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Alexander Skarsgard Premieres 'Battleship' in Japan

Alexander Skarsgard Premieres 'Battleship' in Japan

Brooklyn Decker, Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Tadanobu Asano, and Rihanna attend the Battleship premiere on Tuesday (April 3) in Tokyo, Japan.

Director Peter Berg and cast mate Gregory D. Gadson also came out for the event held at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium.

Brooklyn paired her Stella McCartney dress and belt with Bulgari studs and Jimmy Choo heels, while Rihanna stepped out in a Pucci outfit.

She accessorized with Manolo Blahnik shoes and earrings and a necklace both by Tom Ford.

Alexander suited up in Dolce&Gabbana.

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Taylor Kitsch at the Battleship Tokyo premiere…

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brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 01
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 02
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 03
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 04
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 05
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 06
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 07
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 08
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 09
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 10
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 11
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 12
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 13
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 14
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 15
brooklyn decker rihanna alexander skarsgard battleship japan premiere 16

Credit: Koki Nagahama; Photos: Getty
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  • Rami

    Rihanna looks way better with black hair tbh

  • lizzie

    Alex is so hot:)
    But wtf Rihanna??… pajamas?

  • Lilla

    LOL, the faces!! Oh Alex, I love you.

  • ladybug

    @lizzie: Well, they’re probably silk, so there’s that. And at least she’s not wearing only a jacket, like she appeared to be a few days ago. So pretty restrained for her.

  • Gossipgirl

    This movie looks like a steaming pile of WTF.

  • Lois

    Are pajamas the new black? Do not understand why these people seem to think pjs look clever outside their homes.

  • Lois

    “This movie looks like a steaming pile of WTF.”

    Then I hope you enjoy a big spoonful.

  • WOW

    taylor and askars ftw
    hotness overload

  • ladybug

    @lizzie: Well, it’s certainly not an art-house movie. But there’s always a place for fun, stupid popcorn movies.

  • AbFab

    Not a fan of the girls’ looks. Alex looks amazing in that suit. I’m glad he was able to go to Japan and promote the movie.

  • Jessica

    Alex looks amazing as usual and despite the pajamas, Rihanna looks beautiful too. This movie will probably be a mess but I will definitely contribute my $9.50 to its revenue just to see Alex on the big screen.

  • Disney Villainess

    He he absolutely gorgeous!♥x♥x

  • Macy

    I’m glad everyone got to attend the premiere! Alex gets to go to so little of his premieres because of TB commitments. It’s nice that he got out with his co-stars. Brooklyn Decker looks so pretty! Even though Rhianna looks like she’s wearing jammies she looks nice too. Those one piece pant suits are in. I’ve seen a lot of women wearing them lately.

  • http://MOIANU58@YAHOO.COM raluca

    Rihanna is so ugly,i hate her.She is really bad at acting.

  • frisbee

    Dayum! Askars looks massively hot in those pants! Look at those miles of legs! Work it, you hot Swede!
    Seems like they’re going for the Asian market with the promotion tho, I wonder how successful it’ll be.

  • Mimi

    Brooklyn Decker’s marriage will soon be over. She’s never with Andy Roddick and it’s obvious her career is outshining his. That’s a recipe for disaster.

  • Cherries on top

    Yes Gossipgirl, a steaming pile with Alexander” fivehead” Skarsgard and Rihanna/queen of trash the cherries on top!
    @Lois Go on and have a spoonful too. You will probably like it.

  • Icy hot

    @frisbee Those legs go on for days! Hotness overload, for sure. The men are rockin it (looking at you, Askars!), but I’m not feeling the ladies so much. Hmm…jammies? At least she looks comfy. I don’t even care if this movie is a mess. As long as it’s fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously and I get to see Alex on the big screen, I’m more than good with it. Bring it!

  • EmilyB

    Ooh la la Alex looks amazing so does the whole cast I will enjoy this film alot Alex is in uniform he looks great in everything he wears I am so in love

  • Macy

    Lainey has lots more pics of the premiere. Also, she’s totally getting back into Alex again, no matter how she tries to deny it.

  • mforman

    Alex looks so amazing in that color suit. Well to be honest he looks incredible in anything he wears.
    I will go see this movie only for him, the same reason I went to see Straw Dogs.
    It is just one of those movies that you get to sit back and not think about anything and we all need that every one once in awhile.
    But to not only see AS on the big screen, but in that Navy uniform, well that is a double bonus.

  • Poor Lainey

    She get’s attacked by over the top fans. AS looked really handsome but I saw that stance she was talking about it made me laugh because it looked like he needed to pee.LOL.

    I hope the movie does well.

  • frisbee

    @Macy: For many reasons I prefer not to rag on Taylor Kitsch too often but this time I just can’t help it – is he having some sort of spaz attack? Every single photo from the Japanese events I’ve seen so far he’s caught in some awkward pose or having a derpy facial expression.
    Or is it just the presence of the Askars awesomeness? Worth considering:

  • marant

    @mimi i think the same thing. it couldn’t be more obvious that they’re both into each other. well alex is definitely into her and thinks she’s hot.

  • Macy

    @Poor Lainey:
    It was an odd stance for sure. He’s not the best at posing for photos usually. He’s got a case of the gangly man syndrome, but we still love him.

    Aw poor TK, he just doesn’t like looking short. I like TK though, it’s too bad John Carter was so terrible.

  • chelle

    Isn’t it illegal to look that good????

  • I don’t get it

    Why do people always Assume that Alex and his female costar are always into each other ? There promoting a movie of course there going to act friendly.

  • Lulz

    @I don’t get it:
    I concur, it’s always OMG he checking out her a** or boobs. Really! I saw the videos and he was not doing that either, pics are worth a 1000 words but his fans/people always seem to go for he wants to hit that or is hitting that.
    He looks so beautiful and handsome all at the same time him being such a gentleman makes it a huge plus. Love him as an actor and a person.

  • K

    I just want Alexander Skarsgard to be shirtless for the entire duration of this movie

  • I don’t get it

    I concur to your statement as well :) pictures are worth a 1000 words and I saw no flirting, there is even videos and that would be worth something catching them flirting nope I saw nothing
    Alex Getts on with anybody male or female I wish fans cut him some slack when it comes to female costars he is a nice guy and a gentlemen
    isn’t brook married to some tennis player of 3 years I don’t think her husband would appreciate her flirting in public with another man wheather its skarsgard or any other man

  • Blehh

    Brooklyn Deker face is ugly looks like a man, looks like 44 and the dress is hideous and tacky..Rihanna cute face but what is she wearing…

  • Rina

    I thought the cast looked great. Brooklyn and Rhianna are not afraid to wear something unconventional and reflective of their personalities, and there is nothing wrong with that. It looks like they all became friends while shooting the movie and were enjoying each other’s company during the premiere. I didn’t see anything inappropriate, and I wish people would stop starting vicious gossip about actors. Underneath the fame, they are just regular people. Thanks, Jared, for the lovely pictures.

  • fangurl too

    Alex is killing it in that grey suit ! Nobody does sexy like Alex. I will be seeing this movie, anything Alex is in will have my $9.50. Rihanna and Brooklyn are looking good, too. Poor Taylor, having to stand in Alex’s shadow and being out shined by Alex. I mean who can see Taylor, when Alex is soaking up all the sun?

  • izabelle

    oh gosh—ALEX!!!!—sweden must be the homeland of the handsome guys.

  • youyou

    alex u the man

  • CJ

    Just my opinion but I think Alex would TOTALLY have tried to go there with Brooklyn. PLease she is exactly his type – skinny and blond.

    Regardless of Alex I give her marriage to Andy 12 months tops.

  • Jeannie

    @izabelle: It is :). And awesome women too.

  • Agree CJ

    @CJ I agree,
    I bet any money that Alex next GF will be tall , blonde very slim model/actress———— type early 20s and must be good looking……… Alex will never take an average women who is low maintenance and wears no makeup and not in the bizz and nearer his own age ———-regardless of what he said in past interviews on what he likes in a women, his past gfs have all been stunners model/actress type
    he has some high standards he would rather take body, looks over a women’s personality…………… ……….. Who would make him actually happy for once.

  • Amy

    @Agree CJ: AGREED! I think Alexander is an excellent actor, but he definitely seems like SHALLOW HAL to me. You never see him linked to women like Anne Hathaway or Kerry Washington. Don’t get me wrong Anne and Kerry are pretty and great actresses. Oh well I still like him as an actor, but I agree with you I don’t see him dating someone his age or who isn’t the model looking type. Brooklyn seems like his type. If she wasn’t married I bet they would be an item. It’s Hollywood most marriages don’t work out so who knows what the future holds for them!

  • Amy

    @CJ: AGREED!!!

  • Amy

    @I don’t get it: I have yet to see a picture of him acting “friendly” with his other female co-star Rihanna lol

  • TLC

    Love AS! Didn’t like him in Straw Dogs :( ! Can’t wait to see him on the big screen again! Love these types of movies so they will never suck to me! Taylor Kitsch……Friday Night Lights resident bad boy Tim Riggins can do no wrong in my book!

  • PG

    Poor talentless unknown actors in a crappy movie this movie looks so crap a waste of time a bad version of transformers, i mean even Rihanna is on it soo..

  • emmaa

    Glad to see Alex in the headline instead of someone else. Ahem.

  • EmilyB

    @I don’t get it: Alex is friends with her husband Andy Roddick

  • Macy

    Here’s a short interview of Alex talking about working with Peter Berg and about the relationship between his character and TK’s.

    Here’s a longer video of the Q&A with the cast. Alex starts at about 3:20. “I just want to be loved”. LOL

  • Disney Villainess

    He is Gay and Gorgeous!♥x♥x

  • POGO

    Alex you are one HOT MOFO.

    I like that suit on him.

  • ladybug

    Not so interesting interview in Australian Vogue-He needs better interviewers:

  • LOL

    @#47, Are you serious, you don’t have anything better to do other than steal someones name to post lame and tired azz comments, I’m out, this is just crazy and sad actually. SMDH