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Jordyn Woods Rocks a Bold Jumpsuit as She Grabs Dinner with BFF Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith holds the door for long-time friend Jordyn Woods as they leave Catch LA together on Thursday night (April 23) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Jordyn looked so chic in a black and white checkered jumpsuit with sparkly black heels. She paired the look with a leather trench and Chanel bag.

Jaden kept it casual in a baggy jeans, sneakers and a lavender hoodie that featured some Takashi Murakami artwork.

The pair have been close friends since they were kids and Jordyn actually credited Jaden with inspiring her to start working on her music.

It looked like Jaden was a little surprised by the bright lights as he left the restaurant. Click through the gallery to see all the pics!

Rumors have been swirling that the model and her former BFF Kylie Jenner may be on good terms after she shared this post on Instagram

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Rumors Are Swirling About Jordyn Woods & Her Current Relationship with the Kardashians

Are Jordyn Woods and the Kardashian/Jenner family on good terms again?!

Some backstory, if you don’t know: Jordyn and Kylie Jenner were BFFs but the 2019 Tristan Thompson scandal caused a fallout. Kylie once spoke about the scandal herself, and Jordyn has said Tristan initiated a kiss with her and that is all. Tristan was dating Khloe Kardashian at the time of the kiss.

Khloe was actually accused of not letting Kylie and Jordyn be friends anymore. She responded to these allegations with a scathing comment.

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Jordyn Woods & Karl-Anthony Towns Have Both Responded to Cheating Rumors - Read Tweets

Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods are setting the record straight – he did not cheat on her!

The couple took to Twitter on Thursday (March 18) after someone posted fake screenshots that seemingly showed him talking to another girl.

Jordyn was first to speak out and said that her man doesn’t even speak the way the person in the screenshots was speaking.

“So crazy how someone can make fake screenshots and send it to blogs and y’all believe it,” Jordyn tweeted. “my relationship is more than solid and I put that on everything.”

With some laughing crying face emojis, she added, “He don’t even talk like that.”

Karl-Anthony said, “So I got the baddest girl in the game and you think I’m gonna waste my energy with anyone else. gtfoh! Same haters we got now are gonna be the same ones we have when I put that ring on her finger.”

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Jordyn Woods Has a Kylie Jenner Reference on Her New Post

Jordyn Woods just seemed to give Kylie Jenner a bit of a shout out!

If you don’t know, Jordyn and Kylie were BFFs but the Tristan Thompson scandal caused a fallout. Kylie once spoke about the scandal herself, and Jordyn has said Tristan initiated a kiss with her and that is all. Tristan was dating Khloe Kardashian at the time of the kiss.

If you missed it, Khloe was actually accused of not letting Kylie and Jordyn be friends anymore. She responded to these allegations with a scathing comment.

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Khloe Kardashian Reacts to Being Asked if Kylie Jenner Can Be Friends With Jordyn Woods Again: 'I'm So Sick & Tired of This'

Khloe Kardashian is clapping back.

The 36-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reacted to a commenter on a video of Kim Kardashian talking to Tristan Thompson on Thursday (February 18).

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In the clip, the two discuss Khloe and her relationship with the media, as well as public opinions.

“So…is Kylie allowed to be friends with Jordan again,” a commenter wrote, referring to the Jordyn Woods cheating scandal with Tristan and her fall-out with ex-BFF Kylie Jenner.

Khloe Kardashian Instagram comment

“I’m so sick and tired of this narrative that I control my sister or I dictate who she chooses to surround herself with. Never once have I ever and I mean EVER told my sister who she can be friends with. She is an adult, who can do whatever she wants to do,” Khloe wrote.

“I will support her in anything and everything she wants to do! I love my sister unconditionally! That means regardless of who she chooses to be friends with, I will always love, respect and value my sister unconditionally!! She is my life partner and I will always respect what she chooses!!! By the way, I have no ill feelings towards ANYONE!!! Truly. My heart carries no hatred at all. Unless you actually know what you’re talking about, respectfully, SHUT THE F–K UP!”

It looks like Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are planning for their second baby together!

Karl-Anthony Towns Was Hit By a Drunk Driver & He Credits Jordyn Woods for Helping Him Recover

Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns is opening up about the struggles he went through in 2020 and how his girlfriend Jordyn Woods helped him through all of them.

As you probably already know, the 25-year-old basketball star’s mom passed away from COVID-19 back in April and several other family members died as well.

“How do you stay so strong after overcoming so much?” a fan asked Towns during a Q&A session on his Instagram Stories.

Karl-Anthony then revealed that he was actually hit by a drunk driver during the NBA off-season and he credits Jordyn for helping him recover.

“My woman has held me down more than the world knows. From my mother and family members dying (1 on her bday in Cabo), getting hit by a drunk driver (was 2pm in the afternoon FYI) in LA this Off-Season and staying with me in the hospital for the night and helping me in rehab, to this stint with COVID she has been there with me every step of the way and stayed ten toes down,” he wrote in the post.

Towns added, “My love for her knows no bounds and I would be remiss if I don’t acknowledge the power a good woman can have in your life. Men, treat your woman like a Queen so she can treat you like a King.”

Jordyn Woods Asks Fans for Prayers After Boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns Tests Positive for COVID-19

Jordyn Woods is asking for support.

The 23-year-old star spoke out after her boyfriend, Minnesota Timberwolves player Karl-Anthony Towns, tested positive for coronavirus.

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“Thank you for all of the support and prayers, my family and I have all been tested and the results came back negative. Let’s continue to pray for a speedy recovery for [Karl-Anthony Towns],” she wrote on Twitter.

He also released a statement: “Prior to tonight’s game, I received yet another awful call that I tested positive for COVID. I will immediately isolate and follow every protocol,” he explained, calling for fans to help “stop the spread.”

“I pray every day that this nightmare of a virus will subside and I beg everyone to continue to take it seriously by taking all the necessary precautions. We cannot stop the spread of this virus alone, it must be a group effort by all of us.”

“Praying for you babe. I know you’re going to pull through. God’s got you and so does your most powerful guardian Angel up there,” she wrote, referencing his mother, Jacqueline, who died in April following a battle with coronavirus.

“You’re one of the strongest people I know. Please send some prayers up,” she added.

All of these stars have also tested positive with coronavirus.