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HBO Max's 'Gossip Girl' Will Have An Unexpected Twist, Showrunner Joshua Safran Says

Fans are getting a little taste of what the new Gossip Girl series will be like, thanks to showrunner Joshua Safran.

In the new issue of Cosmopolitan, he, along with the cast, opened up about the revival, including just when the show will premiere.

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Fans Have Found Out That The Identity of 'Gossip Girl' Was Revealed In The Pilot Episode!

A new revelation about the original Gossip Girl series was just unveiled and it will probably having you re-watch the series to see if it’s true.

In the final episode of the show which ended in 2012, viewers found out that Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) was the person behind the illusive Gossip Girl blog.

However, it turns out that many fans didn’t see the very first clue about the reveal – that was in the pilot episode!

According to one fan, the showrunners unveiled the man behind the computer in the pilot episode, and it was hinted at multiple times throughout the introduction for the show.

There are several clues laid out in the introduction, and one of the biggest ones was when Gossip Girl is talking about themselves as clips of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) play on a computer, which turns out to be Dan’s computer.

The shot then transitions to see Dan, and the voiceover says the iconic line, “And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell.”

Last year, Blake opened up about finding out that Dan was Gossip Girl all along. See what she said…

Here’s who was supposed to be Gossip Girl instead…

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You's Elizabeth Lail Joins 'Gossip Girl' Revival, Lands Lead in 'Mack & Rita' Movie

Elizabeth Lail has booked two exiting roles!

The 28-year-old actress is best known for playing Guinevere Beck in the Netflix series You and now she’s joining the cast of the upcoming Gossip Girl revival series.

No details on Elizabeth‘s role have been revealed, but Deadline reports that she has joined the ensemble cast of the upcoming HBO Max series.

Elizabeth will also be playing the title role in the upcoming indie movie Mack and Rita, which is being described as similar to the classic movie Big.

In Mack and Rita, Elizabeth will play Mackenzie Martin, who “is tired of doing all the things she has to do to keep up and get ahead in her 30’s. Since she was a little girl, raised by her Grammie Martin, her deepest wish has been to be just like her Grammie, comfortable in her own skin, great at saying ‘no’ and largely unburdened by what other people think of her. Not to mention Mack has always loved a good chunky sweater and being in bed by 8 pm. While at her best friend’s bachelorette in Palm Springs, Mack stumbles into a sound bath regression pod and comes out as a 70-year-old woman, who she names her Aunt Rita. But Mack’s transformation really has nothing to do with her exterior body and Mack she learns that the reality of old age isn’t quite what she imagined. It turns out that being comfortable in your own skin isn’t a given at 70, or any age, really, because self acceptance comes from within and only through actually living.”

Diane Keaton will be starring as Rita while Taylour Paige is playing Carla, who is Rita’s best friend as young Rita.

Ed Westwick Joins TikTok, Brings Back Chuck Bass in His First Video

Ed Westwick just joined the social media app TikTok and he is reprising his role as Chuck Bass in his first video!

The 33-year-old actor played the role on all six seasons of Gossip Girl and it has been a little over eight years since the show ended.

Ed began his video in a leather sherpa jacket and told fans, “Tell me you watched Gossip Girl without actually telling me you’ve watched Gossip Girl. I’ll start.”

The video then cut to Ed wearing a sharp suit and he said to the camera, “I’m Chuck Bass.”

Ed was recently asked if he’d ever appear in the upcoming Gossip Girl extension series that is in the works for HBO Max.

“I think it would be a very cool idea. I haven’t been approached really about it. This is very much its own thing and I wish them all the best. I’m very excited to see what they do,” he told Access Hollywood. “I’ve been in touch with the creators just wishing them the best, Josh [Safran] and Stephanie [Savage]. I know they’re excited.”

“Look, I mean I would never say no, but at this moment there is nothing to report,” he added.

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Armie Hammer's Resurfaced Interview Where He Implied He Was Let Go From 'Gossip Girl' Is Getting Attention Again

Armie Hammer‘s 2017 interview about being fired from Gossip Girl is going viral again after being reposted by celeb Instagram account @DeuxMoi.

If you don’t know, Armie played the role of Gabriel on Gossip Girl season 2 back in 2009. During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, he was asked who the biggest diva on the set was, and instead, Armie revealed he was actually let go before he finished filming all of his episodes.

“Let me just say that was a tough show to film and I didn’t end up actually filming all the episodes I was supposed to because it was so tough,” Armie said in 2017.

“Oh really? So you were like, ‘Get me out of this?’” Andy Cohen said.

“It was also like ‘Get him out of here’,” Armie said, insinuating he was let go.

He was then asked who his love interest on the show was, and he responded Blake Lively‘s character Serena.

“It sounds like she was the problem,” Chelsea Handler, who also appeared on the show, said.

“No, no, that’s not what I’m saying,” Armie said, before giving a smirk.

Armie has been in the headlines so much lately after his alleged DMs were leaked and past exes came forward with stories about his alleged behavior. Armie‘s lawyer has responded to the allegations coming against him.

This Video of Penn Badgley Saying 'XOXO' Has 'Gossip Girl' Fans Freaking Out

Penn Badgley was stopped by a fan and made a TikTok video to say happy birthday to a woman named “Serena,” and what he did next was amazing!

“Happy birthday Serena,” the 34-year-old Gossip Girl said, before adding in, “XOXO.” The XOXO is, of course, a reference to his famed television show Gossip Girl.

There was a character on Gossip Girl named Serena van der Woodsen, which likely prompted the “XOXO” salute from Penn. The role of Serena was played by Blake Lively. If you missed it, Penn once revealed the gift he got from Blake while they were a couple on the set!

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'Gossip Girl' Cast Stays Warm & Masked Up In Between Takes On Set

Thomas Doherty and Evan Mock were sure to wear their masks while hanging out in between takes while on the set of Gossip Girl on Tuesday (December 1) in New York City.

The co-stars were also dressed in layers of clothing, as was Whitney Peak, to keep warm in the colder NYC weather when they weren’t filming.

Also on set that day were Jordan Alexander and Emily Alyn Lind, who linked arms while filming.

The weekend before, the stars spent the Thanksgiving break at a cabin in the woods as they did some cast bonding.

“no one warned me I was going to love these people,” Savannah captioned a post on her account.

“HA stole ur heart whatcha gunna do bout it,” Emily commented.

Check out all of their social media posts from the weekend on Just Jared Jr!

In case you missed them, check out the photos of the cast filming just before the Thanksgiving break!

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thomas doherty slides down a rail on gossip girl set 02
thomas doherty slides down a rail on gossip girl set 03
thomas doherty slides down a rail on gossip girl set 04
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