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Nelly Furtado Teases New Music, Talks Collaborators & Her Older Hits Resurfacing on TikTok, Releases First Photoshoot in 6 Years

Nelly Furtado is getting back in the saddle!

The 44-year-old “Say It Right” hitmaker dropped her last album The Ride in 2017. However, she’s gearing up to make a comeback, and it’s coming with her first photoshoot in approximately six years.

The pics, which see her rocking a variety of chic looks against a simple backdrop, accompanied a new interview with Fault. In it, Nelly opened up about new music and her older music finding a new life on TikTok.

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Taylor Swift Shares a Moment With Viral 'Bejeweled' Dance Creator During 'Eras Tour' After He Was Afraid He'd Miss the Show

Taylor Swift shared a special moment with the creator of TikTok’s viral “Bejeweled” dance during the latest stop on her Eras Tour.

By now you’ve likely seen the playful dance Mikael Arellano created while scrolling TikTok. The “Shake It Off” pop titan even borrowed parts of it for her show!

On Friday (May 12), Mikael took to TikTok to say that he has been offered tickets to see Taylor on tour in exchange for her using his choreography. However, he hadn’t been able to finalize plans and wanted to attend the tour the next day.

Thankfully, things worked out. Making the night even more special, he was able to share a moment with Taylor during the concert.

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Fans Defend TikTok Beauty Guru Mikayla Nogueira Amid Claims She Fakes Her Accent

Mikayla Nogueira is at the center of another controversy on TikTok, this one stemming from claims that she is faking her distinctive accent in videos.

The 24-year-old influencer recently celebrated her third anniversary on the social media platform and has amassed a following totaling nearly 15 million strong.

However, a debate is raging on in the comments section of a video accusing her of putting on a fake accent and persona in her videos.

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How to Buy Ninja Creami for Best Price & Make TikTok's Favorite Homemade Ice Cream

One of the biggest food crazes on TikTok right now is homemade ice cream and sorbet using the Ninja Creami and it has quickly become one of hottest countertop appliances on the market.

The machine will transform everyday ingredients into ice cream, gelato, smoothie bowls, milkshakes, and more.

All you have to do is fill your pint with personalized ingredients, freeze it for 24 hours, and transform it in minutes with the creamerizer paddle.

People on TikTok are turning protein smoothies into low-fat and low-carb ice cream, or cans of peaches and pineapples into sorbet.

So, where can you get one?

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TikTok User Goes Viral with Frank Ocean Complaints at Coachella, Explained Why Fans Were Disappointed

There have been lots of complaints about Frank Ocean‘s set at the 2023 Coachella Music Festival and a TikTok user is going viral for her explanation of what seemingly what wrong.

The 35-year-old entertainer’s performance at the festival got cut short because of the curfew and there were allegedly several other issues.

“Guys, I’m being told it’s curfew, so that’s the end of the show. Thank you so much,” Frank said while leaving the stage at the end of his set.

So, what went wrong during the set?

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AJ McLean Announces Day 1 of Journey of Self-Love, Has Almost 19 Months Sober

AJ McLean is getting candid with his followers.

The 45-year-old Backstreet Boys member shared an update on his TikTok on Monday (April 17) about his mental health, and revealed he’s embarking on a journey of self-love amid his continued sobriety.

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Get to Know TikTok's Ling & Lamb with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

If you’re addicted to TikTok like we are, by now, you must have seen Ling & Lamb‘s hilarious videos on the app.

We got a chance to sit down with the fan fave couple – who bill themselves as the “American wifey & Nigerian hubby” – to ask 10 Fun Facts about themselves!

The pair started their TikTok in early 2020 and quickly gained a massive following. Today, their videos – featuring hilarious prank videos, the recreation of various TT trends, new food videos, and more – gain millions of views!

On TikTok, they now have 3.9 million followers (and counting) and are a must-follow. You can also find them on Instagram and YouTube.

Check out 10 Fun Facts with Ling & Lamb below!

  1. We love staying up late having sleepovers in our living room with a bunch of blankets and pillows, as if there isn’t an entire bedroom upstairs lol.
  2. We can never skip dessert. We both have a bit of a sweet tooth.
  3. Lamb has a hidden talent; he is an amazing whistler lol.
  4. Ling loves cartwheeling around the house when she is super happy.
  5. Lamb is one of four children and Ling is one of two children.

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