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Florence Pugh, Blake Lively, & More Than 50 Celebs Celebrate Tiffany & Co.'s Flagship NYC Store Ahead of Met Gala 2023!

The 2023 Met Gala is just days away and is going to be one of the most star-studded events of the year, and the Tiffany & Co. event just gave us a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Florence Pugh, Blake Lively, Michael B. Jordan, Katy Perry, Gabrielle Union, and more than 50 other celebs walked the red carpet for Tiffany & Co.‘s reopening of it’s NYC flagship store, The Landmark, on Thursday night (April 27) in New York City.

The exclusive party began with an opening set by DJ Mia Moretti, followed by a performance by the Radio City Rockettes, a headlining performance by Katy and a DJ set by Mark Ronson to close the evening.

Some more celebs in attendance included Anya Taylor-Joy, brand ambassador Gal Gadot, Jacob Elordi, Hailey Bieber, Tracee Ellis Ross, Anitta, and so many others.

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Billboard 200 for the Week of April 8 - Top 10 Albums Revealed, 4 Acts Debut & 1 Has Been No. 1 for a Month!

The numbers are in!

Billboard has unveiled the Top 10 albums of this week’s Billboard 200, for the week ending April 8, 2023.

The Top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart, dated April 8, was revealed on Sunday (April 2).

The Billboard 200 is a record chart ranking the 200 most popular music albums and EPs in the United States.

This week’s No. 1 is holding strong for an entire month!

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Jimin Drops First Solo Album 'Face' - Listen & Stream Here!

Jimin‘s debut album is officially out!

The 27-year-old BTS member has dropped a six-song record, with tracks titled “Face-off”, “Like Crazy” and more.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the album, Jimin opened up about why he was inspired to title it Face.

“In this album, I look back at myself,” he says. “I heard that the word ‘face’ has many different meanings. Of course, it has the meaning of the noun, face, but it also means, ‘to face, to [confront],’ as a verb.”

He then explained that “in order to stand at this new starting point and begin a new journey, I thought it would be necessary to look back at myself and face myself entirely.”

Jimin also revealed that his BTS bandmates inspired him to put out his own album, and were his biggest supporters.

“My members were the people who made it possible for me to start preparing this album,” he shared. “This all began at the [Permission to Dance on Stage] concerts in Las Vegas last year, and at the time, I was struggling with the emotions that ended up in ['Like Crazy']…”

He adds that he’s “so thankful to my members for inspiring me to start working on this album. I don’t know how people are going to react to the music, but I actually was able to completely resolve and move on from all those feelings of being lost. I’m perfectly okay now, so I’m so very thankful to them.”

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Discover the Top 10 K-Pop Stars on Social Media Ranked by Popularity, From Least to Most Followed

So many K-Pop superstars also happen to be social media sensations – and the top accounts have millions and millions of followers!

From solo superstars to girl group and boy band members, plenty of South Korean stars have become huge on Instagram.

And based on the latest roundup of idol follower counts, we know who the most popular stars are on the social media platform.

There was a huge shake-up to the list last year, thanks to a certain popular boy band debuting individual Instagram accounts for each member. As a result, the whole Top 10 shifted around – and now they’re still gaining millions of followers.

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Robert Pattinson Wears a Tweed Skirt to Dior's Star-Studded Paris Show - See Every Attendee!

Robert Pattinson made a fashion statement while attending the Dior Homme show at Paris Fashion Week!

The 36-year-old actor wore a tweed skirt while stepping out for the star-studded event on Friday morning (January 20) in Paris, France.

Some of the other attendees included Rob‘s longtime friend Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah, father-son duo David Beckham and Cruz Beckham, BTS members Jimin and J-Hope, and models Naomi Campbell and Karlie Kloss, among others.

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Every BTS Member on Instagram, Ranked by Popularity

To no one’s surprise, the members of BTS are all incredibly popular.

While the bestselling, international chart-dominating group has dominated social media as a unit for years now, the seven superstars launched solo accounts on the platform at the end of 2021 – and to no surprise, their follower counts continue surging at a record pace, especially after the announcement of their hiatus.

Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, RM and J-Hope are all on Instagram with millions of followers each, so we’ve rounded up all the accounts and sorted them out according to their followers to date.

And while you’re at it, find out who are the most followed K-pop idol accounts at the moment.

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BTS Announce Extended Hiatus to Pursue Solo Projects

BTS are taking a break.

During their recent FESTA dinner, the K-pop group announced that they would be taking an extended hiatus in order to work on their own solo projects.

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