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Shepherd Padalecki: Jared Padalecki's New Son's Name!

Shepherd Padalecki: Jared Padalecki's New Son's Name!

Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve Cortese have revealed that Shepherd Padalecki is the name of their newborn baby boy!

“Ok. There it is, my wife @realGpad just revealed Tom‘s little brothers name..,” the 31-year-old actor tweeted last night. “Here goes ;)”

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“@jarpad and Shepherd watching some late night #supernatural,” Genevieve shared on her Twitter along with an adorable pic of the daddy-son duo.

Jared and Genevieve, who tied the knot in February 2010, are also parents to 22-month-old son ThomasShepherd was born in December of 2013.

Congratulations to the very happy couple on the wonderful new addition to their family!!

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27 Responses to “Shepherd Padalecki: Jared Padalecki's New Son's Name!”

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  1. 1
    leah Says:

    Ok , don’t get me wrong . I love supernatural , I’ve been watching the show since 2006 or 2005 can’t exactly remember . It’s my fav show in all times . I adore Sam and dean . And I like both actors ( I don’t exactly know them but they seem like really cool guys ) . But Jared … I mean does he have to act as if we craved to know his son’s name . Does it really matter ? I guess that he likes his fans etc … But sometimes I’m like I DON’T GIVE A FU*K .
    I do prefer when actors keep their life’s private , he’s tweeting ALL the time . I don’t want to know what he’s doing or else …
    But I respect how he shares his personal life . I just don’t think it’s relevant to post it here . Doesn’t he have any project ?

    I’m not hating on him just love

  2. 2
    CrommyGirl Says:

    @leah: Errrr, actually, that’s what absolutely everyone on the internet does nowadays.. Whether annoying or not, especially since Facebook and Twitter, every single person has been doing that, not only him.. We live in a “Report Every Single Event in Your Life” Age!

  3. 3
    CrommyGirl Says:

    or even “Announce every single event in your life” loooool…

  4. 4
    Ruumide rent Says:

    Very nice name. Very masculine!

  5. 5
    sarah Says:

    @leah I don’t know what’s wrong with you ! If you don’t care about Jared and his family , then why do you bother to come here and take time to leave a long a** comment !
    Jared and Genevieve Padalecki have many many fans that care about them and was waiting to know about their newest addition !
    Posting about yourself and your family on Twitter is what every normal person does these days ! Why is it a crime for Jared to do it?!!
    And , Shepherd is a adorable and unique name ! I like J &G ‘s choices of names for their sons !

  6. 6
    kel Says:

    Cute baby.

  7. 7
    seriously leah? Says:

    You know some stars are excited when they have children Leah and like to share with others. It’s no different than others who post about their children on their own facebook or twitter. He’s actually rather private and only posts occasionally on his private life. You don’t care about it? Fine but leave the man and others who do care in peace? You just look like a douche.,

  8. 8
    leah Says:

    @sarah: Wow you need to seriously calm DOWN ! Where did I say it was a crime ? I would probably say wtf is wrong with you ? I POSTED a long comment because I want to express myself , I’m glad they had another baby and I like Jared . It’s not like I hated him .And when things need to be said I ain’t gonna hold back . Celebrities always complain about lack of privacy etc … I don’t get the need to share your life when you’re an actor on twitter/instagram especially when it comes to your kids !
    So I guess I don’t have anything important to do with my life than wait for the baby’s name ? That makes you guys pathetic .

  9. 9
    JJ THE EXPAT Says:

    I think it’s nice that Jared and Gen are open enough to share the news of their bundle of joy with their fans. Some celebrities are far more guarded.

    It’s great seeing how his family has grown in such a few short years. He’s come a long way from that skinny kid from Gilmore Girls.

  10. 10
    sarah Says:

    @leah See ?! You’re still here and still commenting ! That means you have enough time to ruin such a nice moment for Jared’s fans ! Jared and Genevieve are parents like any other parents in the world and proud to share their baby’s pic ! They never complained about lack of privacy and are always willing to share their happiness with fans ! I call it a great interaction between Padaleckis and their fans !

  11. 11
    leah Says:

    @sarah: Of course I have enough time I’m not working today ! Wtv this is way too boring for me to dwell on this !

    God bless u

  12. 12
    Eric Says:

    i­­­ g­e­­­­­­­t p­­­­­­a­­­­­­i­­­­­­d o­­­­­­v­­­­­­­e­­­­­­­r $­­­­­­­­­8­­­­­­­­­­7 p­­­­­­e­­­­­­­r h­­­­­­­­­o­­­­­­­­­u­­­­­­­­­­­r w­­­­­­­o­­­­­­r­­­­­­­­k­­­­­­i­­­n­­­­­­g­­­ ­­­­f­­­r­­­­­­o­­­­­­m h­­­­­o­­­­­m­­­­­e w­­­­­­i­­­­­t­­­­­­h 2­­ ­­k­­­­­­i­­­­­d­­­­­s a­­­­­­­­t h­­­o­­­m­­­­­­e­­­­­­­. I­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ n­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­v­­­­­e­­­­­r t­­­­­­­­h­­­­­o­­­­­­­­u­­­­­g­­­­­­­­­h­­­­­­­­t­­­­­­ I­­­­­’­­­­­­d b­­­­­­­­e ­­­­­­­­­able­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­t­­­o ­­­­­do­­ ­i­­t­­­ ­­­­but­­­­­ ­­­­my­ ­­­b­­e­­­­­­­s­­t ­f­riend ea­­­r­n­s­ ­­­o­­v­e­r­ ­­­1­0­k­­­­­ a­ ­month­ ­doing­ th­i­s ­a­n­d­ ­s­h­e­ ­c­o­n­v­i­n­c­e­d­ ­m­e­ ­t­o­ ­t­r­y­.­ ­T­h­e­ ­p­o­t­e­n­t­i­a­l­ ­w­i­t­h­ ­t­h­i­s­ ­i­s­ ­e­n­d­l­e­s­s­.­ ­H­e­r­e­s­ ­w­h­a­t­ ­I­’­v­e­ ­b­e­e­n­ ­d­o­i­n­g­,­.­.­.­.­…………………………… WWW.JOBS81.ℂOM

  13. 13
    Joan Says:

    Beautiful name and such a gorgeous picture. I’m truly excited as Gen and Jared seem so sweet and down to earth. Very happy for Thomas to have a little bro so close in age. Man these two produce cute kids!

    My two cents: It’s a real shame that people choose to vent in the comments section of a happy birth/name announcement. It’s hilarious that someone would complain about someone else’s social media actions when showing such a lack of class on social media themselves. Give your head a shake. Let us celebrate the moment for which I am truly happy!

  14. 14
    leah Says:

    @Joan: Oh please why won’t you say my NAME instead of saying someone ! A lack of class ? Pleaaaaase .

  15. 15
    Reba Says:

    Cute picture! That is one long baby! He’s going to be tall like his papa:)

  16. 16
    Morgan Says:

    Whether or not you wanted to know the name of the new baby is your own opinion. I was curious in the name they picked. I adore Jensen, because he is like Christian Bale. He keeps his private life private and only let’s us know what they want us to know. PERIOD. It’s up to the actor/actress if they want to tweet and share their private lives with fans. Still I have to say that I didn’t expect Jared and his wife to name their new baby Shepherd. I’m sure Thomas going to be a great big brother.

  17. 17
    Jordy Says:

    @leah: if anyone is lacking class it’s you.

  18. 18
    Inka Says:

    @leah: you’re lol

  19. 19
    terry christensen Says:

    he is so cute little shepard love the name at least jared shows us he loves to hold his kids has anybodt seen jensen holding little justice????jared seems as such a nice down to earth guy who just loves his fans and wants to share his love for his sons with his fans thanks jared you are so nice and you should be proud of gen thomas and little shepard terry from denmark

  20. 20
    amy Says:

    @leah first of all you idiot, his fans asked and asked what his new sons name was and than after weeks of not saying anything he did. Also, he hardly tweet personal **** most of the time he tweets about tony romo and how much of a “bad” player he is and about his show. Little facts about the show and the fliming. so shut the frick up.

  21. 21
    amy Says:

    @leah: first of all you idiot, his fans asked and asked what his new sons name was and than after weeks of not saying anything he did. Also, he hardly tweet personal **** most of the time he tweets about tony romo and how much of a “bad” player he is and about his show. Little facts about the show and the fliming. so shut the frick up.

  22. 22
    Terry Christensen Says:

    Thanks Jared for all your photos of your sons you love your fans and want to share your happiness with us i really would love to see Justice now after 9 months but Jensen keeps her a secret that makes me sad i just want to see how she looks now that would not hurt anyone but glad Jared shares his cute sons!!! Terry

  23. 23
    Tea Says:

    Terrible name, I’d bet his snobbish wannabe actress wifey picked it. Still patiently waiting for their divorce!

  24. 24
    melaniewood1981 Says:

    I love supernatural and honestly I love here new news about Jared and jensen beautiful families by the way I was crushed when I found out jensen and Jared were married cuz Omg do I dream sexy as men lol

  25. 25
    Becky farner Says:

    Love the pics. Lovely couple with beautiful babies.

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