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Jason Bateman Spent Virtual 2021 Golden Globes Night at Jennifer Aniston's House!

Jason Bateman filmed his 2021 Golden Globes appearance at Jennifer Aniston‘s house!

The 52-year-old actor was nominated for his work in Ozark, and appeared on camera with his daughters Francesca, 14, and Maple, 12, whom he shares with his wife, Amanda Anka, as they waited to see if he won. Josh O’Connor ended up winning for The Crown.

Jennifer revealed that Jason was at her home in her Instagram Story, and you can check out those pics in the gallery of this post! Jennifer and Jason have worked together numerous times over the years including in The Break-Up, The Switch, Horrible Bosses and more. They’ve been pals for years and even vacation together!

Be sure to check out Just Jared‘s entire coverage for the 2021 Golden Globes.

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Morgan Wallen & 'SNL' Joke About Him Getting Disinvited From the Show for Partying During COVID - Watch!

Morgan Wallen is poking fun at himself!

The 27-year-old country star appeared in a sketch on Saturday Night Live on Saturday (December 5) ahead of his performance on the show later in the night.

In the sketch, Morgan attends a party before he was first set to perform on the show back in October. If you missed it, SNL disinvited him for performing back then because broke COVID-19 safety protocols by attending the party.

Morgan is then visited by his future self (played by Jason Bateman) warning him that if he stays at the party, SNL will kick him off the show.

“I am you from the future and I came here to stop you from partying tonight,” Jason as Morgan says, later adding, “Trust me somebody’s gonna post a video of you ignoring COVID protocols, the whole internet’s gonna freak out … Once people hear about the party, you’re in big trouble man, you’re gonna get kicked off Saturday Night Live.”

“Well I don’t want to screw up an opportunity like that or let my fans down. I guess I’ll leave the party then,” Morgan says, before Jason convinces him to stay.

“Now I know it’s hard, I actually forgot how fun this party was. I mean you got cute girls over here, you got tons of booze, I bet there’s a whole hell of a lot of drugs around right? Maybe we stay for another five or 10 minutes,” Jason as future Morgan says.

Watch the sketch!

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Eminem Makes Surprise Cameo in Pete Davidson's 'Stan' Parody Sketch on 'SNL' - Watch!

Eminem made a blink and you’ll miss it appearance on Saturday Night Live!

The 48-year-old rapper made a brief cameo in a sketch that aired during the show on Saturday (December 5).

In the sketch, Pete Davidson parody’s Eminem‘s song “Stan” by putting a holiday spin on it.

Pete‘s character, named Stu, sends letter after letter to Santa Claus (played by host Jason Bateman) asking for the new Play Station 5 for Christmas.

Similar to Eminem‘s “Stan” music video, Pete sits in his basement wearing a white tank shirt with bleached blonde hair and dark circles under his eyes as he questions why Santa isn’t responding to his letters.

At the end of the sketch, Eminem appears on a TV screen, opening a gift from Santa with a note on it that reads, “To Shady From Santa.”

Eminem opens up the gift to see that got the new Play Station 5, while saying, “That’s crazy! I didn’t even ask for a PS5. I guess Shady was good this year. Sorry, Stu. You f–ked up.”

Jason Bateman Reveals He Was Almost Attacked by a Chimp When He Hosted 'SNL' in 2005 - Watch!

Jason Bateman is hosting Saturday Night Live once again!

The 51-year-old Ozark actor returned to host the sketch show on Saturday (December 5) for the first time in 15 years.

During his monologue, Jason looked back on hosting the show in 2005, and talked about being in a sketch with a chimp.

In his monologue, Jason revealed that the chimp tried to bite his face during the end credits.

“They hate that humans have faces and they want to remove them,” Jason jokingly recalled, before sharing footage from the 2005 episode where the chimp went in to bite Jason‘s nose.

“I am smiling but inside I’m thinking a monkey just attacked me and nobody cares,” Jason remembered. “They’re just hugging.”

He then showed another angle from that night, where you can see former cast members like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Seth Meyers smiling and hugging, completely unaware of what just happened to Jason.

You can check out the sketch from the 2005 episode inside…More Here! »

Jason Bateman, Timothee Chalamet & Kristen Wiig Set to Host 'Saturday Night Live'!

Saturday Night Live is announcing their schedule for the next few weeks!

The long-running variety sketch show revealed the hosts for the next three shows on Wednesday (November 25), as well as the musical guests.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Timothee Chalamet

The December 5 show will be hosted by Jason Bateman, with musical guest Morgan Wallen, who was infamously removed from the roster when he partied without a mask weeks before. Find out more about what happened, and where he got roasted…

Timothee Chalamet will make his hosting debut on the December 12 show, with musical guest Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, while Kristen Wiig will return to the show to host on December 19, with musical guest Dua Lipa.

Dave Chappelle recently made headlines for his SNL monologue. Watch it here!

'The Outsider' Cancelled at HBO, Show Being Shopped Elsewhere

HBO’s The Outsider has been cancelled and the network will not pursue a second season.

However, there is some hopeful news for fans of the show. MRC, the studio behind season one, will be shopping a second season to other networks and streaming services, Variety reports.

“We enjoyed our collaboration with Richard, Jason, Andrew, and the MRC team, and we wish them well in continuing the world created by the brilliant Stephen King,” an HBO spokesperson said about the cancellation.

There have been a lot of shows cancelled throughout the entirety of 2020 and Netflix especially has been cancelling left and right. Find out which shows have been recently cancelled by Netflix in the past few months.

ARE YOU UPSET by the cancellation of The Outsider?

Jennifer Aniston Hosted a 'Friends' Cast Reunion During the Emmys 2020! (Video)

A Friends cast reunion happened in the middle of the 2020 Emmy Awards!

Host Jimmy Kimmel called into Jennifer Aniston‘s house to check in on her after she left the in-person show to watch the rest of the show from home.

While Jimmy chatted with Jen, her Friends co-star Courteney Cox popped into the camera feed to say hello.

Courteney then said, “We live together,” after Jimmy questioned why she was there. Jen jokingly added, “We’ve been roommates since 1994.”

Seconds later, Lisa Kudrow showed up in the feed and then Jason Bateman, who was also at the Emmys studio earlier in the night, popped in as well. (If you didn’t know, Jen and Jason are longtime friends!)

Earlier in the night, Jennifer put out a fire on stage while presenting one of the first awards of the night!