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Lily Collins: Exclusive Interview!

Lily Collins: Exclusive Interview!

Lily Collins rocks a Dolce&Gabbana top and Paule Ka pants as she poses for an exclusive photo shoot with

The 23-year-old actress sat down to chat about her new movie Mirror, Mirror, which is out in theaters TODAY!

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Lily also opened up about her co-star Julia Roberts, her love of fashion, and a possible future in recorded music!

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JJ: Congratulations with Mirror, Mirror!
Lily Collins
: I know! It’s so crazy. It’s really exciting, it’s still really surreal seeing buses with your face on it, and buildings. The first time I saw it on a bus I literally almost had a car accident, I did a double take and stopped my car and rolled down my window. I was driving to Whole Foods and I seriously screamed! I freaked out, and I remember going into Coffee Bean one time and someone at the counter said “You know that you’re behind us right now” and I was like “what do you mean?”, so I turned around and this huge office building had my face on it, I screamed with no filter! This is all still very surreal and it is so much fun though.

JJ: Do you find yourself getting any perks like, getting a free coffee that day?
: (laughs) No free coffee. It does make me smile though seeing the billboards.

JJ: Driving around LA, all we see are the billboards with you all over them.
: It is exciting. Relativity is doing an awesome job! I did not expect to see this many! Ever! My friends are sending them to me from everywhere, Korea, London, Mexico and it’s called different things in different languages obviously so that is so cool to see.

JJ: I’m sure your mom is taking pictures of all these magazine covers all over town!
: She is! Even when we’re at a newsstand and I am on a magazine cover she wants to take a picture of me holding the magazine.

JJ: Lets talk about the fashion in Mirror, Mirror. Did it take a while to get into your elaborate outfits?
: It’s funny, some took 20-25 minutes to get into. We had it down to an art though at the end of it. Total corsets every day, I had someone help me get dressed every morning, her and I became really close. We would use that time as relaxing time, even though it was time that I was being strapped in. Just the two of us would be getting ready and no one could rush me. I had to run, sword fight, wrestle, do all these sort of crazy things in these outfits so they became sort of a second skin by the end of it. I knew how to maneuver myself around. By the end of shooting I would just collapse on the floor or have a stool put under me to sit down. By the end of everything I knew how it all worked out. I never fell once while running in the heels and the dresses, which I am really proud of. I’m the kind of person who falls going up the stairs, so I was really surprised I never did (laughs).

JJ: Did you have a Lucille Ball moment balancing the swan hat?
: You know what’s funny, yeah! They would pin it in, but sometimes it would go askew. The swan would just be tilted off a little bit and it would look so comical on camera. I forgot I was wearing it one time and I tried to walk through a door, and I would get stuck. Or I would hit the head and start laughing. I was in these outfits so long that they just became a part of me.

JJ: You got to work with Julia Roberts, what was that like?
: I never dreamed of working with people like her that I admire so much. I would have these moments where I was filming where I would be looking at her and she was being incredibly mean to me and I would just inside be going “oh my gosh, I am in this movie with Julia, and she is being mean to me right now, and I just want to smile and laugh.” If I was able to show how I was really feeling inside I would have been always laughing and smiling, because I was so happy to be there. Julia is such an amazing woman, and an incredible actress. Just to be with her is learning!

JJ: You looked amazing at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.
: Thank you so much!

JJ: You can tell you must have loved the fashion on the set of this film.
: I love fashion, I’m such a fashion girl. Growing up my mom used to wear vintage Yohji Yamamoto and Vivienne Westwood so she really brought me up to appreciate fashion as an art. I love vintage clothes and I go vintage shopping. I love going to the Rose Bowl flea market and shopping on Melrose. I love experimenting with all those types of stores, mixing fashion with new and old. Something like a Vanity Fair party is such a moment that I continually all night walked around telling myself “why am I invited?”

JJ: Your fashion choices have evolved so much over the years.
: I feel like no matter what you wear as long as you own it and you’re comfortable in it, it will show. You own whatever you wear, you don’t want the outfit to own you. I think I have grown just more confident in knowing my shape and what works on me. When something feels good you feel like something represents you the best. I feel like I have grown so much into myself over the past few years. Meeting designers also is like meeting actors.

JJ: I know your focus is acting but do you have interest in recording more music down the line?
: I wouldn’t say I am focused with coming out with an album, but I never say never. You never know what is going to happen in this business. If a role like this requires music, like a musical, that would be totally something I would be interested in. It was so fun to try that out in this movie. I just think that would be a really fun thing to tackle.

JJ: Do you have any go to karaoke songs?
: I don’t have one, but I feel like I would go with a Rihanna or a Britney song.

JJ: In five years’ time, what do you think you’ll be doing?
: I would love to continue doing roles that are different from each other. I would like to continue to surprise people and try new things. Like sword fighting and singing and things I would never do in normal life. I love having fun with it all, and still continue having a personal life. I hope that I can continue being lucky in what I am doing and to continue fighting for roles.

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    “I would continue having a personal life.”

    Which personal life ???

    “I hope that I can continue fighting for roles.”

    I think she do not even know what “fighting” really means !

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    I did see the trailer, and believe this review by Jake Wilson:

    “The actors are all at sea, especially the miscast Roberts, whose arch manner never suggests even a pantomime version of evil. Conversely, Lily Collins makes an overly knowing Snow White, smirking demurely as if she’d just stepped off the Gossip Girl set.”

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