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Bravo's 'Southern Hospitality' Season 2 Cast - New & Returning Stars Revealed

Southern Hospitality is returning to Bravo this week for it’s second season!

The reality show is a spinoff of Southern Charm, centering on Leva Bonaparte‘s employees who work at Republic Garden & Lounge in Charleston, SC.

Here’s a season two synopsis: With the nightlife on King Street exploding and the competition fierce, the team at Republic is busier than ever. Accepting nothing short of perfection from her staff, Leva runs a tight ship, but her once-close-knit team faces a multitude of obstacles as they try to keep their jobs while maintaining their friendships and relationships. When rumors, cheating allegations and ghosts of past back-alley debaucheries haunt the staff, they work hard to prove to Leva that they are still fit to run the hottest club in Charleston.

Ahead of the season two premiere, we’re taking a look at who’s returning to the show, and who is new to the cast and Republic.

Keep reading to find out which stars are back and meet the new server…