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'Deadpool & Wolverine' Trailer Teases Possible 'Doctor Strange' Connection - Watch Now!

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are back as Deadpool & Wolverine in the full length trailer for the new Marvel film.

There’s no official synopsis for the movie just yet, but we get a lot from the trailer.

While Wolverine wants nothing to do with Deadpool to begin, they eventually team up. However, there’s a moment at the end of the trailer that has Marvel fans excited!

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14 Actors Who Passed on Iconic Roles (1 Missed Out on a $250 Million Payday & a Pop Icon Said No to Playing Catwoman!)

Hollywood can become a bit of a guessing game at times.

Actors have to field a list of potential roles and decide which one seems the most promising. In doing so, they might end up missing out on a chance to star in a project that becomes a serious blockbuster.

We previously rounded up 12 actors who nearly passed on what would become their most iconic roles. However, there are even more actors who did say “no thanks” to appearing in solid-gold hits.

For instance, one A-lister opted out of starring in Avatar. In the process, they missed out on a $250 million payday! A pop icon had some regrets about passing on a chance to play Catwoman. One actress was even offered a chance to play Neo, a male role, in The Matrix!

You’ll be surprised to see who was offered a chance to star in movies such as Legally Blonde and Forrest Gump and who passed on roles within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Scroll through the slideshow to see which actors passed on major roles and why…

'Deadpool 3' Trailer Debuts at Super Bowl 2024: Watch Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman's Reunion!

Ryan Gosling‘s Deadpool positions himself as “Marvel Jesus” in the very first glimpse at Deadpool & Wolverine – aka Deadpool 3.

The trailer for the movie, which reintroduces Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine and brings both iconic characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, premiered during the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday night (February 11).

It sets the scene for Deadpool’s introduction to the larger MCU and offers a very brief glimpse at Wolverine in his iconic costume.

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Hugh Jackman & Ryan Reynolds Troll Each Other (Again) After 1 Beats the Other in a Fan Poll

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are playfully dragging each other online again.

The close friends and Deadpool 3 costars put each other on blast on social media on Friday (December 15), and it’s all because of a poll involving their characters Wolverine and Deadpool.

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Hugh Jackman Returns to the Gym to Stay in Superhuman Shape Before 'Deadpool 3' Resumes Filming

Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only Deadpool 3 star hitting the gym again now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over. So is his costar Hugh Jackman, who is looking seriously jacked.

If you missed it, earlier this week Ryan‘s wife Blake Lively shared some “thirst content” of her “fine ass husband” working up a sweat. Hugh, who is reprising the role of Wolverine in the new movie, responded with a fiery video showing off his own superhuman strength!

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'Deadpool 3' Director Addresses Movie's Release Date & Taylor Swift Casting Rumors Amid SAG-AFTRA Strike

Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy is opening up about the upcoming blockbuster.

The Night at the Museum director was working on the movie, which features the return of the iconic character Wolverine, with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman until the SAG-AFTRA strike put the production on pause.

In a new interview, Shawn weighed in on if the movie was still on track for its May 3 release date. He also addressed whispers that Taylor Swift was set to join the cast in an exciting role.

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Ryan Reynolds Shares First Look at Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in 'Deadpool 3' - See the Pic!

Ryan Reynolds is giving fans a first look at Hugh Jackman on the set of Deadpool 3.

On Monday (July 10), the 46-year-old actor took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo of him and Hugh working on the upcoming film together.

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