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Andrew Shue & Marilee Fiebig Spotted Together for First Time After Relationship Revealed

Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig have been spotted together for the first time since their relationship was revealed to the world.

For those who don’t know, Andrew and Marilee are the ex-spouses of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, who are currently dating after a major scandal that rocked the Good Morning America world.

On the same day that Amy and T.J. launched their new podcast and opened up about their relationship for the first time, it was revealed that Andrew and Marilee have been dating for the past six months.

Now, there are photos of them together.

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Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes' Exes Are Reportedly Dating After Scandal Rocked Their Families

Here’s a big twist to the Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes story that you probably didn’t expect… their exes are now a couple, according to a new report.

Amy split from husband Andrew Shue last year while T.J. split from his wife Marilee Fiebig last year.

In a new podcast, Amy and T.J. deny that they cheated on their former spouses and say their romance was revealed to the world after they had already ended their marriages.

So, what led to Andrew and Marilee connecting?

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TJ Holmes & Marilee Fiebig Agree to Divorce Settlement Following Amy Robach Relationship Revelations

TJ Holmes and Marilee Fiebig are coming to terms.

Ten months after the 46-year-old news anchor filed to divorce his 45-year-old attorney wife of 12 years, the Los Angeles Times reported that they reached a settlement.

Additional details have since emerged.

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Marilee Fiebig Speaks Out About Ex TJ Holmes' 'Lack of Discretion' & 'Respect' Amid His Amy Robach Relationship

Lawyer Marilee Fiebig is speaking out – via her attorney – about the end of her marriage to Good Morning America‘s TJ Holmes after he began a relationship with his GMA co-host Amy Robach.

If you missed it, back in November, it was discovered that Amy and TJ had been carrying on a secret relationship while both married to other people.

Since news of Amy and T.J.‘s relationship broke, their lives, as well as the lives of their respective spouses – Marilee and Andrew Shue, have been thrust into the spotlight and so much speculation has ensued.

Now, Marilee is speaking out through her lawyer, Stephanie Lehman.

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'GMA3' Host T.J. Holmes Files for Divorce From Wife Marilee Fiebig Amid Amy Robach Affair

T.J. Holmes has officially ended his marriage.

Following news of his relationship with Good Morning America 3 co-anchor Amy Robach, T.J., 45, filed for divorce from his wife Marilee Fiebig after 12 years of marriage.

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GMA's Amy Robach & TJ Holmes Taken Off Air Amid Relationship Attention, Statement Sent to ABC News Staffers Revealed

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have officially been taken off of Good Morning America‘s third hour as co-hosts after a very tumultuous week of gossip and rumors. This move appears to be temporary, but it’s unclear how long it could last.

If you don’t know, last week, a bombshell report revealed that the co-anchors – who are legally married to other people – are reportedly in a romantic relationship. At the time, photo and video evidence was published. TJ married Marilee Fiebig in 2010 and Amy has been married to actor Andrew Shue since 2010 as well.

In addition, at the time, it was unclear if they were cheating on their spouses or if both Amy and TJ were separated from their partners at the time of the photo evidence.

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Amy Robach & TJ Holmes: Sources Reveal When Their Relationship Might Have Started, If There Was Cheating Involved, & More

The Internet cannot stop talking about what is going on with Good Morning America co-anchors TJ Holmes and Amy Robach.

If you didn’t see, this week, it was revealed that the pair – who are both still legally married to other people – might be involved in a relationship. There were photos of them holding hands and spending time together outside of work.

Now, several sources are speaking out about the nature of their relationship, how long they may have been reportedly dating, what co-workers might have been saying about them at ABC, if they are separated from their spouses, and so much more.

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