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Lance Bass Explains Why He Would Never Compete on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Lance Bass is addressing the possibility of appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

While the 44-year-old *NSYNC singer has been a big fan of the Big Brother franchise for years, Lance is now explaining why he would never compete of the celeb version of the CBS competition series.

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8 Former 'Big Brother' Showmances Are Still Together Today (& Some Are Married with Kids!)

Big Brother‘s 25th season is currently airing on CBS and there seems to be some showmances brewing!

One potential couple is Jared and Blue, while another potential coupling is America and Cory.

Unbeknownst to Blue (and nearly all of the other house guests), Jared‘s mom, Cerie Fields, is also a contestant this week and last week, she tried to shut down the showmance completely.

If you don’t know, there are often showmances (aka romances on the show) every season.

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'Big Brother' 25 Spoilers: Who Won the Pressure Cooker? Head of Household Revealed!

There’s so much happening on Big Brother Season 25 right now.

The long-running reality TV series returned at the beginning of August, and already, there’s been tons of drama.

The Pressure Cooker, a fan-favorite competition, made its long-awaited return to the series on Thursday evening (August 24), marking the first time its been held in the game since 2005.

Houseguests compete for the title of Head of Household (HOH) by going inside a room and placing a hand on a button. The person to take their hand off their button last wins.

The event was able to been streamed on live feeds, and a winner has been named!

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Luke Valentine Shares Reason for Using the Racial Slur That Got Him Removed From 'Big Brother'

Luke Valentine has revealed the reason why he said a racial slur on Big Brother, causing him to be evicted.

The 30-year-old took to Instagram Live to explain what happened when he used the slur in the presence of three houseguests, including one who is Black.

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Big Brother 25's Luke Valentine Breaks Silence After Being Removed for Racial Slur

Big Brother 25 houseguest Luke Valentine is speaking out.

The 30-year-old contestant was booted from the house in the first week of Season 25 after being caught on-air using a racial slur, violating the code of conduct.

On his Instagram Story over the weekend, Luke spoke out for the first time.

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'Big Brother' 2023 Spoilers: 2 Contestants Gone After First Live Episode (1 Eviction, 1 Removed by Producers)

The first week of Big Brother‘s new season has come to a close and two contestants have been sent home, though only one of them was actually evicted by the houseguests.

As you’ve probably already read about, one contestant was removed by producers this week for violating the code of conduct set in place by CBS.

The removal was addressed during the live eviction episode on Thursday (August 10), but that didn’t stop the game from moving forward and there was still an eviction at the end of the week.

The week began with four contestants going up on the nomination block when they were the four losers in the first competition of the season. After a head of household was chosen, the new HOH was given the power to remove two of those people from the block, leaving the others at risk of eviction.

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Who Do You Think Will Win 'Big Brother 25'? Very Early Predictions Poll!

We’re just one week into Big Brother‘s 25th season, and already, one contestant has been eliminated due to saying a racial slur. Luke Valentine will no longer be in the game.

We don’t know for sure, but this likely means there will be no eviction tonight, as one houseguest has already been evicted.

We’re running a poll asking who you think will win this season in a very early prediction.

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