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All The Stars Who Have Played Princess Diana in Movies & TV Shows Over the Years

The Crown is back!

Part one of season six of the award-winning series premiered on Netflix on Nov. 16.

In the new season, viewers see the final weeks of Princess Diana‘s life before her tragic death at age 36 in a car crash on August 31, 1997.

As viewers watch Elizabeth Debicki portray the late Princess of Wales, has compiled a list of all the actresses that have played Princess Diana over the years.

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How Tall is Elizabeth Debicki? 'The Crown' Actress Talks Height of Princess Diana & Reacts to Criticism

Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana in seasons five and six of The Crown and much has been said about her height in comparison to the real-life figure’s height.

The 33-year-old actress stands taller than her co-star Dominic West, who plays Prince Charles, which has been noticed throughout the media for some time.

Now, Elizabeth is commenting on her height.

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'The Crown' Producers Reveal How They Approached Princess Diana's Death

The producers of The Crown just revealed how they approached filming Princess Diana‘s death.

Diana tragically died in 1997 after sustaining injuries from a car crash in Paris. The final season of the Netflix show was filmed in late 2022, and there was understandably a lot of anxiety around shooting that sensitive part.

While speaking at an Edinburgh TV Festival session, the Netflix show’s producers assured viewers that they handled the tragedy with care.

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Prince Harry's Testimony: Biggest Bombshells Including Why Chelsy Davy Relationship Failed, Rumors James Hewitt Is His Real Dad & More

We’ve gathered up all the biggest bombshells from Prince Harry‘s appearance in court today.

If you don’t know, Prince Harry is suing publisher Mirror Group Newspapers for alleged unlawful collection of private information by way of phone-hacking, deception and use of private investigators, among others. Articles involved in the case were written between 1995 and 2011. In addition to giving testimony nearly all day, a 55-page long witness statement written by the Prince was also revealed.

He mentioned numerous celebrities by name, revealed why Chelsy Davy ended their years-long relationship, mentioned rumors Major James Hewitt is his real father, and so much more.

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Did Kate Middleton Wear a Tiara to King Charles' Coronation? Princess of Wales' Accessories Broke Tradition in a Big Way But Featured Tributes to Queen Elizabeth & Princess Diana

Princess Catherine‘s (aka Kate Middleton) accessories broke tradition in a big way at King Charles‘ coronation on Saturday (May 6).

The Princess of Wales attended the big day with her husband Prince William and their children Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte in tow.

Per usual, she was stylishly dressed and accessorized. Perhaps even less surprising is that fact that the jewels she wore were touching tributes to loved ones and fellow members of the royal family.

Going into the coronation, the big question was if Princess Catherine would wear a tiara (as is custom). We even looked at what were likely to be her three top choices for headpieces and how much they were worth.

Spoiler alert: She skipped a tiara but wore something else in her hair! We rounded up details about some of her most important accessories.

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Kate Middleton Shares Rare Comments About Princess Diana, Reveals Their Connection

Princess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) is sharing some rare comments about her late mother-in-law Princess Diana.

On Thursday (April 27), the 41-year-old Princess of Wales stepped out for a royal visit in Wales where she met with royal watchers.

During her outing, Kate revealed her special connection to Princess Diana.

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Prince Harry's UK Trial Witness Statement Mentions Meghan Markle, His Ex Chelsy Davy, & Puts Royal Family on Blast

Prince Harry has prepared a witness statement in the lawsuit he and several others have brought against Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL), the publisher of various publications including the UK’s Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

In the witness statement, he mentioned his mother, the late Princess Diana, his wife Meghan Markle, his ex girlfriend Chelsy Davy, and slammed his family.

Associated Newspapers are being accused of listening to private voicemails, listening in on live phone calls, finding private information like medical records, hiring private investigators, and more.

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