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Ewan McGregor & Eve Mavrakis Split, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Kissing Photos Emerge

Ewan McGregor & Eve Mavrakis Split, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Kissing Photos Emerge

Ewan McGregor was seen kissing his co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, his Fargo co-star.

The photos prompted a source to tell People that the 46-year-old actor had split from his wife of 22 years, Eve Mavrakis. They have four kids together, and the split apparently happened back in May.

UK publication The Sun got photos of Ewan and Mary Elizabeth kissing at a cafe in London before leaving on a motorbike.

We’ve reached out to reps for comment and will update when we know more. So far, no official comment has been made.

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  • calafeast

    Eeehhh… he’s been cheating on her for at least a decade now. He works in an industry where women age and get discarded and men remain ageless forever. I thought they had a one-way open marriage.

    He made the money, he can do whatever he wants, we are all very european!!!

    He’ll get himself a fresh 22 year old in no time w/ that massive cock of his.

  • disqus_KwgiMZNJ54

    They look like the same woman, just different makeup & hairstyle

  • Jamie

    Very European? Do people cheat more in Europe or something?

  • calafeast

    No, the stereotypical notion of liberal european marriages is that most happen to be open relationships where everyone fuck someone else.

    Were you born like yesterday?

  • Ram

    winstead looks like a young version of the wife

  • rui santos

    I’m from europe. You’re wrong. I don’t know where people got this “stereotypical notion” from, but it’s wayyy far from the truth. Just the thought of an open relationship here(in my country) can cause ww3. Trust me.

  • calafeast

    WW 3 is gonna be fought by your moslem population and weak spineless white people, not by a bunch of sex-crazed spanish folk.

  • Take_a_seat

    Nah, we don’t.

  • Vanity

    what kind of a woman gets involved with a married man? ffs you’re just a hoe.

  • Vanity

    what kind of a woman gets involved with a married man? ffs you’re just a hoe.

  • Shell

    Not that much of a surprise as he has been doing it for years. Whether she knew or not is another story.

  • Derek117

    Exactly my thinking. He’s just trading in his wife for a younger version of herself.

  • cee

    Just proves what I always thought. Being married to a male actor sucks especially when you are a woman over 40 and they can have their pick of new starlets or wannabe’s. Very sad. Most men are selfish pigs.


    Google Ewan McGregor nude..

  • Ause Ekel

    Predictable. Divorce when the wife is older, kids are bigger and start dating a much younger woman. Anyway, hasn’t McGregor been cheating on his wife for ages? He had an affair with Mélanie Laurent many years ago.

  • Trixie

    I’ve read several “blind” items over the years that point to him.

  • Cooper

    Getting involved with a married man doesn’t make you a hoe or slut or whore. It makes you an ahole. He is more at fault anyways he took vows.

  • Kary

    So you’re blaming her instead of blaming the man that was the one who cheated? Wow

  • Jenni

    Ladies need to stop getting with older men cause when you get older all the men will expect and get younger

  • Vanity

    where did I say I blame her? moron read b4 you start typing jibberish. as a woman I could never do that to another woman that is all Im saying, they are both to blame.

  • Jason Phillips

    Well, i mean, he did have the high ground..

  • AeeJay

    the same woman about 20 years difference..

  • Diana

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  • lost_girl

    yet another male actor i adore, cheating, so sad…

  • Kary

    Well you insulted her and said nothing about him like it was her fault lol… He’s the married one she doesn’t owe a shit to his wife.

  • Vanity

    you’re a moron. pls stop typing to me.

  • Kary

    Grow up, if you don’t want people to make an opinion on something you posted then don’t post anything, also you keep insulting me calling me moron and I never was disrespectful with you. Now I see there’s no way someone can have a debate with you… Bye Felicia

  • Ause Ekel

    McGregor would sleep with tons of women while married. He kept his marriage working because of his children and image, many celebs do that.

  • Vanity

    a healthy debate doesn’t start with an accusation, if you don’t want people to insult you, don’t be rude & accuse them of something they never did or intended.

  • Kary

    You literally called her a hoe, I didn’t offend you and you decided to be rude instead of clarify what you tried to say. So, there was not reason for you to call me moron. A healthy debate doesn’t include any kind of insult, just say “that’s not what I meant” simple as that

  • Vanity

    Im not going to go tit for tat with you, you mentioned a debate.. I didnt… last time I checked you responded to my comment not the other way around. so if you wanted the “debate” all you needed to do is to try & ask to clarify my comment not respond with an accusation & be rude about my opinion.

    my opinion insulted you for some odd reason. hit a nerve perhaps? IDK but you were rude to me first. so get off the high horse & stop pointing fingers as if you are innocent.

  • alex

    it’s just a question of SEX…….