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Hilarie Burton & Sophia Bush Want a 'One Tree Hill' Do-Over With a 'Girl Boss'

Hilarie Burton is speaking out.

The 38-year-old actress opened up on Twitter after seeing a still from One Tree Hill with her honest thoughts about the show.

The photo was of her and co-star Chad Michael Murray, and it appeared in an “adolescent psychology textbook.”

The caption beneath the photo reads: “Adolescents are exposed to sex in many contexts, including TV and the Internet. Is it surprising, then, that adolescents are so curious about sex and tempted to experiment with sex?”

“Embarrassed by this. Teen girl sexuality was a cornerstone of #oth, so its gross to me that there were no women in positions of power there. No one we could turn to to advocate for us. Men telling the stories of girl sexuality is a red flag. I want a do-over with a girl boss,” she wrote in response.

Among the many people who chimed in was co-star Sophia Bush, who wrote “co-sign.”

Later on, guest co-star Kate Voegele also supported the idea: “Me three. I’m breathing a sigh of relief just thinking about a woman making those wardrobe decisions!”

Back in November of 2017, the stars were among several former castmates who accused the show’s creator of sexual harassment. Here’s what she more recently said about it,

Jana Kramer Alludes To One 'One Tree Hill' Star Making Life Hell On Set For New Cast

Jana Kramer isn’t naming names, but is putting one of her One Tree Hill co-stars on blast.

The 37-year-old country singer and former OTH star opened up on her podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin, about how life on set wasn’t all what many thought it was.

Before she reunited with James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti on the program, Jana admitted to husband Mike that one person in the cast made it hell for everyone else.

“When I was on the show…there was just some, not cattiness, but just, ‘You can’t talk to this person if you’re friends with this person,’” she recalled. “So I wasn’t very close to James because of certain situations on the set at the time.”

Jana continued, “But now, I mean everyone is really close, and it’s kind of frustrating because I’m like, ‘Why couldn’t we have all be friends then? And you made the newbies’ life a little bit of hell.’ But it’s cool.”

She pointed out that while tension has subsided, she is still frustrated that it happened at all.

“But now it’s like, annoying because they’re all like, ‘We’re all friends now,’ and I’m just like, ‘You, one person, literally made it hell for us, because if we chose the wrong friend, we would be destroyed,’” Jana says.

In a previous conversation with Bethany Joy Lenz, Jana said that it was “hard for us, because I felt like when we came on the show, just being so honest, it was a very divided set.”

“I feel like everyone already kinda had their places and it was either, are you going to be in the ‘A team’ or the ‘B team?’ It was just tricky.”

Previously, James opened up about what the end of One Tree Hill signified for him.

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A New Series with James Lafferty & Stephen Colletti Is Going to Hulu, 'One Tree Hill' Stars Celebrate News!

One Tree Hill stars James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti reunited for a new comedy series that was just acquired by Hulu!

The former co-stars wrote and produced the series, in addition to starring in it. After premiering the first two episodes on the festival circuit in 2018, the rest of the eight half-hour episodes were crowdfunded.

Deadline reports that the series, titled Everyone Is Doing Great, “vaguely parallels the lives of the co-creators as it follows Seth (Colletti) and Jeremy (Lafferty), who enjoyed the success of Eternal, a hit television vampire drama. Five years after their show has ended, they lean on each other as they awkwardly navigate the perils of life and love in a late coming-of-age.”

The Royals actress Alexandra Park stars in the series as Jeremy’s wife who supports him both emotionally and financially.

James and Stephen said in a statement, “Distribution through Hulu was always our dream scenario, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the show’s opportunity to reach their audience. A massive thank you to all the supporters of EDG that helped us climb the crowdfunding mountain, and to the incredibly talented, hard-working cast, crew, producers, family and friends that have gotten us through the various stages of this journey. We feel the road taken to get here is emblematic of the story EDG tells, one that’s rooted in love, friendship and finding humor in the struggle to figure it all out.”

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Hilarie Burton Doesn't Have Any Regrets Leaving 'One Tree Hill' When She Did

Hilarie Burton left One Tree Hill in season 6 alongside Chad Michael Murray, and doesn’t regret her decision to leave the popular series.

Speaking with former co-star Jana Kramer on her podcast, Whine Down, the 37-year-old actress shared that her character, Peyton’s storyline came to a close just how she liked it.

“I was very happy with that,” Hilarie shared. “Chad and I had been in the pilot and we had been setting up the whole Lucas—Peyton star cross lovers thing the whole time on the show so I was really happy with that happy ending and the marriage and the baby. The family was complete and that’s what both characters were looking for.”

She added that both characters got the “nuclear family that they had always been craving. And frankly, I was a little concerned that if I stayed on the show, it would get messed with for dramatic purposes. Sometimes, it’s better to cut out in a good spot.”

“I don’t regret that at all,” Hilarie added. “I knew that I needed to start something new. It was time. I had a big chip on my shoulder and I just needed to put it down.”

Lucas and Peyton departed the series in season 6 with their baby and weren’t seen on the show after that again.

If you missed it, Hilarie recently reunited with Chad and James Lafferty earlier this year. See the selfie!

Hilarie Burton Shares Selfies with Chad Michael Murray & James Lafferty During Epic 'One Tree Hill' Reunion!

The stars of One Tree Hill are together again!

Hilarie Burton took to Instagram to share a ton of selfies from the One Tree Hill Convention on Saturday (February 22) in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Hilarie, who played Peyton Sawyer on the show, shared pics with Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Antwon Tanner (Skills Taylor), Robert Buckley (Clay Evans), Michael Trucco (Cooper Lee), and Jana Kramer (Alex Dupre).

“I got a job when I was 20 years old that gave me some of the most important relationships and experiences of my life,” Hilarie wrote along with the photos. “I didn’t take nearly enough pictures this weekend and didn’t get photo evidence of everyone, but I love @raenia23 at @fwbcharityevents for bringing us all together. Thick and thin, our shared history has been a cornerstone in my life. Love you guys. Xxx”

One Tree Hill ran on The CW for nine seasons, from 2003 to 2012.

If you missed it, Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis) recently reunited with two other One Tree Hill co-stars at a 2020 Golden Globes after-party!

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Tyler Hilton & Wife Megan Park Welcome First Child, 'One Tree Hill' Co-Stars React

Tyler Hilton is a dad!

The 36-year-old One Tree Hill actor and his wife Megan Park, 33, have welcomed their first child, a daughter named Winnie.

The couple shared the exciting news with fans on Instagram on Thursday (February 6).

“Remember that project I said I was working on…?” Tyler captioned a series of sweet images. “The one I told you was my favorite thing I’ve ever been apart of and it killed me to keep it a secret from u…?? Welp, @meganparkitthere and I have kept it to ourselves long enough. Everyone… meet the newest member of our crew, our daughter, Winnie Hilton. 🥰🥰🥰”

“It feels like we’ve known her our whole lives already and being her Dad the most natural thing I’ve ever done,” he continued. “To say I’m obsessed doesn’t quite do it justice. Meg was incredible, both she and Winnie are doing great, and just like that…we’re a family!! So heads up, go ahead and click Unfollow if you’re NOT interested in seeing me go full Dad on here for awhile… cause that’s what’s going down haha. Until the next record… which even then might be a kids record!! IM OBSESSED!”

“Meet Winnie,” Megan Park added. “She was hidden under many jackets and piles of books on several different sets last year but now that she’s here, healthy and happy, I couldn’t wait to introduce her. @tylerhilton and I thought we understood joy, love, purpose and life before but… turns out we weren’t even close until we met Miss. Winnie. ❤️”

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Sophia Bush Reunites with 'One Tree Hill' Co-Stars at Golden Globes 2020 After-Party!

The One Tree Hill gang is back together again!

Sophia Bush reunited with former co-stars Danneel Harris and Bryan Greenberg at the InStyle And Warner Bros. Golden Globe Awards Post-Party on Sunday (January 5) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

At the party, Sophia, Danneel, and Bryan got back into character as Brooke Davis, Rachel Gatina, and Jake Jagielski will posing in an elevator.

Bryan stood in the middle bouncing a basketball, while Sophia and Danneel both shook pom-poms.

One Tree Hill aired from 2003 to 2012.