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'Saturday Night Live' Stars Who Broke Character During Sketches

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to putting on an episode of Saturday Night Live: it is live, after all.

As a result, cast members and hosts need to stick to their scripts closely in order to keep the sketches flowing smoothly – and they also need to keep a straight face as they fly through dozens of jokes every night. But what happens when they…can’t?

Time and time again, we’ve watched over the years as the cast of SNL, and myriad celebrity hosts, absolutely lose it after cracking up at one of the jokes they’ve said, the sheer absurdity of the sketch, or something entirely unexpected happening in a scene. In most cases, it only makes the sketch even more hilarious for the audience watching at home.

We’ve rounded up some of the best moments where the SNL stars have absolutely lost it during a sketch. Some stars have also been banned from the show!

Check out all the times Saturday Night Live stars broke character inside…

Adam Sandler Sings Moving Song About Chris Farley on 'SNL' (Full Video)

We didn’t expect to be moved to tears during Adam Sandler‘s episode of Saturday Night Live, but we totally were.

The 52-year-old actor and comedian closed out his first time as host by singing a moving song about his late friend Chris Farley.

Adam and Chris both joined Saturday Night Live at the same time in 1990. Adam was a writer that year and then became a cast member the next year. Both stars were later fired from the show at the same time in 1995.

In the song, Adam chronicled his entire friendship with Chris, from the moment they met until the comedian’s death in 1997.

“When they ask me who was the funniest I ever knew, I tell them hands down without a doubt it’s you. I miss hanging out watching you try to get laid, but most of all I miss watching you torture Spade,” he sang in the moving song. “Life ain’t the same with you boy. And that’s what I’m singing about. I’m singing about my boy Chris Farley.”

Chris Farley Voices 'Shrek' In Newly Revealed Footage - Watch Now!

Legendary comedian Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek for the 2001 film, and before his tragic death, he recorded nearly all of the voice work for the role.

Now, a storyboard clip of his voice acting as Shrek alongside Eddie Murphy as the Donkey has emerged!

In late 1997, Chris passed away from a drug overdose at the age of 33.

The clip, which comes directly from the movie’s producer John Garbett‘s site, can be seen below. Although it was uploaded two years ago, the clip is gaining popularity today because of Chris‘ documentary I Am Chris Farley, which is in theaters and will air on SpikeTV next week.