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Mike Tindall Admits His Seat at King Charles' Coronation Was 'Frustrating'

A member of the Royal Family is sharing their frustrations with King Charles‘ Coronation.

During the new episode of his podcast, Mike Tindall – who is married to Princess Anne‘s daughter Zara Tindall – admitted he wasn’t exactly thrilled with where he was seated.

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Katy Perry Speaks Out After 'American Idol' Season 21 Finale & King Charles Coronation Ceremony, Addresses Whether She'll Return for Season 22

Katy Perry is dishing about her American Idol experience.

The 38-year-old Witness singer spoke out in an interview with Extra following the Season 21 finale, which took place on Sunday (May 21) and crowned a new winner: Iam Tongi.

Now, she’s opening up about her time at the King Charles coronation ceremony, the Idol finale, as well as her fate on the show.

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Katy Perry Responds To Viral Coronation Moment When She Couldn't Find A Seat

Katy Perry knows that everybody was concerned for her when she couldn’t find a seat at King Charles’ Coronation.

The 38-year-old “Firework” star wore an extra-large pink hat and went viral after she was wandering around looking for a seat. After realizing people’s reactions, she quickly took to Twitter and said “don’t worry guys i found my seat.”

In an interview on Sunday (May 14), Katy elaborated on her initial reaction to the viral moment. “Well, I just want everybody to know, thank you so much for your concern,” Katy told ET. “I found my seat.”

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King Charles III & Heirs To The Throne Prince William & Prince George Pose In New Coronation Portrait

A brand new portrait from King Charles III‘ coronation was just released and it features him with the next two heirs to the throne.

The 76-year-old monarch’s son, William, Prince of Wales, and his son, Prince George, stand to each side of him in the portrait taken in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace.

The King was officially crowned, alongside Queen Camilla, just last weekend at Westminster Abbey.

Charles is seen in his full regalia wearing The Robe of Estate, the Imperial State Crown, holding the Sovereign’s Orb and Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross.

William is also seen wearing his Order of the Garter robes, while George is seen wearing his page boy uniform which he wore in the coronation ceremony.

If you missed them, be sure to see the first official portraits of King Charles III that were released earlier this week.

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Royal Expert Reveals Prince Harry Did Meet with 1 Royal Family Member Before Coronation

Prince Harry made a very quick trip to the UK this past weekend to attend his father King Charles’ Coronation.

It was reported that while Prince Harry did stop at the Palace after the Coronation ceremony, he didn’t meet with any members of his family at that time. Many assumed that meant that Prince Harry did not meet with any of his family members during his entire trip, which was reported to be only about 24 hours long.

Now, a royal expert is revealing that it appears he did meet with one of his family members while in town.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber Reacts to Sitting Next to 'Disguised Meghan Markle' at King Charles Coronation Ceremony

Andrew Lloyd Webber has something to say about those silly Meghan Markle-in-disguise rumors!

If you didn’t know, an amusing conspiracy theory is floating around the Internet suggesting that the royal was secretly in attendance at King Charles III‘s coronation ceremony over the weekend, dressed up in disguise.

“I don’t know much about the #Coronation but I do know this is obviously a disguise and 100% they’re going to try and steal the crown jewels,” a viewer wrote on Twitter, along with screenshots of an attendee with a mustache and large glasses.

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Source Reveals How King Charles Felt About Prince Harry's Quick Coronation Departure & How He Marked Prince Archie's Birthday

Prince Harry made a blink-and-you-miss-it fly-over to attend his father’s coronation over the weekend, and now a source is revealing how King Charles feels about the quick trip.

If you forgot, questions had been swirling for months regarding if the Prince and Meghan Markle would be attending the historic day with their children. The Duke of Sussex ultimately decided to travel to the United Kingdom on his own before flying back that same day to be home in time to celebrate his son Prince Archie‘s birthday.

A new report is revealing the subtle way that King Charles paid tribute to his grandson’s special day and how he felt about his youngest son leaving his coronation so quickly.

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