom, it wasn’t the same.

Now, in a new interview, Tia announced that they were finally able to see one another.

“We were so happy to see each other, and we hadn’t seen each other in so long,” Tia shared with Entertainment Tonight, adding that the entire family is planning to spend time with more of her family over the Easter weekend.

Last year, Tia also opened up about the racism she and Tamera experience while growing up as child stars.

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Tamera Mowry Hasn't Seen Twin Sister Tia Since The Start of the Pandemic

Twin sisters Tamera Mowry-Housley and Tia Mowry-Hardrict haven’t seen each other in about six months, due to the pandemic.

Tamera revealed in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight that she and Tia have been in touch, but haven’t actually seen each other since the start of the pandemic over six months ago.

“I still haven’t seen her, physically,” she said. “I live in Napa and then there was a surge in L.A., and right when we were actually going to head up there, there was a surge in L.A. and it wasn’t wise for all of us to go there… we were going to meet up, [Tia’s] working on Family Reunion and the time, it didn’t work. But I know for a fact when we see each other we’re just, we’re gonna cry.”

Tamera added that she and Tia have kept up with each other virtually with Zoom calls every two weeks, but it’s not the same for them.

“Every two weeks, we Zoom each other and we have happy hour. We have a glass of wine, we talk about what’s been happening. I mean, we text almost every other day. But there’s something about visually seeing your loved one, but there’s something even better, obviously, just the human connection and touch – and hug and I just I can’t wait to do that,” she says.

This is actually the longest they’ve gone without seeing each other.

Recently, Tia opened up about a very trying time in her and Tamera‘s lives when they were teen actresses. See what happened here…

Tia Mowry Recalls Being Told She & Sister Tamera Couldn't Be On the Cover of a Certain Magazine: "I Will Never Forget That'

Tia Mowry is opening up about the past racism she’s faced, even while she was starring on Sister, Sister in the early 1990s.

The 42-year-old actress was featured on an episode of ET’s Unfiltered and recalled how she learned to love herself despite the hate being thrown at her.

“To this day, I’m always telling my beautiful brown-skinned girl that she is beautiful,” Tia started, before adding that she spreads that love to her children. “I tell him [son Cree] how handsome he is, I tell him, you know, he is smart. Because I know what it feels like for someone to devalue your worth, and I don’t want my children to ever, ever, ever, feel that. And not have the strength, or the foundation, to not believe it. To believe that they are worthy.”

She remembered one moment when she felt like she wasn’t worthy was when she and twin sister, Tamera, “wanted to be on the cover of this very popular [teenage] magazine at the time” and they “were told that we couldn’t be on the cover of the magazine because we were Black and we would not sell.”

“I will never forget that. I will never forget where I was,” she added. “I wish I would have spoken up. I wish I would have said something then. I wish I would have had the courage to speak out and say that wasn’t right.”

Tia continues, adding that she was also feeling insecure about many other things, including her hair.

“I would feel insecure about my hair because being young and being in this business, I never saw girls like me. I never saw girls that, you know, were embracing their curls or I never saw curly hair being portrayed as beautiful,” she says.

Just recently, Tia got candid with fans and showed off her weight loss since giving birth to her second child in 2018.

Here's Why Some 'Sister, Sister' Songs Have Been Replaced on Netflix

If you’ve been watching the iconic series that is Sister, Sister on Netflix, you’ve probably noticed that there’s something different about it – because there is.

Turns out that some of the memorable songs on the show have been replaced with newer ones.

One moment in particular is when Tamera (Tamera Mowry) and Jordan (Deon Richmond) are dancing to “Slow Jam” by Usher and Monica, but on Netflix, it isn’t “Slow Jam” playing, it’s “Runnin” by Bellringer, which came out in 2009.

However, it’s not Netflix’s fault. According to a report, the songs were actually replaced back when the series first came out on DVD.

One of the reasons that “Slow Jam” isn’t playing in that moment is because of licensing rights, where the show’s contract ran out or the actual song was too expensive to license.

Fans have also noticed that the same thing has happened to some parts of Moesha, too.

If you missed it, you can see more of the new syndicated television shows that Netflix just added here…

Tia Mowry Proudly Shows Off 68-Pound Weight Loss!

Tia Mowry is looking and feeling great!

The 42-year-old Sister, Sister actress took to her Instagram on Tuesday (August 25) to reveal that she has lost 68 pounds since giving birth to her daughter Cairo back in May 2018.

“I’ve lost to date 68 pounds since giving birth to my daughter,” Tia captioned the below selfie. “I’m very proud that I did it my way and in my time. I didn’t feel rushed to snap back. I enjoyed breast feeding and spending quality time with #cairo and my son #cree.”

“To all the women who are feeling pressured after birth,” Tia continued. “Do YOU! Do what makes YOU proud and do it in YOUR time. Not anyone else’s. ❤️”

Back in June, Tia‘s twin sister Tamera Mowry teased a possible Twitches 3 with these two famous sisters!

Tamera Mowry Teases 'Twitches 3' Possibility with Chloe X Halle!

Tamera Mowry is ready for another Twitches movie!

During a recent Instagram Live, the 41-year-old The Real co-host revealed that she and twin sister are itching to do a Twitches 3.

The 2005 Disney Channel film followed two witch sisters, Alex (Tia) and Camrym (Tamera), who reunite on their birthday to save their kingdom from evil forces. The sequel, Twitches Too, was released in 2007.

“What y’all didn’t know — my sister and I were already kind of like working on a Twitches 3, kind of,” Tamera teased, before clarifying that she and Tia were working on a project together, but what that project is is still up in the air.

“The thing is, I’m busy. She’s busy,” Tamera continued. “But I promise we’re going to do something together. I don’t know what it is, but we are going to do something.”

In addition to being interested in a Twitches 3, Tamera shared that she received a pitch a idea from a fan giving her a plot for the movie – having Chloe and Halle Bailey play their daughters!

“Y’all hear me out: Twitches 3. Yes I said it. With @TiaMowry and @TameraMowryTwo But their daughters are learning that they’re witches. Bring in @chloexhalle,” Donoven Rice tweeted.

Tamera addressed the tweet on her Live, saying, “I DM’d him. I did one of this—if you’re watching now Donoven, I’m down.”

Make sure you listen to Chloe X Halle‘s new album Ungodly Hour now!