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Colleen Ballinger Returns to YouTube & Addresses Accusations of Inappropriate Behavior With Fans & Racist Content

Colleen Ballinger is returning to YouTube months after she was accused of racist and inappropriate behavior.

The 36-year-old content creator, best known for her alter ego Miranda Sings, was accused of maintaining exploitative relationships and grooming her young fans in June. At the time, she responded by uploading a 10-minute song about the allegations.

A report followed that accused her of being racist on the set of her Netflix show Haters Back Off. A video from a prior performance also resurfaced, prompting questions about if she was wearing blackface.

Amid the backlash, Colleen‘s tour dates were cancelled. However, she didn’t issue another public response. That changed on Saturday (November 18), when she returned to YouTube with a new vlog and an extended introduction.

In it, she opened up about everything from the song she posted to what she has been up to in between videos. Colleen also addressed her past errors and plans for the future.

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Rosanna Pansino Calls Out MrBeast For Lying & Editing Her Placement In a Creator Games Video

Rosanna Pansino is calling out MrBeast in a new interview and on social media!

The YouTube and Food Network star competed in his “Creator Games” three times, and the third one, she experienced something that she was not fond of.

Rosanna shared a lengthy new note on Twitter/X about how he lied and edited the video to where she was eliminated way sooner than she actually was.

“I have been allowing others to treat me poorly in private for many years and I’m fed up,” she captioned her post. “I am going to start standing up for myself and finding my voice.”

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Jeffree Star Returns to YouTube With First Video After Quitting Platform to Debut Gothic Beach Collection

Jeffree Star is making a YouTube comeback!

It’s been 10 months since the 37-year-old beauty guru announced that they were moving on from the social media platform where they built their makeup empire to pursue other creative avenues.

However, he made a return this week for an exciting reason – to film a full reveal video for Jeffree Star Cosmetics‘ new Gothic Beach collection. The video, released on Sunday (September 24), was a true return to form that had fans looking forward to the forthcoming launch.

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YouTube Suspends Russell Brand From Monetizing His Channel Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Russell Brand is being demonetized by YouTube.

The company confirmed Tuesday (September 19) that the 48-year-old comedian will no longer make money from his channel, after several women made allegations of rape, emotional abuse and sexual assault.

His account, which has 6.6 million subscribers, has been suspended from monetization “following serious allegations against the creator.”

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Top 10 Most-Watched Music Videos on YouTube of All Time (No. 1 Has Over 8 Billion Views!)

Singers and musicians have raked in a lot of views on YouTube over the years!

After doing some research, we found the 10 most viewed music videos on YouTube of all time, and the number one video has accumulated over eight billion views since it was released in 2017.

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Family Vlogger Ruby Franke Arrested Under Suspicion of Aggravated Child Abuse

Ruby Franke has been arrested.

Insider writes that the family vlogger has been arrested under suspicion of two counts of aggravated child abuse.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, she is “in custody” after being arrested at 9:33 p.m. in Ivins, Utah. Her business partner Jodie Hildebrandt was also arrested at the same time.

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James Charles Matches JoJo Siwa in Rainbow Makeup at Painted Launch Party

James Charles celebrated the release of his Painted makeup line with a launch party in Los Angeles!

The 24-year-old YouTuber and beauty guru unveiled the first products from his line on Monday (August 7) and got together with some famous friends later that day to properly mark the occasion.

He looked chic in a gray bodysuit, which let his rainbow-bright makeup really shine. He pulled off the graphic glam using some of his Create Paints, which come in 10 colors and dry down from a cream to matte formula.

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