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Get to Know 'Black Mamba' K-Pop Girl Group aespa With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

aespa is one of the most exciting new acts to debut on the K-pop scene, and we’re so excited to give Just Jared readers a chance to exclusively get to know the group a little better.

The SM Entertainment troupe debuted on the music scene back in November of 2020 with their debut single “Black Mamba.”

They’ve already racked up a ton of views and streams globally, as well as building up an enthusiastic fanbase (called “MY”) with their bold first release.

The group – made up of KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER and NINGNING – also has a very unique twist: each member has their own digital counterpart, meaning that there are technically eight members of aespa!

Watch the music video for the group’s debut smash “Black Mamba,” and learn 10 Fun Facts about the group…

1. They’ve already broken multiple records. Their debut music video for recent single “Black Mamba” racked up 21 million views in its first 24 hours, earning the most views on a debut music video by a K-pop group in that short amount of time. It soon broke another record: the fastest debut music video to surpass 100 million views in K-pop history.

2. “aespa” is more than their band name. The “ae” is derived from the words “avatar and experience” and combined with the word “aspect” (meaning two sides) to get “aespa.” This symbolizes “meeting another self and experiencing the new world.”

3. They have 4 or 8 members. The girls all have their own digital avatars, called “ae,” that were created from each member’s personal data in a virtual world and that can be “rekalled” into the real world. The group consists of four members: KARINA, WINTER, GISELLE and NINGNING, and their four respective avatars (referred to as ae-KARINA, ae-WINTER, ae-GISELLE and ae-NINGNING.)

4. In fact, they even have their own “world.” The band’s avatars are said to “live” in ‘FLAT’, a virtual world in KWANGYA.

5. Members of the fandom refer to themselves at “MY.” “MY” means “the most precious friend” in FLAT.

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