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Olivia Culpo Enjoys a Boat Party in Miami Ahead of the Super Bowl

Olivia Culpo is having fun in Florida ahead of the Super Bowl!

The 28-year-old model was joined by a group of friends while spending time on a boat on Friday (February 5) in Miami Beach, Fla.

It’s not clear if Olivia will be going to the Super Bowl this year, but she has been a regular there in years past. If you didn’t know, she is dating Carolina Panthers player Christian McCaffrey and he’s currently in Florida with her.

Olivia took to Instagram the next day to share photos of herself on the boat. She captioned the post, “Don’t wanna leave 🌞😊.”

Demi Lovato commented on the post and said, “Throw me off the boat if we get on and you look like that. Just THROW ME OFF.”

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Olivia Culpo Reveals She Had Surgery for Endometriosis & Shows Photo of Scars

Olivia Culpo is providing a revealing inside look at her battle with endometriosis.

The 28-year-old model posted a series of pictures, including one of her scars, as she bravely opened up about the surgery on Thursday (November 19).

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“Yesterday I had surgery for my endometriosis ❤️ Not a very glamorous post but I felt like I needed to share this to create more awareness around this disease. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue from the uterine lining decides to grow in other random parts of your body, causing pain. This can interfere with fertility and overall health and honestly – happiness,” she wrote.

“To top things off it is excruciatingly painful but nearly impossible to see through an ultrasound (unless you have endometrioma/chocolate cysts on your ovaries- that’s what I had). I have been in agony for years around my period and I was misdiagnosed countless times by doctors. ‘Just take Tylenol every day’ ‘ultrasound looks normal,’ ‘I think you just need to rest more, periods are always uncomfortable for people,’ etc. I know a lot of people out there in the Endo community are familiar with these diagnoses which is why I am so passionate about this,” she continued.

“Painful periods are not normal!!! I want to say thank you to @drvilasagar_endosurgeon and the amazing hospital staff at @atriumhealth who took care of me. You guys were literally angels to me and I am so grateful. To anyone out there who has endometriosis, I understand the depression, and overall loneliness that can occur with a condition that is so painful yet so hard to be interpreted by other people outside of the body. It’s hard when chronic pain is not validated and you don’t get an answer or understanding. To my Endo warriors, I will continue to spread more awareness around endometriosis so that your symptoms can be validated. You are not alone and you are so strong !!!!”

She opened up about her battle back in September as well. Here’s what she had to say.

Olivia Culpo Talks Battle with Endometriosis & How She's Treating It

Olivia Culpo recently revealed that she is suffering from endometriosis and now she’s opening up about her battle with the painful disorder, plus what she’s doing to treat it.

If you didn’t know, the Mayo Clinic defines endometriosis as a “painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus.”

Olivia opened up to People during a recent interview.

“It was something that I was nervous to share because I really didn’t know if people would be familiar with the condition, and it turns out a lot of women are,” Olivia said. “I was shocked to see how many women have also suffered from endometriosis, and how many questions women have about painful periods. They’re not normal, and they could get in the way of your fertility.”

Olivia does not have any plans right now to get laparoscopic surgery and says she’s “trying to do the holistic route as of now.

“I want to try to see if I can figure some things out for myself, but we’ll see. It’s a journey,” she added. “Every month is different because I try different things every month. But I’ll definitely keep everybody posted on what works for me, and eventually having to get the surgery because it really depends. Everyone’s different.”

Olivia was interviewed while promoting Crest Whitening Emulsions leave-on teeth whitening treatment, which she uses up to four times a day. You can see photos of her putting it on in the gallery.

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Olivia Culpo Reveals Her Endometriosis Diagnosis for the First Time

Model Olivia Culpo revealed for the first time that she suffers from endometriosis.

If you don’t know, endometriosis is “an often painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

“I’ve never publicly said this before but I have endometriosis. Aka the most excruciatingly painful cramps/periods. Anyone else reading this have Endo? No fun,” Olivia posted on her Instagram Story on Wednesday (August 26).

She spoke about using heating pads and Midol to help relieve her pain before speaking to those who also suffer.

“The thing I’m gonna say about endometriosis that I just think is really important is if you are having very painful periods and you are not being diagnosed with what you think could be endometriosis, definitely do your research because if you don’t discover that you have this, it could get in the way of your fertility,” she said. “You could have tissue growing in areas that you really shouldn’t have that would interfere with maybe getting pregnant some day, your eggs could be getting damaged.”

Olivia added, “Definitely go to your doctor if you have painful periods. Painful periods are not normal. You just want to make sure that everything is ok if you did want to get pregnant. You just never know. You don’t want to wait too late, so I want everyone to take that seriously.”

Then, Olivia said, “The reason why I’m so passionate about talking about this is because my doctor tells me about people who come to her in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s about not having been able to have kids. The thing that’s so sad about that is because they may have had endometriosis that may have affected their fertility in some way and if they had caught it earlier, they could have frozen their eggs. There would have been more options.”

Another celeb bravely spoke out about having this condition and suffering a miscarriage.

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Olivia Culpo Kisses Hot Boyfriend Christian McCaffrey & His Mom Has Some Thoughts!

Model Olivia Culpo is dating star NFL running back Christian McCaffrey and the pair looked to be very cozy in a new Instagram photo!

In the pic, the pair are showing off their beach bodies and kissing while enjoying eating some Chick-fil-A.

“You had me at fried chicken sandwich,” Olivia captioned the photo.

Well, Christian‘s mom Lisa McCaffrey quickly posted a comment on Instagram responding to the photo, and the exchange is pretty funny!

If you don’t know, Christian is now the highest-paid running back in the NFL and will be making quite a bit of money as a player for the Carolina Panthers.

Find out when we first found out about Olivia and Christian‘s relationship.

Check out the comment exchange between Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey’s mom…

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Jada Pinkett-Smith Struts Her Stuff in Philipp Plein Milan Fashion Show

Jada Pinkett Smith is slaying the runway!

The 48-year-old actress and Red Table Talk host walked in the Philipp Plein Fashion Show on Saturday (February 22) in Milan, Italy.

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Other stars on the runway included former Miss America Olivia Culpo, YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous, and model Cameron Dallas.

At the end of the show, Jada and Olivia joined designer Philipp Plein for one final lap around the runway, and they all wore #24 Lakers jerseys, paying tribute to the late Kobe Bryant.

If you missed it, Jada revealed her emotional reaction to Snoop Dogg calling out Gayle King for her comments after Kobe‘s death.

15+ pictures inside of Jada Pinkett Smith and the other models during the fashion show…More Here! »

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Lucy Hale, Olivia Palermo, & More Arrive in Style for Fendi Fashion Show in Milan

Lucy Hale strikes a pose as she arrives at the Fendi Fashion Show on Thursday (February 20) in Milan, Italy.

The 30-year-old Katy Keene actress looked pretty in a purple outfit as she attended the fashion show held during Milan Fashion Week.

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Other stars at the fashion show included Olivia Culpo, Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino, 13 Reasons Why actor Tommy Dorfman and husband Peter Zurkuhlen, model/fashion designer Olivia Palermo, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, and model/actress Larsen Thompson.

Find out which Katy Keene character Lucy thinks will be an “icon” for fans.

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