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Hilaria Baldwin Reveals She Thinks of the Babies She Lost to Miscarriage 'Daily' in Emotional Post

Hilaria Baldwin is opening up about her miscarriages.

The 37-year-old author and wife of Alec Baldwin suffered a miscarriage in April 2019 and a pregnancy loss at 16-weeks in November 2019.

On Friday, Hilaria shared a candid post on Instagram about the experience in honor of Infertility Awareness Week.

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Hilaria Baldwin Compares Herself to a 'Cow' While Breatfeeding Babies Edu & Lucia

Hilaria Baldwin is opening up about taking care of two kids under the age of one.

The 37-year-old “Mom Brain” podcast co-host took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday (March 9) compared herself to a “cow” while talking about breastfeeding her two babies, Eduardo and Lucia.

“This cow is tired and thirsty,” Hilaria wrote. “Let me tell you something you might already know: breastfeeding two babies is no joke.”

“I’m devouring any liquid I can get my hands on…but you all known that this is a favorite,” Hilaria added while tagging the sparkling water brand Spindrift.

Hilaria and husband Alec Baldwin shocked fans earlier this month when they announced the birth of daughter Lucia, who was born via surrogate.

Lucia‘s arrival comes five months after she gave birth to son Eduardo back in September.

Hilaria and the 62-year-old actor are also parents to Carmen, 7, Rafael, 5, Leonardo, 4, and Romeo, 2, while Alec shares daughter Ireland Baldwin, 25, with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

Hilaria Baldwin breastfeeding two babies

Hilaria Baldwin Explains the Reason Why They Welcomed Sixth Child with Help From 'Special Angels'

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin recently welcomed their sixth child just about six months after welcoming their fifth child.

“Our hearts are filled with so much gratitude. The Baldwinitos craved so much to have a little sister. Many of you may remember the loss of their sister at 4 months in the end of 2019. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t ache for our daughter. When I found out our baby had died, I told our children that their sister was going to come, just not at that time. Nothing will ever replace her, but two wonderful souls have come into our lives, and we are humbled to know them,” Hilaria explained.

She continued, “Our children were brave during our time of tremendous grief—braver than us…and they held out hope. To experience and accept life’s ups and downs is challenging, but a reality that all of us have no choice but to receive and process. I have learned that often our children are wiser than we are and their wisdom has guided us. Our rainbow baby, Edu, is such a blessing—we are overwhelmed by how fortunate we are to have him. We are living each day, bonding, and grateful for all of the very special angels who helped bring Lucía into the world. María Lucía Victoria and Eduardo Pau Lucas: our babies who bring light into our lives—almost like twins, we love you so much.”

Many were curious how the couple had a sixth child after Hilaria was pregnant six months before. That question was answered a few days later.

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin's Sixth Child Was Born Via Surrogacy

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin welcomed their sixth child earlier this week and, when the news was announced, some began wondering if the child was adopted or conceived via surrogacy.

Hilaria was pregnant a few months ago and gave birth in September of 2020. Doing the math, she was unable to be pregnant and give birth between September 2020 and March 2021.

Now, a source is telling E! News that Hilaria and Alec‘s sixth child “arrived via surrogate.”

There has been a lot of speculation about how the baby was conceived and Alec responded directly to a comment with an expletive filled explanation.

The couple are also parents to sons Romeo Alejandro David, 2, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4, and Rafael Thomas, 5, and daughter Carmen Gabriela, 7.

Congratulations to the couple on the new addition!

Alec Baldwin Fires Back at Commenter Wanting to Know If Sixth Child Was Born Via Surrogacy as Hilaria Reveals Baby Girl's Name

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin announced this week that they welcomed their sixth baby together.

This news came as a surprise to some fans, as Hilaria gave birth to their fifth child, Eduardo, back in September of 2020.

One person took to the comment section of Alec‘s post about their newborn baby and wrote, “Who’s the mother? She wasn’t pregnant. She gave birth six months ago. If it was a surrogate just say that. If the baby was adopted just say that. If the baby was the product of an affair and you’ve decided to raise it with your wife just say that. If you don’t want to say anything – why don’t you both stop constantly posting and begging for clickbait. Just raise you 100 children in private.”

The comment appears to have been deleted at this point, but Page Six is reporting that Alec responded, “You should shut the f–k up and mind your own business.”

Meanwhile, Hilaria posted that their six child is a baby girl and revealed her name: Lucia. “We are so in love with our daughter, Lucia. Just like your brothers and sisters, you are a dream come true,” she wrote.

Hilaria recently returned to social media after her major scandal.

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Welcome Sixth Child, Months After She Gave Birth to Son Eduardo!

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have made a huge and surprising announcement…they have welcomed their sixth child in secret!

The news comes as a surprise as Hilaria gave birth to their son, Eduardo, back in September of 2020.

Hilaria announced the news on her Instagram with a photo of her with all six of her children. The photo, taken by Alec, does not reveal their new child’s name at this time. It’s also unclear if the child is a baby boy or baby girl.

The couple are also parents to sons Romeo Alejandro David, 2, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4, and Rafael Thomas, 5, and daughter Carmen Gabriela, 7.

Hilaria recently returned to social media after her major scandal.

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Hilaria Baldwin Returns To Social Media & Issues Apology Over Her Heritage Scandal

Hilaria Baldwin is back on social media following her heritage scandal last month.

The 37-year-old author and wife of Alec Baldwin wrote an apology to her fans, after it was revealed that she wasn’t born in Mallorca, Spain as many previously thought.

In actuality, she was born in Boston.

The news broke just after Christmas when a compilation video focused on her accent and social media users questioned if she even was Spanish. Following the discussions online about her heritage, Hilaria took an online break.

“I’ve spent the last month listening, reflecting, and asking myself how I can learn and grow. My parents raised my brother and me with two cultures, American and Spanish, and I feel a true sense of belonging to both,” she wrote in her first post on the platform in over a month. “The way I’ve spoken about myself and my deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained — I should have been more clear and I’m sorry.”

She went on, “I’m proud of the way I was raised, and we’re raising our children to share the same love and respect for both. Being vulnerable and pushing ourselves to learn and grow is what we’ve built our community on, and I hope to get back to the supportive and kind environment we’ve built together.”

Hilaria was the focus of many headlines after the truth was uncovered. Her stepdaughter, Ireland Baldwin, as well as many of her in-laws reacted to the news.

Before she went on a social media break, Hilaria did reveal the name she grew up with.