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Reese Witherspoon is an Avon Woman

Reese Witherspoon is an Avon Woman

Reese Witherspoon has been named the first-ever Avon Global Ambassador at a press conference held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Wednesday.

In this newly-established role, Reese, 31, will serve as the Honorary Chairman of the Avon Foundation, focusing on breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency relief initiatives, and she will be the spokeswoman for Avon’s beauty brands.

Reese, who was dressed in a cream Nina Ricci cotton pencil skirt and snakeskin Manolo Blahniks, will serve in this capacity per her multi-year multi-million-dollar agreement.

The Legally Blonde actress said, “Avon is more than an iconic world class beauty leader. It is a company that is known the world over as a crusader for women’s causes. [I'm] proud to be joining the great philanthropic work [that Avon has established]. I feel a great responsibility in my own life to give back to society. [Avon] has been able to effect real change in the communities in which it does business, and by how committed the company is to providing economic and personal fulfillment to women all over the world.”

Reese was seen driving around scruffy boy toy Jake Gyllenhaal just yesterday.

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Jen Lowery/, Matt Sayles/AP
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  • jolie-pitt fan

    Reese looks nice an good for her.

  • Anon

    WTF! Why do you say she’s a racist??? I think not.

  • Dirty Cougar

    Reese looks FABULOUS! She’s adorable.

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMG! She’s got fabulous legs! Didn’t realize that! You go Reese!

  • HEY!!!!!!

    Way to go Reese!!!!

  • dill

    A very well paid job. In the penultimate photo if you block off the top of her face she looks scarey from the nose down to the odd chin.

  • [~Famous~]

    Lol @ Her Face.

  • Opal

    Congratulations to Reese and my very best wishes to her!

  • Dirty Cougar

    All people have unique features. She’s still cute as a button! I’ll take her legs! GODDAMN almost as sweet as Sienna’s legs!

  • Jade

    Reese is a beautiful person.She will be great at this new job.Good for her. Love her.

  • nika

    Nice, good work reese. Best wishes to ya.
    I canĀ“t even think at the possibility that jake is effin her =X.

  • delilah

    what a sell-out! reese backing a company that uses synthetics in its products…..which are believed to cause cancer!

  • Sarah

    Aww, she looks cute but those shoes look a bit big for her. LOL.

  • Nadia

    she’s so pretty

  • yomama


  • passing by

    Avon raises millions and millions of dollars for breast cancer and other causes. It has also been a way for stay at home mothers to make a living while raising children, or working women to have a 2nd job to pay for their kids college.

    Not every company can do everything right, but there are millions of women who will tell you selling avon changed their life on some level.
    A highschool drop out with little kids can get a job selling avon and it has changed their lives.

    just saying…
    I have been to many many wall street events with my job and I can tell you first hand avon is really supportive of women and their causes.

  • Anonymous

    Run, Jake, run. You can do so much better than fugly Reese.

  • Whatever

    Grow up, Jared. Jake is not Reese’s “boy toy”. He is a very talented actor and damn sexy.

  • Sarah

    I agree 17, so many people calling her sell-out. Someone like Kate Winslet, who is doing L’Oreal…the brand has been branded as racists and she still will not bail out because Winslet is a sell-out!

  • Anon

    That outfit looks expensive…but matronly. It’s not compatible with Reese’s newer, hotter image. And you can look glammed up and hot and still look business like. I’d call it her Good Housekeeping Magazine luncheon Outfit. LMAO!!!!! Bet she doesn’t dress like that when Jakey’s around…Of course, when Jakey’s around, what to wear shouldn’t even be an issue.

  • Lexy

    Avon? Seriously. She is not the spokesperson for their products is she? No one in their right mind would believe she would put that cheap ass shit on her face.

  • Nathan

    Seriously, these anti-female slurs are ridiculous! Bigoted fucks.

    Anyway, I am glad that Reese is joining with Avon to help women. I believe Salma Hayek also worked with either Avon or some other organization to help women fleeing batterers.

  • dill

    ‘will serve in this capacity per her multi-year multi-million-dollar agreement.’
    Avon may support causes but the hard work of millions of ordinary folk will be going into Ms Witherspoons pocket while they get paid buttons. I’d be impressed if she donated it to charity instead of lining her own coffers.

  • Lexy

    Good point if she really cared about those causes she would put her salary toward them.

  • Gloria

    Urght… she’s SO UGLY

  • Observer

    Amazing what a good actress she is!

  • emma

    To Sarah, uhh Kate Winslet is not a sell out. The whole Lancome racism situation was blown completely out of proportion. It had nothing to do with Winslet and Clive Owen as spokespersons for L’Oreal’s products. The article just brought them in the situation because they recently became spokespersons. L’Oreal has been using people of colour. Halle Berry appears in their ads, as well as Beyonce. And Lancome’s choice of spokespersons has nothing to do with Kate Winslet.

  • Angelina

    she looks nice and natural…good for her! im glad she’s the ambassador of avon, she does seem like one of those ‘avon woman leader’.

  • laura

    She is only pretty woman. Jake is superior level. He is handsome and totally hot.

  • jake

    She is beautiful.

  • brianna

    I WANT TO THROW UP!!! A married woman with 2 small children who is out screwing around with someone younger than her who does not have the same background and experiences as her is becoming a spokes person for AVON??? She has stated time and again about “making a difference in the world” and this is how you do it??? Boy what a superior role model for all woman on this earth!!! Get a grip Reece (I mean LAURA JEAN) you are done. And your outfit is uglier than sin girl.

    Look how ugly her chin is in these pictures. See the same article on perez and get a better look of her ugly face.

  • KrungKrung

    i like Reese but her chin is too pointy when she give a very big smile, her pointy chin over powers her face y’all…


    #17. u’re so right, im a single mom and my job is not enough to take care of myself and my daughter, even though i received child support is not even enought to paid for my daughters monthly day care, so about two weeks ago it started selling avon and is been pretty good to me. GOOD FOR HER SHES BEAUTIFUL AND A REAL ROLE MODEL

  • kaitlyn

    I can bet money on it that she does not wear any Avon products. THey are so beneath her. She is in this for the money only and to blow her head up even more. She should donate all of her money that she makes off of this to charity. She doesn’t need any more money ever again!

  • jessica

    I can think of some many more hollywood women who should have been selected for this role: Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, Natalie Portman. You know why? Because they are all not only sexy but very respected in hollywood and have very bright futures ahead of them. I saw Julia Stiles on the View this morning and she is such a good actress and well liked in hollywood. Both her and Natalie Portman graduated from prestigious colleges with degrees and are doing very well in hollywood without all of the garbage and trash that many others have. I just don’t see where Reece fits in with any of these other wonderful actors.

  • H

    Reese should gain some weight back. Her chin has gotten so much more prominent since she lost weight

  • Kathryn Keats

    Keep moving forward to support women. To understand the complex individual experiences we all share. Reese, accessible, great choice. Speak to the young ones, Reese. Educate them. I can help you.
    Kathryn Keats
    Readers Digest March 2007

  • bigcat31

    I just started selling Avon a month ago & its really GREAT to see Reese as an Avon woman shes my favorite actress!

  • Melissa

    Some of you people are absolutly ridiculous! You are totally missing the point of the role she has taken on. Have you ever been beaten or anything of the sort? This cause is to help us women save our selfs and our children. Grow the *&^% up! Reese’s chin, dress, shoes or the fact of that she doesn’t wear the make-up one of you refers to as “cheap ass crap” or however you put it, Is not even the whole point.
    By the way have you ever looked at an Avon book or bought anything?
    Some of the most prestigious actress’s have used Avon. Pick up a magazine sometime. If woman can’t even back each other up then how can we protect our selves?

  • JG

    Working wordly wench.

  • GRRRRR!!!!

    hello 36# and 32# (JESSICA & BRIANNA)
    You dont have a beefy clue what you’re on about.
    Reese is really clever and really pretty!
    Did you major at English Literature at Stanford University?!
    Did you go to an all girls private school?
    I don’t think so sweetie!!
    Reese is a very clever, pretty and accomplished.
    Just a few questions for you;
    Has Reese ever done a rude photo shoots? erm NOPE.
    Are you completely of your rocker? erm YES.
    Reese has a nice family, a good career and VALUES.
    Do you know what values are sweetie?? :@

    Hello 40#, 34# (MELISSA & YAJAIRA) i completely agree with you both. :D

  • GRRRRR!!!!

    Oh and BRIANNA age has nothing to do with anything :@ If you think it does you need to go get yourself a life. Do you really think that Jake would be with her if he didn’t love her for who she is? A couple of years mean nothing. :@

  • moni

    hola todo muy lindo

  • Stop the madness!

    You guys are crazy! I like Avon. She is not dating jake anymore. And if you knew anything you would know that she has been wearing Avon since her mom let her were makeup, at 14 because, her aunt sold Avon. I read about it in a magazine. She looks fine in that outfit. Would you go to an event like this dressed any lesser. And by the way she can do much better than jake. Stop the hateful comments. I bet everyone of these bad comments are written by men. Why would men be reading this artile anyway?