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Rudy Giuliani Can No Longer Practice Law in New York Due to Spreading False Election Information

Rudy Giuliani is suspended.

A New York court made a big ruling on Thursday (June 24) regarding the 77-year-old’s law practice following his contribution to spreading false information about the 2020 presidential election, via ET.

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Rudy Giuliani's Apartment Searched by Federal Agents Amid Investigation

Rudy Giuliani is under federal investigation.

Federal agents executed a search warrant at the apartment of the 76-year-old personal lawyer to Donald Trump in Manhattan, CNN reported Wednesday (April 28).

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This is the latest development in a criminal investigation by federal prosecutors that has been underway for months, according to the report.

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Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Caroline Opens Up About Her Sexuality & Why She Loves Threesomes

Rudy Giuliani‘s daughter Caroline is getting outspoken.

The 32-year-old filmmaker and writer spoke out about her sex life in an essay for Vanity Fair, called A Unicorn’s Tale: Three-Way Sex With Couples Has Made Me a Better Person“, in which she discusses polyamory.

“I was in a long-term, loving, monogamous relationship that my body begged me to end before it progressed to an engagement. At the time, I didn’t fully understand what was missing from that relationship, but I did know that my partner loved me despite my weird wildness, while I yearned to be with someone who loved me because of it,” she wrote.

She then said she “immediately began to make up for lost time” and had enough sex to break her stainless steel bed.

She said her experimental phases in high school were “inextricably intertwined with adolescent angst and rebellion,” versus her adulthood experimentation, which is “much more peaceful”.

“It was not reacting or crying out but intentionally searching,” she said, adding that it helped her better cope with depression, anxiety, and the “lingering cognitive effects of adolescent anorexia.”

“Intimacy between two people is like ping-pong, but with three people, it’s like volleying a ball with no net, and no blueprint. That openness has changed my life,” she continued.

“When a couple invites me into their bed, I not only get welcomed into the midst of their preexisting connection, but also get to forge a new one with them based on their trust that I will respect the boundaries of their relationship. This is a vulnerable position all around: for the couple in opening their connection to a newcomer, and for the unicorn in entering a power dynamic where they are the only one without an established teammate.”

“For concerned citizens inclined to respond to my sexual liberation by reminding me to respect myself — it’s baffling how many well-intentioned, ‘woke’ people let this kind of sexist rhetoric slip out — I hope this piece helps you understand that I do respect myself, arguably even more than I did before I started sleeping with couples,” she went on to say.

“One of the most frustrating misconceptions about sexually adventurous people is that we are somehow less responsible. But the opposite may be true. Shining a communal light on sexuality makes it harder for darkness, like assault and trauma, to fester.”

Caroline made headlines last year when she revealed her political stance.

Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive for COVID-19

Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for coronavirus amid the pandemic, which has already led to the death of over 281,000 people in the United States.

President Trump confirmed the news in a tweet on Sunday (December 6).

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“@RudyGiuliani, by far the greatest mayor in the history of NYC, and who has been working tirelessly exposing the most corrupt election (by far!) in the history of the USA, has tested positive for the China Virus. Get better soon Rudy, we will carry on!!!” he wrote.

His son, Andrew Giuliani, who is a public liaison assistant to Trump, tested positive for COVID-19 about two weeks ago.

The former mayor has been in charge of leading the legal team attempting to overturn the presidential election, which has repeatedly been tossed out of court in multiple states around the country.

In the past few weeks, Rudy has traveled to states including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona to appear at campaign events alleging voter fraud. Judges in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan have all dismissed cases in recent weeks, citing lack of evidence.

He also went viral in November for a bizarre press conference, and was caught in controversy due to his appearance in Borat 2.

Hair Dye Seemingly Drips Down Rudy Giuliani's Face During Bizarre Press Conference

Rudy Giuliani is getting a lot of attention – but not for his words.

The top lawyer for Donald Trump held a bizarre press conference that was not aired by several news channels on Thursday (November 19), in which he continued to attempt to make an unfounded case for overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.

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“Did you all watch My Cousin Vinny? It’s one of my favorite law movies, because he comes from Brooklyn,” he said during the conference, at one point acting out a scene.

“How many fingers have I got up?” he said, imitating Joe Pesci.

“These people were further away than My Cousin Vinny was from the witness. They couldn’t see a thing!” he said of Republican poll watchers, accusing Joe Biden of “crimes” without mentioning specifics.

He then appeared to get sweaty, and wiped his brow as what seemed to be hair dye started to stream down his face, which quickly went viral.

“I don’t know what you need to wake you up, to do your job and inform the American people, whether you like it or not, of the things they need to know! This is real! It’s not made up! There’s no one here who engages in fantasies,” he then yelled at reporters.

Rudy recently made headlines for his eyebrow-raising appearance in Borat 2.

Borat's Maria Bakalova Reveals Her Opinion Of That Controversial Rudy Giuliani Scene

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm breakout star Maria Bakalova is speaking out about that infamous scene.

The 24-year-old actress plays Borat’s (Sacha Baron Cohen) 15-year-old daughter, Tutar, and she winds up interviewing the former New York City major and current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

During the infamous scene, he asks for her name and address, and the camera captures Maria reaching into his shirt to retrieve his microphone as he gives her a pat on the back. When she turns away, Rudy lies down on the bed and reaches into his pants.

“Sacha jumped into the room quickly, because he’s been worried about me,” the 24-year-old Bulgarian actress told the New York Times. “So, if he were late, I don’t know how things were going to go. But he came just in time.”

She added, “I saw everything that you saw. If you saw the movie, that’s our message. We want everybody to see the movie and judge for themselves.”

“Yeah. I was nervous,” she continued. “My heart was racing. But Sacha was like, you should be nervous in this situation. So use your nerves. Convert them and accept them and they’re going to help you through everything.”

“I was kind of scared that something would happen. But fortunately, we escaped,” Maria added. “We’d been talking a lot about different scenarios. How should I act, this way or this way? What should I do? What is smarter? But in all of the scenarios, I was confident that Sacha will save me and he will save the scene, so it’s not going to be a disaster. He’s my guardian angel.”

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