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Kim Kardashian Helps Get Ashton Kutcher Marathon Ready in Peloton's New Class Series

Ashton Kutcher is steaming up with Kim Kardashian in the latest episode of Peloton‘s Our Future Selves series.

In the special class series, Ashton is documenting his training journey featuring some of Peloton’s inspirational instructors, as they coach him for the big race. It will also feature a few familiar celeb faces – like Kim!

In a teaser for the upcoming episode, Peloton’s Head Instructor Robin Arzón and Kim will help get Ashton marathon ready.

While training for the marathon, all three will discuss their personal “WHY?”’ and share what motivates them to move.

“Not only is Kim accomplishing an extraordinary amount but, of all the people I know in the entertainment industry that go out and get things done, Kim always shows up,” Ashton said. She sets an example for all of us to achieve great things even if they may not be in our domain, all to benefit other people.”

Check out the teaser below!

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ashton kutcher kim kardashian peloton series 02

Christopher Meloni Strips Down Entirely for National Nude Day-Themed Peloton Ad!

Christopher Meloni is getting fit in the buff.

The 61-year-old Law & Order star makes an appearance in a new video with Peloton in honor of National Nude Day – and he is definitely honoring the holiday.

Check out the video…

Second TV Show Features Character Having Heart Attack After Using Peloton Bike, Brand Responds

A second TV show has now used a Peloton bike as the reason for a character’s cardiac event.

SPOILER ALERT AHEAD for those who watch Billions.

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Taylor Swift Partners with Peloton for Nine New Classes with 'Red (Taylor's Version)' Music

Taylor Swift is the final music star of the year to be featured in Peloton‘s artist series!

The 32-year-old singer’s music is featured in nine new classes that were uploaded to the fitness app on Christmas Day.

Peloton wrote on Instagram, “Some guessed it. Even more hoped for it. Taylor Swift‘s music. Now on Peloton. Experience class after class, song after song of Red (Taylor’s Version) in one of the most anticipated Artist Series we’ve ever made. All of the heartbreak. All of the hope. All of the classes, Red (Taylor’s Version).”

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Chris Noth & Jess King Appear in New Peloton Ad After 'And Just Like That': 'He's Alive'

Chris Noth is very much alive.

The 67-year-old And Just Like That actor, who plays Big in the Sex & The City revival, appeared in a new Peloton ad, co-starring instructor Jess King, who appears as an instructor in the show’s first episode as Allegra.

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Peloton Releases Statement in Response to That Shocking 'And Just Like That' Moment

A rep for Peloton is speaking out in response to the shocking moment that happened in the And Just Like That series premiere.

A beloved character was killed off in the first episode of the Sex and the City sequel series and the death involved a Peloton bike.

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'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Question Why Tyra Banks Can't Say 'Peloton' While Talking About Cody Rigsby

Fans who are watching Dancing With the Stars‘ season premiere are wondering why host Tyra Banks is avoiding the word “Peloton” while talking about contestant Cody Rigsby.

For those who don’t know, Cody is one of the most-loved instructors on the Peloton fitness app and his classes regularly are taken by hundreds of thousands of people each week.

Cody has over 900,000 followers on his Instagram account and he has a loyal following of fans who will definitely be voting for him this season.

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