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Rachael Leigh Cook Reveals This Other Original 'She's All That' Star Could've Been In 'He's All That'

Another original star from She’s All That almost joined the sequel to the film, He’s All That.

According to Rachael Leigh Cook, there was an opportunity for Freddie Prinze, Jr. to be in the Netflix movie, which stars Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan.

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Rachael Leigh Cook & Daniel Gillies Reach Divorce Settlement - Get the Details

Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies have finalized their divorce.

After announcing their split back in 2019 after 14 years of marriage, the 41-year-old She’s All That actress and the 45-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor have reached a settlement and are no longer married.

According to new legal documents obtained by The Blast, Rachael and Daniel have decided to share joint custody of their two kids – daughter Charlotte, 7, and son Theodore, 5.

“The parties shall have joint legal custody of their minor children, The parties shall share joint physical custody of their minor children,” the documents state.

Rachael Daniel divorce settlement

It is also being reported that they have agreed not to pay each other child support or spousal support. Rachael and Daniel will share a bank account, which each of them will fill evenly if it gets below a certain amount.

Rachael and Daniel will also be sharing custody of their two dogs and two cats.

The former couple also agreed that they will first introduce a romantic partner to the other first before being introduced to their kids.

“Prior to introducing any romantic partner (a person either party is dating, having a sexual relationship with, or a non-platonic relationship with) to the children, that party shall advise the other party of their intention, the name of the person, and when that party intends to introduce the children to their romantic partner,” the documents state.

It has also been revealed that Rachael and Daniel will keep their own airline miles and Rachael will be keeping their home Redondo Beach, Calif, while they have agreed to put their Studio City home up for sale.

Rachael and Daniel have also agreed to not talk badly about each other “within hearing distance of the children.”

Back in February, Daniel introduced fans to his new girlfriend. You can meet her here!

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'She's All That' Original Star Rachael Leigh Cook To Play Addison Rae's Mom in 'He's All That'

A familiar face has just joined the He’s All That movie – original She’s All That star Rachael Leigh Cook!

The movie made the announcement today about Rachael‘s involvement in the new movie, which is a continuation of the 1999 movie.

“Look who’s back! Rachael Leigh Cook (@rachaelleighcook) joins the #HesAllThat family, playing Padgett’s (@addisonraee) wise and caring mother,” the movie’s Instagram revealed with a pic of her and Addison Rae on the set.

It’s hasn’t been confirmed if Padgett’s dad is Zack Siler, who was played by Freddie Prinze, Jr., in the original film.

He’s All That is a gender swapped and modern take on the original movie.

It will follow “an influencer who attempts to turn a nerdy boy into prom king.” R. Lee Fleming, who wrote She’s All That, is writing the remake and it will be directed by Mark Waters, who previously directed Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

Find out who else will be making an appearance in the movie here!

Rachael Leigh Cook Tried Online Dating After Her Divorce

Rachel Leigh Cook is talking about her dating life.

The 40-year-old She’s All That actress, who split with her husband of 15 years Daniel Gillies in 2019, opened up about dating after divorce in an interview with Love, Guaranteed co-star Damon Wayans Jr. for TooFab.

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In their film, a single guy (Wayans) hires an attorney (Cook) to sue a dating app company after being promised he’d find a romantic partner.

“I have a little bit, you know, it’s interesting…it’s the best possible way to talk to a stranger. I like it,” she said of trying out online dating.

“But I’m dating someone wonderful now, so I’ve stopped that,” she said, referring to her new boyfriend, Kevin.

“It’s pretty fun to see the way — just as an actor — I just think it’s interesting to see how people present themselves. There’s a character study moment,” she continued.

“I online date mainly when my wife’s asleep,” Damon joked.

“Naw, I’ve never online dated before. But I have a lot of friends who, you know, give me a lot of horror stories, but also good stories. I know a couple who have been going strong for probably like three years now and they met online.”

Rachael Leigh Cook recently got candid about what happened during meetings with Harvey Weinstein years ago.

Rachael Leigh Cook Recalls Meeting With Harvey Weinstein

Rachael Leigh Cook is reflecting on her experience in the industry.

The 40-year-old She’s All That star opened up in a feature for Variety.

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She’s All That was executive produced by Harvey Weinstein. Although she does not remember his presence on the set, she recalls having one or two meetings with the former head of Miramax, who is now serving a 23-year-prison sentence for rape and sexual abuse.

She said that at the meetings, she always accompanied by her female then-manager, who she believes was protecting her from Harvey.

“Absolutely, with every fiber of my being I know that. He was someone who people spoke about in a different tone, but it was years before I knew why,” she explained.

Rachael also has a new boyfriend after filing for divorce, according to reports. Find out who!

Rachael Leigh Cook Has A New Boyfriend After Filing For Divorce From Daniel Gillies

Rachael Leigh Cook is off the market again after splitting from Daniel Gillies.

According to US Weekly, the 40-year-old actress is now dating a man named Kevin.

“He’s really great. I did good, if I do say so,” Rachael says of finding new love after her divorce from Daniel. “I met someone really nice, and I adore him. He’s fantastic.”

However, Rachael hasn’t introduced her children, Charlotte and Theodore, to him just yet.

“I feel like what’s the rush, you know what I mean? I don’t want to get it wrong. We’re going to take it beat by beat,” she shared. “If they ever Google deep dive this time in their parents’ life and they see this interview in the future and they’re like, ‘What the hell, mom?’ we’ll have that discussion then. But in the meantime, I’m just going to take small steps and they can be on a need to know basis.”

Rachael and Daniel announced their split in 2019 and just recently, Daniel filed for divorce from her, finalizing their separation.

Daniel Gillies Files For Divorce From Rachael Leigh Cook A Year After Split

Daniel Gillies has decided to make his split with wife Rachael Leigh Cook permanent.

According to The Blast, the 44-year-old former Originals actor has filed for divorce from Rachael after 14 years of marriage.

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Rachael and Daniel announced their separation last year and shared a joint statement on their split.

“This decision isn’t one we have come to easily or lightly,” the two said. “We love and respect each other as parents, people and artists and look forward to maintaining the best parts of our relationship for many years to come.”

Daniel and Rachael share two children, Charlotte and Theodore.

They admitted shortly after their separation that they hadn’t told their kids about the split at the time.

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