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All 7 Members of BTS Renew Their Contracts!

BTS forever!

RM, Jung Kook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin and J-Hope – The seven members of the massive popular K-pop boy band – have all renewed their exclusive contracts with their agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, HYBE confirmed on Wednesday (September 20).

“The board of directors has completed [their decision] on renewing the exclusive contracts of all seven members of BIGHIT MUSIC’s artist BTS,” the company declared, via Soompi.

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Top 10 Most Followed K-Pop Stars on Social Media, Ranked From Least to Most Followed

So many K-Pop superstars also happen to be social media sensations – and the top accounts have millions and millions of followers!

From solo superstars to girl group and boy band members, plenty of South Korean stars have become huge on Instagram.

And based on the latest roundup of idol follower counts, we know who the most popular stars are on the social media platform.

There was a huge shake-up to the list last year, thanks to a certain popular boy band debuting individual Instagram accounts for each member. As a result, the whole Top 10 shifted around – and now they’re still gaining millions of followers.

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BTS Member Jin Shares Update After Joining Korean Military

Jin is sharing an update!

The 30-year-old BTS boy band member has shared an update, complete with photos of himself in a military uniform, after enlisting in the Korean army for required service in December.

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BTS Leader RM Addresses Jin's Military Enlistment, When the Group Might Return & The Tattoo They All Got Together

RM is speaking out.

The 28-year-old leader of the massively popular K-pop boy band BTS spoke out in an interview during an appearance on South Korean news program KBS News 9.

His appearance comes just after bandmate Jin enlisted in the Korean military, a hotly contested subject for years as politicians debated whether the boy band would have to fulfill the military requirements.

Now, he’s addressing how Jin is handling enlistment, going solo with his own release, and what he thinks about BTS‘ eventual comeback as a full group. (All English translations via Soompi.)

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BTS' Agency Issues a Statement About Jin's Military Enlistment

BTS‘s agency, HYPE/Bighit Music, is speaking out.

The agency issued a statement following the news that member Jin is beginning his Korean military enlistment in December, as required by all able-bodied South Korean men by age 28.

The statement comes after a large cultural debate in the country about whether the boy band would be required to serve.

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BTS Member Jin Will Enlist In South Korean Army In December (Report)

According to a report, BTS member Jin will begin his mandatory enlistment in the South Korean army next month.

If you weren’t aware, most South Korean men between the ages of 18 and 28 is required by law to complete at least 18 months of military service. However, a new law enabled celebs such as pop stars to postpone their service to the age of 30.

Jin is set to turn 30 on December 4 and is expected to enlist shortly therafter.

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BTS' Jin Makes His Solo Debut with 'The Astronaut' Music Video - Watch Now!

Pop band BTS’ member Jin has released his first single solo album!

“The Astronaut” tells the story of an astronaut who accidentally lands on Earth.

“You can see me making a crash landing on Earth,” Jin said of the music video. “It’s about the journey of an astronaut who has to return to his home planet but eventually decides to remain on Earth, where his loved ones and precious things exist.”

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