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'Demon Slayer' Fans Slam Crunchyroll for Playing Credits Three Times in 'To The Swordsmith Village' Movie

The new Crunchyroll movie DEMON SLAYER – To the Swordsmith Village is being slammed as a “cash grab” by the studio following its release.

Fans might be thinking that they’re on their way to see a full new movie, but the film is actually three episodes of Demon Slayer pieced together… and two of them have already been seen.

To the Swordsmith Village includes episodes 10 and 11 from season 2, as well as the unseen first episode of season 3.

While most fans are happy to rewatch the old episodes in preparation for seeing the season 3 premiere a little early, there’s something that is puzzling a lot of people. The opening and end credits for all three episodes are included in the film instead of editing the episodes into one film.

One fan called the movie a “blatant cash grab.”

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