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'Mi Vida en Sayulita': Taking Latin America By Storm

'Mi Vida en Sayulita': Taking Latin America By Storm

Fashion, hot guys, and beach all year long: Latin America Reality takes off!

The brand new show Mi Vida en Sayulita, centering around a group kids living it up in in a tropical paradise, is quickly taking the Latin America market by storm.

“You don’t need a record label anymore to get your music out there, or a tv network to make a show famous…what’s good is good and everyone wants it” Camila Gangoiti, leading lady on the show, who also is a writer for the Seventeen Magazine column “Mi Vida”.

Also in the cast are Jorman Diaz, Courtney Kitt, Ines Gabriela, Esteban Said, Aranza Carreiro and more!

“They are very positive, and when they want something, they want it ‘now’.” creator Luis Hecht said about the generational demand for interesting television content.

The show is a docu-series, which follows a group of high schoolers in the same circle of friends. The show will be premiering on MTV Tr3s in the Fall! We can’t wait to check it out!

‘Mi Vida en Sayulita’ Trailer

25+ pictures inside of the sexy new show Mi Vida en Sayulita

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    Uh, what’s the point or relevancy of this post exactly?

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  • Steph

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    I cant wait for this show!!
    such beautiful people

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    Gotta love the abs those boys are rocking!

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    This show looks amazing! I can’t get over the bodies and looks

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    I meannnnnnn, there’s hot, and there’s this

  • Cheryl

    I cant WAIT to see all the sexiness!

  • Sailor Moon

    Jared just sometimes post random things. This is pointless.

    PS. Don’t you just love how Latin America always finds the whitest people to uplift and put on TV. Worthless.

  • Courtney

    OBSESSED! cant wait to seee thissss

  • Molly

    OMG OBSESSED! cannot wait to see the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luigi

    Looks hawt! Cant wait!

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    wow I cant WAIT

  • vicki kinkaid

    HOT BOYZ IM IN !!! And the girls are gorge too… so jealous

  • ANA

    wow I’m in love with the boys

  • Lily

    @Sailor Moon: I do not care at all about this post and I will not see this sh*t. My comment is to get you out of the infinite ignorance in which you live. J*rk!, Argentina is part of Latin America, and most if not all, are direct descendants of Europeans (Spanish, Italian, French, German, etc..). That stupidity of you Yankees categorizing into races and colors everyone. And the worst is that you have no idea what you are talking about.

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    shut up lilly. ur just jealous.

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    I want to be in it!!!!!!!

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    awesome!! this show looks good, cant wait to see it

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    oh great another group of stupid kids just like the jersey shore

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    this looks awesome, seriously cannot wait

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    Well, this is Latin America minus Brazil… since we don’t speak spanish.

  • Not A Fan

    @gregory: got that right! Just what the world needs.

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    Ummm… Scary how some of the people posting here are already “obsessed” about a bunch of good looking teens… :S

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    @Pretty Ka: Is people involved with this show (probably they paid for this post), pretending to be people who reviewer disinterestedly.

  • ANA

    cant wait to seee thissss
    THANKS GOD !!!!!

  • jenny

    @Lily: I agree with everything you just said except Sayulita it’s not in Argentina it’s Mexico, or maybe you were just using it as an example? anyway I thought I should let you know

  • Lily

    @jenny: Yes, Jenny, I used Argentina as an example since it is the closest to my personal experience but I forgot to clarify. Thank you.

  • Jenny

    It just looks like Laguna Beach just Latin American version. ehh

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  • Amber

    I prefer Spanish accent (from Spain), but it’s ok.

  • someone

    the video you posted isnt actually the trailer that one is the pilot trailer from a year ago and a lil different cast…

  • Alejandra Naya

    looveeeee itt!!!!! aranza & andrea are thee best!!!! :)

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    im waiting for it.!!! im soooo excited!

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    omg so cool, those girls are smoking hot, this isn’t like jersey shore people, this is so much different! Im so watching this!

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    @Jenny: My exactly thoughts…

  • Rebecca

    Mexican version of Laguna beach & The hills….LOVE IT!

  • Vanessa

    Will definitely watch..reminds me of laguna beach which i admit i loved

  • Ali

    This show is completely terrible and far way worse tv show scripted then from Laguna Beach. Seriously when they talk.. they keep saying guey too many times in every sentence, it is really annoying .Seem like they have very poor vocab and way superficial people in this show. At list the characters in Laguna Beach have more personality than this terrible shallow people.

  • saro

    More bs fakeality tv with more fake-ass people.