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The Richest 'Bridesmaids' Stars Ranked by Net Worth, & the Top Earner is Worth Nearly $100 Million!

Bridesmaids went down in history as one of the biggest comedies to hit theaters in the 21st century, and it’s in large part down to the movie’s incredibly talented cast of stars.

Centered around Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Rose Byrne, the female-fronted comedy features endlessly quotable lines, unforgettable gags and scenes that are still leaving viewers in stitches over two decades after premiering.

So many members of the cast have had successful careers in Hollywood, and they wracked up impressive fortunes in the process. But who is the wealthiest? We did some digging and looked at the estimated net worth of the biggest celebrities to appear in the movie and ranked them. The top earner was worth nearly $100 million!

Scroll through the slideshow to see a ranking of the wealthiest Bridesmaids stars…

Alison Hammond Set to Host 'The Great British Baking Show,' Confirms She Is Single After Engagement Rumors

Alison Hammond announced that she will be the new host of The Great British Baking Show.

The 48-year-old reality star will team up with comedian Noel Fielding in the next series of the popular Channel 4 baking show.

Alison replaces comedian Matt Lucas. Allison first appeared on British TV as a contestant on Big Brother in 2002.

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A 'Great British Bake Off' Cast Member Is Leaving the Show - Reason Revealed!

The Great British Bake Off (or The Great British Baking Show in America) is losing one of its core castmates.

The announcement came on Wednesday (December 6), not long after Season 13 of the popular baking competition reality TV series came to an end.

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Rebel Wilson Defends Her Friend Matt Lucas After His 'Little Britain' Blackface Controversy

Rebel Wilson is defending her friend, Bridesmaids co-star Matt Lucas, after his show Little Britain was pulled from Netflix over the use of blackface.

“I know my mates Matt Lucas‘ show Little Britain [was removed]…I think that’s a bit crazy. They obviously play many different characters on that show…He’s amazing, he’s the kindest, most decent human being ever,” Rebel said about the issue on Studio 10.

“There’s a lot of discussion right now about what’s off limits in comedy…where should comedians not go?,” Rebel was asked.

“It’s really hard…because at the moment we’re in a time of hyper social justice because there’s so many important things happening in the world, obviously right now racial equality is such an important issue. But for the past few years, especially with the #MeToo movement, there’s been a lot of social justice going on, which has made it difficult for comedians to flirt with that line. The thing is, throughout history, from way back with the court jesters in the monarchy, a comedian’s job is to flirt with the line of what’s acceptable,” she responded.

About if past controversial material should be erased, or viewed as a learning experience, Rebel added, “I’m not a fan of just erasing things. I think with history, you should learn from it. If you erase it, it’s a bit like denying it ever happened. That doesn’t seem like a good plan!”

Amid the Coronavirus lockdowns, Rebel actually revealed her fitness goals and goal weight.

'Missing Link' Debuts Official Trailer - Watch Now!

Missing Link just debuted a new trailer, which you can watch right here!

The upcoming movie, which features the voices of Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Zach Galifianakis, Timothy Olyphant, David Walliams, Emma Thompson, Matt Lucas, Ching Valdes-Aran, Stephen Fry and Amrita Acharia hits theaters on April 12, 2019.

Here’s a plot summary: Mr. Link is 8 feet tall, 630 lbs, and covered in fur, but don’t let his appearance fool you…he is funny, sweet, and adorably literal, making him the world’s most lovable legend at the heart of Missing Link.

Tired of living a solitary life in the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Link recruits fearless explorer Sir Lionel Frost to guide him on a journey to find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La. Along with adventurer Adelina Fortnight, our fearless trio of explorers encounter more than their fair share of peril as they travel to the far reaches of the world to help their new friend. Through it all, the three learn that sometimes you can find a family in the places you least expect.

Watch the trailer below!

Emma Thompson Supports Patti LuPone at 'Company' Opening Night!

Emma Thompson is all smiles as she makes her way inside the opening night of Company held at the Gielgud Theatre on Wednesday (October 17) in London, England.

The 59-year-old actress was joined at the event by Anne-Marie Duff, Graham Norton and Matt Lucas, who all stepped out to show their support.

Stars of the production Patti LuPone, Rosalie Craig and Marianne Elliott celebrated the press night performance of Company at an after party at The Prince of Wales Theatre.

The new gender-bending version of Stephen Sondheim’s marital musical comedy, Company, is set to play at the Gielgud Theatre into 2019.

Company West End opening night | Patti Lupone, Rosalie Craig and more
emma thompson supports patti lupone at company opening night 01
emma thompson supports patti lupone at company opening night 02
emma thompson supports patti lupone at company opening night 03
emma thompson supports patti lupone at company opening night 04
emma thompson supports patti lupone at company opening night 05

Nicole Kidman & Elle Fanning Are Punk Aliens in 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' Trailer - Watch Now!

Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning transform into punk rock-loving extraterrestrials in the new trailer for How to Talk to Girls at Parties!

The 50-year-old Big Little Lies star and the 19-year-old The Beguiled actress appear in the trailer released on Tuesday (April 3).

Directed by John Cameron Mitchell and based on a short story by Neil Gaiman, the musical rom-com also stars Alex Sharp, Ruth Wilson, and Matt Lucas.

Here’s the synopsis: “Enn (Alex) is a shy suburban London teenager in 1977, sneaking out with his best friends to after-hours punk parties. One night they stumble upon a bizarre gathering of sexy teenagers who seem like they are from another planet. In fact, they are from another planet, visiting Earth to complete a mysterious rite of passage.”

“That doesn’t stop Enn from falling madly in love with Zan (Elle), a beautiful and rebellious alien teenage who, despite her allegiance to her strange colony, is fascinated by Enn. Together they embark on a delirious adventure through the kinetic punk rock world of 1970s London, inadvertently setting off a series of events that will lead to the ultimate showdown of punks vs. aliens, and test the limits of how far each of them will go for true love.”

How to Talk to Girls at Parties is set to hit theaters on May 18.

Watch the trailer and check out the official poster below!

How To Talk To Girls At Parties | Official Trailer HD | A24
nicole kidman and elle fanning are punk aliens in how to talk to girls at parties trailer 01