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One Kardashian-Jenner Family Member Admits They Were 'Against' Ending 'KUWTK'

The Kardashian-Jenner has finally announced that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming to an end.

While the news broke several months ago that the hit E! reality show would be ending with season 20, the family discussed ending the show during Thursday night’s (May 6) episode.

In the episode, which was filmed back in early summer 2020, Kris Jenner gathers daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian to talk about whether or not they should renew their contracts with E! and continue the show. The ladies all filmed on their iPhones so the camera crew wouldn’t hear their conversation.

While talking, one Kardashian member made it very clear that they are “against” ending KUWTK.

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The Kardashians Answered Questions About These Juicy & Controversial Topics During Tell-All (Plus, Find Out Who Was 'A Little Stunned' By It!)

Andy Cohen just disclosed the topics that the Kardashian-Jenner family cover during their tell-all coming up later this year!

There’s a lot that happened during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion special that was taped this past weekend, and we have the details right here.

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Kris Jenner Explains Why She Helped Out Ex Caitlyn Jenner with Career Advice

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner have put their rocky past behind them.

During the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Thursday (April 15), Kris revealed to daughters Kourtney and Kim Kardashian that Caitlyn‘s close friend Sophia Hutchins reached out to her for advice about Caitlyn‘s career.

“I just don’t know, am I gonna want to go down this road?” Kris shared with her daughters.

Kourtney admitted that she was surprised that Kris was considering helping out Caitlyn considering their “rocky relationship the past few years.”

Kim then chimed in that it’s a “big deal” that Caitlyn is reaching out to Kris for advice.

“She obviously knows that you’re the best at that,” Kim said. “And I think, you know, it’s a really good way for you to heal also. Could be therapeutic for you to talk to Caitlyn and give her advice on her career.”

After some time “processing” Caitlyn‘s request, Kris decided to help her out, suggesting that Caitlyn start a YouTube channel.

“You know, YouTube is a great idea,” Kris said to Caitlyn and Sophia during a FaceTime call. “Because, there’s so much content that you can create to make it something where it can be different all the time.”

Kris talked more about the YouTube idea, saying that it could generate “a great deal of money” thanks to viewership numbers.

During a confessional, Kris admitted, “Believe me, this is not an easy situation but, Cait really does want my advice. So, I think what Cait should do is start doing YouTubes every day.”

Also during the FaceTime call, Kris suggested that Caitlyn expand from her public speaking focus and explore her other passions, including golf and cooking.

Caitlyn appreciated Kris‘ suggestions, saying, “Oh, I would love to do that.”

In addition to the advice and suggestions, Kris told Caitlyn and Sophia that someone from her office would reach out and connect them with the right people at YouTube.

Later in the episode, Caitlyn launched her YouTube channel, and Kris‘ kids applauded her for her “super cordial” relationship with Caitlyn.

Kris then said that she will always help someone “if they’re hurting” or “need some inspiration.”

“Even though I can’t make things magically better with us, I’m just here to be supportive,” Kris concluded in a confessional. “And I just want her to be happy. So, I was really happy to offer some advice and encouragement over something that she’s trying to do.”

In a new interview, Kris revealed where she and Caitlyn stand today.

Everything Kourtney Kardashian Said About Addison Rae in the Latest 'KUWTK' Episode

The latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians featured a deep-dive into Kourtney Kardashian‘s whirlwind friendship with TikTok star Addison Rae!

The friendship was examined by the Kardashian family and some of Kourt‘s siblings actually thought that she might be hooking up with the young star. They all noticed that she has been so much happier ever since Addison showed up.

For those that don’t know, Kourtney is currently 41 while Addison is currently 20. They have a 21-year age difference.

Kourtney told her sisters during the episode that her and Addison‘s “energies align,” which led to Khloe asking, “So, you have kid-like energy?”

“I feel like I have a young heart and an old soul,” Kourtney responded. “I don’t think it’s about age ‘cause like, Simon and Phil were just here and…they have that energy. I feel like, we all have such a good circle of people around us—everyone’s just different ages.”

During a confessional moment, Kourt told the cameras, “I don’t think every person needs to understand my relationships with each of my friends.”

At another point in the episode, Kourtney called Addison her “favorite person in the world” and the TikTok star responded by saying, “I feel like I can read your mind.”

We also learned that Kourtney met Addison through YouTube star David Dobrik.

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Kris Jenner & Boyfriend Corey Gamble Went Celibate for Two Weeks - Find Out Why!

Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble are Kourtney Kardashian‘s guinea pigs this week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

In the latest episode of KUWTK on Thursday (April 1), Kourtney, 41, recruited her mom Kris, 65, and Corey, 40, to try out a little experiment for her website Poosh.

Kourtney asked the couple, who have been together since 2014, to go without sex for two weeks in order to get some research for an article she was working on.

“Oh lord, are you sure I’m in the right conversation?” Corey asked when Kourtney brought up the experiment.

“People practice this because they want more energy, stronger mental focus, a closer relationship with their partner,” Kourtney explained before Kris asked, “More energy from not having an orgasm?”

“By abstaining from orgasms, people have been known to have orgasms by simply watching a sunset,” Kourtney said.

“What kind of weirdo is that?” Corey jokingly shot back. After some thought, Kris and Corey decided to take on the no-sex challenge.

At first, Corey struggled with going without sex, but Kris was able to give him some words of encouragement.

“We’re doing it for Poosh. If we don’t have sex, we’re going to be sharper,” Kris said to Corey. “You’ve got to focus — that’s what it’s all about.”

He then responded, “I’m always focused on your booty.”

Kourtney then gave the couple some “celibacy exercises” to “channel their energy,” which included Tai Chi and looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

“I probably never would have tried some of the things that Kourtney suggests, if it wasn’t for what we’re here for,” Kris said later in the episode. “But it’s interesting.”

“I like it a lot, too,” Corey added. “And I like the concentration you have to have to even do that good. I really like it.”

In the end, Kris and Corey were able to remain celibate for the two weeks.

“Not going to even lie to you Kourtney, it was tough,” Corey reported to Kourtney at the end of the trial. “But I’ve been having a good time doing all the things that we wouldn’t normally put energy into doing.”

He added in a confessional, “It didn’t move mountains with us, because we’re really good in a lot of the personal areas, but it was fun to support the exercise.”

Kris added, “Yeah, and we’ll try anything once.”

Kris and Corey aren’t the only couple that tried celibacy. All of these couples remained celibate until they got married.

Here's How Kim Kardashian Handled Her Marriage Issues in Latest 'KUWTK' Episode

Kim Kardashian‘s marriage issues with Kanye West were a big topic in the latest episode from the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The 40-year-old reality star has always been private about her relationship, even while starring on the reality show, though we did find out recently that she filed for divorce from Kanye.

At the one point during the episode that aired on Thursday (March 25), Kim was chatting with her younger sister Khloe and their friend Malika Haqq. She did not want to discuss her marriage with them.

While talking to them about Kanye‘s run for president, she said, “I try to just support him, tune it out. I was like, you know… I mean, I don’t want to talk about it on camera.” She added, “You shouldn’t pay attention to [the stories]. Please, please don’t.”

Khloe said during a confessional that Kim “handles things really, really private… She’s someone who’s like, calm and cool and we all respect that. But I know, because she’s not talking about it, even to us privately, that it’s really affecting her.”

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Khloe Kardashian Has Over an 80% Chance of Having a Miscarriage If She Gets Pregnant

This is so upsetting. A new clip from the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was released where the Khloe is explaining what would happen if she got pregnant again.

“I have to wait until the mixing process is done before I know how many embryos I have,” she says in the clip, providing an update on where she is in the process to have a second child. “But I spoke to Dr. A and she was just a little concerned about, like, I did a check and blood panels and all this stuff, and she just said that I would be a high-risk carrier for a pregnancy.”

Khloe said she wouldn’t get into specifics on camera, but there’s “an 80-something per cent chance” she’d miscarry if she was pregnant.

“I almost miscarried with True at the beginning,” she added. “But I didn’t know that was a lingering thing.”

Khloe and Tristan Thompson explored surrogacy together on their journey to welcome another child.