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Hit Songs That the Artists Now Regret

Everyone has their special fuzzy memories of their favorite smashes over the years – but now and then, the artists themselves don’t exactly feel the same way about their own music.

Over time, plenty of different pop stars and singer-songwriters have spoken out following the smash success of their songs to reveal that, for one reason or another, they feel awkward, embarrassed or even ashamed about certain songs.

In some cases, it comes down to the lyrical content. And in others, it’s all due to the song’s complete over-saturation of the market. Regardless, these stars have enough distance between the song’s release and now to reflect on the choices they made.

We’ve gathered together some of the biggest hits from the likes of everyone from Taylor Swift to Radiohead, and how the artists really feel about the songs. Some of these are bound to surprise you!

Be sure to check out the most controversial and banned music videos of all time as well.

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Legal Experts React to Nirvana Child Pornography Lawsuit - Does Spencer Elden Have a Case?

Earlier this week, a lawsuit was filed against the band Nirvana by the man who was photographed as a baby on the Nevermind album cover.

Spencer Elden says that he is the baby featured in the artwork, in which a naked baby is seen underwater in a pool and swimming toward a dollar bill on a fishhook.

The now 30-year-old man is claiming that his nude image on the album cover constitutes child pornography. He says the image depicts him “like a sex worker — grabbing for a dollar bill that is positioned dangling from a fishhook in front of his nude body with his penis explicitly displayed.” He also claims that his legal guardians didn’t sign a release to authorize Nirvana‘s use of the images from the shoot.

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Man Who Says He's the Baby on Nirvana's Album Cover Is Suing the Band - Find Out Why

A man who says he is the baby pictured in Nirvana‘s Nevermind album cover is suing the band.

The Nevermind album artwork is one of the most recognizable album covers of all time and it features a naked baby underwater in a pool, swimming toward a dollar bill on a fishhook.

Spencer Elden says that he is the baby featured in the artwork and he seemingly embraced his claim to fame in the past as he’s recreated the image on multiple occasions. In interviews that he has done to accompany the photo shoots, he has expressed some mixed feelings about the original photo though.

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Post Malone Announces Nirvana Livestream Concert

Post Malone will livestream his next concert on this Friday (April 24) at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

The Grammy-nominated artist will broadcast live from his home and will perform a set of fan favorites and hits by Nirvana (one of Post‘s favorite bands).

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Friday’s livestream event will raise funds for The United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for The World Health Organization (WHO) in support of COVID-19 relief efforts. Fans will be able to make donations during the livestream. will be matching all donations at a 2:1 rate, up to $5,000,000, with all proceeds going to the UN Foundation. Can’t wait!

He recently reacted to speculation about his on-stage demeanor. Here’s what he said…