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Lindsay Lohan To Make Acting Return in Netflix Christmas Movie

Lindsay Lohan is making her return to the screen with Netflix!

According to Variety, the 34-year-old actress will make her return with a holiday movie.

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Lindsay Lohan Honors Late 'Parent Trap' Co-Star Natasha Richardson on Her Birthday

Lindsay Lohan is remembering Natasha Richardson.

On Tuesday (May 11), the 34-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a sweet message to her late The Parent Trap co-star on her birthday.

“Happy Birthday Angel 🙏 #natasharichardson 💙,” Lindsay wrote.

Along with the message, Lindsay shared a photo from the 1998 movie, where Natasha played Elizabeth James, the mother to Lindsay‘s twins Annie and Hallie.

In the photo, a young Lindsay is wearing a light blue cute while lovingly looking up at Natasha, who has her arm wrapped around her.

Natasha died in 2009 from blunt force trauma following a skiing accident. She was only 45-years-old.

In a rare interview, Natasha‘s eldest son Micheál opened up about losing his mom when she was only 13-years-old, and revealed how he keeps her memory alive.

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Lindsay Lohan's Father Michael Arrested for Alleged Patient Brokering

Lindsay Lohan‘s father is under arrest.

Michael Lohan, 60, was arrested for alleged patient brokering, or bringing addicts to drug treatment centers in exchange for illegal kickbacks, NBC News reported Friday (April 23).

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He was booked as part of more than 100 people arrested in a Palm Beach County probe of the treatment industry led by State Attorney Dave Aronberg. Michael faces five counts of patient brokering and one count of attempted patient brokering, according to documents.

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Lindsay Lohan Talks NFT Craze, Explains Why She's Involved in Cryptocurrency

Lindsay Lohan is the latest star to cash in on the NFT craze.

For those that don’t know, NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” and it allows buyers to purchase ownership of a digital good – usually an image, animation, song or video, in the form of a unique digital token living on a blockchain.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey just sold his first tweet as a NFT in the millions.

Lindsay announced on Saturday (March 27) that she will be launching her new single “Lullaby” as an NFT on the platform. She said, “this is a genesis piece and history in the making!”

Before announcing the news, Lindsay spoke to Forbes about her interest in the NFT craze and cryptocurrency.

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David Letterman Is Getting Backlash for Lindsay Lohan Interview in Which He Pestered Her About Rehab

Lindsay Lohan‘s 2013 interview with David Letterman is getting a lot of attention right now in the wake of the Framing Britney Spears documentary.

The doc about Britney highlighted some of the misogynistic and inappropriate interviews that she had to sit through during her youth, including ones conducted by Diane Sawyer and Matt Lauer.

Now, people on social media are pointing out how Letterman incessantly asked Lindsay about her time in rehab while she kept telling him to stop.

Lindsay was on The Late Show with David Letterman in April 2013 to promote her role in the movie Scary Movie 5 and she was asked about her upcoming stint in rehab.

Just minutes into the interview, Letterman asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be in rehab now?” Lindsay appeared to be caught off guard and answered by saying she would be entering rehab on May 2, that she’d be there for three months, and she’s gone several times before.

After he asked what she was going to rehab for, Lindsay said, “We didn’t discuss this in the pre-interview.” She then added, “I think, to be honest, I’m the happiest when I’m working, and the healthiest. And this is an opportunity for me to, you know, focus on what I love in life. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s a blessing.”

Letterman continued to ask Lindsay if she addiction issues. She responded, “Now you sound like Dr. Phil.” After he wouldn’t let the subject go, Lindsay told him, “We’re here for a movie. Let’s stay on the positive.”

Later on in the interview, Letterman wanted to read Lindsay a list of things that have been said about her and she grabbed the list so she could review it first. After reading it over, she said, “You can’t make a joke of it. That’s so mean. We’re not doing that.”

A lot of people are speaking out now that this clip is spreading around on social media.

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Lindsay Lohan Asks TikTok Fan To Take Down The Now Viral Cameo Video

Lindsay Lohan is now asking the TikTok fan who she recorded a special Cameo for a fan who wanted to come out to her parents, to take the video down.

TikTok user Alana revealed how she had turned to Cameo and the 34-year-old actress to help her share the news that she was gay.

“I asked Lindsay Lohan to come out to my parents for me in a Cameo and she did make the video. It’s not what I expected at all.”

Lindsay did record the video and said “I know that you are about to take a very big step in telling your parents who you truly are and what you want them to accept of you and I think you should do it yourself.”

But after the Cameo went viral, Lindsay‘s account team sent a private message to Alana and asked her to take it down.

“Hi! Just wanted to ask if you could take the cameo down because it was private for your use only,” the message said, via Variety.

A representative for Cameo chimed in on the situation that “the user has a license to share the unedited video.”

While Alana is still deciding on what her choice of action is, she did say that since Lindsay‘s message, she did come out to her parents.

Check out her TikTok below:

Lindsay Lohan Encourages Fan to Come Out to Her Parents in Viral TikTok

Lindsay Lohan is offering her support to a fan!

In a video posted on Sunday (January 24), TikTok user Alana shared that she had reached out to Lindsay for help in coming out to her parents.

Alana said, “I asked Lindsay Lohan to come out to my parents for me in a Cameo and she did make the video. It’s not what I expected at all.”

“Hi Alana, it’s Lindsay Lohan,” Lindsay said in the Cameo. “I know that you are about to take a very big step in telling your parents who you truly are and what you want them to accept of you and I think you should do it yourself.”

The Mean Girls actress continued, “I think that coming from you, you’ll feel a lot of power and strength and it’s important that you are who you truly are and that you love yourself and that you can live by that and tell your parents that. I promise you they will understand.”

Lindsay closed by adding, “All the love in the world and strength and support. God bless you. Stay true to yourself. You’re truly beautiful and godspeed.”

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