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Lindsay Lohan: Why Hasn't Amanda Bynes Gone to Jail?

Lindsay Lohan: Why Hasn't Amanda Bynes Gone to Jail?
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Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: Wire Image
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  • lauren

    bigger question is why lindsay lohan in jail?

  • Intric8

    Lindz i wish the best for you, but shut up, right now

  • mum

    Lindsay, shut up and focus on your OWN LIFE. You can also stop with the face injections.

  • Maria

    like Lois explained I’m blown away that any body can profit $4592 in four weeks on the computer. have you read this web site (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Blackcat9

    Lindsey! How many PASSES did your sorry butt get before you did your FIRST walk in walk out of Jail! PLEASE! It’s just a miracle you haven’t killed someone yet! And YES everyone knows you are a KLEPTOMANIAC! So SHUT the HELL UP!

  • Isha

    Lindsey has some nerves. She should keep her mouth shut unless she tries to encourage Amanda to get help. That is the most selfish comment ever! IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU LINDSAY… ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  • Isha

    Maybe you should be speaking out trying to encourage Amanda to seek professional help. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU LINDSAY… ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  • Isha

    Lindsay should keep her mouth shut unless she is going reach out to encourage Amanda to seek professional help. What a selfish comment. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU LINDSAY… ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

  • Isha


  • ha ha

    eat sh!t and die blohan

  • kara

    im so over her.. die already

  • Intric8

    At least she looks presentable in this pic. Some of her others are gawd awful. Its sad to see her beauty fade when she can prevent it by taking care of herself.

  • April

    Lindsay Lohan criticizing anyone is a joke. That skank should have served much more time than she did. And how many times has she gotten off the hook for flat-out stealing? Not saying that Amanda Bynes isn’t a train wreck in desperate need of help, but Lindsay Lohan is no better.

  • Courtney

    Dear Lindsay Lohan: Shut up. Love, Courtney.

  • Luke

    Anyway, she’s kinda right…

  • Aubrey

    Lindsay Lohan’s comment actually made me laugh. SHE is criticizing Amanda Bynes? Really??!

  • Love The Shoes

    I think she’s got a valid question. Another valid question is why LL got so many chances herself before going to jail in the first place or even in between stints. Sally or Jane EverydayPeople wouldn’t have gotten the breaks that either of these “troubled young stars ((((sarcasm))))” have received. Lolo might want to hush now.

  • Caroline

    Shouldn’t she worry about something other than playing pot versus kettle with Amanda Bynes? I thought she had a washed-up career she was trying to salvage.

  • Cassie

    Even as I type, I’m sure there are people who did much less than Lindsay Lohan but who are now sitting in jail, wondering the same thing about her.

  • Yoki

    Ha, she should talk! The nerve of her!

  • Toni

    Excuse my language but bitch go find you a seat and sit in it.
    She has some nerve trying to go after Amanda when she’s done some stuff too and still got away with it.
    She must not remember the highspeed chase where she blamed the black guy or the DUI’s or the getting caught with cocaine in her pocket or going out of the country even against her probation or getting caught with alcohol in her system while having an ankle bracelet on or getting caught being a kleptomaniac.
    Amanda has done her stuff and she’s also gotten off free, but Lindsay should be the last person to say anything because if was regular person Lindsay, she would’ve been in jail by now and stayed there and that goes for Amanda too who would’ve had her car taken away a loong time ago and wouldve been in jail.

  • Lindsaywakeup!

    Stop criticizing other people and worry about yourself my dear. You need help so stop worrying about Amanda Bynes and help yourself because you look terrible. And the only way to change is to first help yourself and then hopefully help others in need in the future once your clean and sober.

  • anonymous

    Because she’s jewish. I mean amanda bynes did irritate me with the news of her too many hit n runs, but lindsay has some nerve to talk about her. I’d say go away you both!

  • anonymous

    because she’s jewish…i mean she did irritate me with her hit n runs..but of course, lindsay you shut up! I’D SAY GO AWAY YOU BOTH!

  • Alicia

    Oh geez. Shouldn’t she just worry about herself ? I think that would keep her busy enough.

  • Kelsey

    When i read this i laughed! Lindsey has been in jail like 3 or 4 times and most of the reasons were because she never got her community service hours or she never showed up in court. ITS NOT ABOUT U LINDSEY!!! GROW UP. Lindsey should be helping amanda not trashing her!!

  • *

    Now that’s a pot calling the kettle black. Lindsay never goes to jail, and if she does, it’s not long.

  • Irene

    I am sorry to see that Lindsay is so selfish. Instead of encouraging Amanda Bynes to get help or even reach out to her, she wants to know why she is not in jail. YOU should still be in jail. YOU have had many chances and even today you can’t get things straight. I don’t know how
    you could betray a beautiful star as Elizabeth Taylor and still be so
    insecure and uncaring. Grow up!!!!!!!