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Charlize Theron is a UN Messenger of Peace

Charlize Theron is a UN Messenger of Peace

Charlize Theron is designated by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as a United Nations Messenger of Peace at The United Nations on Monday in New York City. (She’s toting around Hogan’s tan messenger bag.)

Theron, 33, will have a special focus on ending violence against women by assisting Ban‘s campaign, “UNite to End Violence against Women.”

Charlize agreed with Ban to pressure Hollywood into making more movies about social issues. “I don’t necessarily want to forget that my job as an actor is to entertain,” Theron said.

“But let me tell you, there’s a tremendous feeling when you can do it with a sense of responsibility, a sense of truth, with a sense of greater truth, which is not necessarily always good to look at or nice to look at,” Charlize said.

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charlize theron united nations messenger of peace 42
charlize theron united nations messenger of peace 43

Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty; Photos: INFdaily, HRC/WENN
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  • samantha

    What a natural class beauty, i love her, she is talented, smart,low key, private and genrous, way to go girl ! congrats charlize for the UN messenger of peace !

  • TASH

    Wow, she looks gorgeous.

  • marie

    She had been fighting so hard for theme and from a long time, thanks charlize for your help, and congratulations!!!!!!

  • Not impressed by JA

    Congrats Charlize ! A beauty with a brain. A great physique with substance !

    Thanks for highlighting and fighting for the plight of women who are beaten, suffered and killed by men, usually of their entourage. Thanks for standing against domestic violence…i know you and your mother have personally lived that tragedy with your late father.

  • annabell

    Congratulations , you are a lady

  • Respect

    I have a lot of respect for this woman , for all what she has gone through, if i’ve lived her horryfing drama i’ll finish easily in a pschiatric hosptal or shoot myself, she handels it vey well, she succed and bringed a real lesson of courage, especially whene we hear some statement of the hollywood actresses who were born in LA and who once want to make a suicide just because there were bored….im wondering what they will have done if they were in the place of this woman living that horor, what a brave woman ,and now she is bringing her help to others who had been through these dramas, she continues her personal fight , helping theme giving theme chances.

  • lakers

    Yay charlize ! more of charlize please jared, some fresh air breathing, some change from the usual attention media h*.

    Congrats !!

  • dope

    love her she’s pretty

  • sofia

    I respect her too, i admire this women for her destiny and courage , but also for her determination to fight this scourge, that she knows,
    She started her fight against women violences whene she was 20 years old and did a good job through the years, i admire as well her amasing work in africa with her African outreach project with all the money she bringed to the poor african families and their child affected by aids, for building clinics in the rural poor areas, and educations, i like the way whene she was fighting she was doing it low key, keep up the good work !

  • lisa

    Now this is a class lady ! some tabloids attention whores (hilton and co…)should take some notes , she is so naturally beautiful and so elegant .

    Congratulations for being named UN Ambassador of peace !

  • daniella

    Wow what a beautiful women ! inside and outside , if i will have a baby girl i will name her Charlize for sure .

  • sodarking

    OMG, she is so pretty.

  • tj & i

    Stunningly beautiful ! one of the most beautiful actresses i’ve ever seen.

    Congrats charlize !

  • kimberly

    Beauty, brain and class .

  • elle

    I love her , she is talented she came at the place where she is now by her own hard work and not for f*cking a famous actors.

  • other pics
  • other pics

    Other pics , a picture with Charlize receiving the proclamation naming her as a United Nations Messenger of Peace from U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Asha Rose Migiro at U.N. headquarters :–

  • other pics
  • other pics
  • i know that what charlize joined for is for a good cause but it looks like almost every celebrity would want to join UN just to have philantrophist added to their resume.

  • Luiz Rampelotto
  • michael

    Charlize looks so lovely. Congrats on her new job!

    Charlize Theron and Princess Madeleine of Sweden are my favourites!



  • jade

    Kimberly said is best:

    Beauty, Brains, and Class

    and the first comment was also right on point, she is a private, talented women who is not fishing for attention.

    See how attractive that is?

  • Luiz Rampelotto

    I was there at the UN yesterday covering the event .
    And I was surprise …
    This lady may actually DO something to HELP.
    She is not like some of the air heads I C in there.

  • to #20

    #20 Charlize had been working on it since whene she was 20 years old,she started before being the huge actress that she is now, this fight is her personal fight, she was not screaming for it or making a media circus about it, that subject was personal to her she knows this subject well, and for your record she had been “designated” by UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon by the UN designated her , recognising her good work.

  • to #20

    Oh and #20 as for other celebrities in general, i perfer and i love seeing actors/actresses engaged, bringing money, helping, bringing a contributions for some change, it’s a wonderful thing,rather than a selfish celebrities who are just good to flash their vaginas and asses , getting drunk on parties, rehabs …as a parisites good for nothing.

  • dianel

    Congratulions Charlize keep up the good work

  • nat

    Luiz Rampelotto you’re so lucky ! thanks for sharing, the pictures are awesome !

  • she’s been activist for years

    You have to respect Charlize Theron because you can tell she’s in it for the real reasons. This girl has been through hell in her life watching her father killed by her mother in self defense, growing up in south africa, so she’s been an activist since the very beginning! I’m telling you in 1996 when she wasn’t even well known she worked for South Africa charities and starred in this powerful anti-rape PSA there. The violence in South Africa is really close to her heart.

    And what’s more she’s done so much charity work over in Africa, building health clinics over there but she doesn’t flaunt it for the press as much as Angelina who takes her own camera men over there with her. She is a class act and a brilliant actress (if you’ve seen Monster and North Country).

    And she’s such a natural beauty. Look at her gorgeous face in these pics. It’s not even that made up. Compare it to plastic, wax looking Nicole Kidman in the other post who lies to the world saying she’s completely natural.

    Charlize is beautiful, talented, intelligent and has been through more hell than these skanky trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears yet handles herself with so much class and dignity.

  • charlize fan

    Thanks jared for the pics you rock ! thanks to Luiz Rampelotto and to other pics for this lovely pictures as well.I love her she is fantastic !

    I wish there will be a lot of celebrities and actresses like Charlize, Nicole, Angelina, Ashley Judd….rather than parisite Hilton and other polluted sh!tness.


    Some of you catty b-tches need to give it a rest, you’re only making Theron look bad. I’m sure she’d be ashamed.

    I doubt Charlize Theron, and countless others in Hollywood who have obviously been so inspired by stalwart UNHCR Ambassador Angelina Jolie – most of whom cite HER as an example of a person they would like to emulate (Time’s Most Influential 3 Years Running), would appreciate you trashing her, even as you state your support for Theron’s new endeavors. That’s tacky, and that’s low class.

    There are enough horrors in the world that everyone in Hollywood can contribute and bring attention to without reducing this to a competition among women. How shameful.

    I guarantee you, Angelina isn’t thinking about anyone else when she gives of her time, energy, money and puts herself in harms way in war torn dangerous parts of the world. Angelina’s been awarded the UN Global Humanitarian Award for her years of relentless hard work, and for not only bringing awareness to humans suffering in the worst possible circumstances (Darfur genocide, etc.), but her many concrete accomplishments in the field establishing solutions, increasing funds, and not only improving life for people – but directly SAVING lives.

    The proof is in the pudding – from the millenium project with Dr Jeffrey Sachs, to her schools for refugees, to her malaria and AIDS clinics in SE Asia and Africa.

    When Charlize, or Nicole Kidman or George Clooney collect one of these, and put in the time and do the legwork, then you can come back and preen – but make sure you try to manage it without denigrating others.

    If not, you just come off as b-tches.

    Also, the very act of being an Ambassador or a ‘Messenger,’ is to BRING AWARENESS – so all you envious catty female fans of Charlize do her no favors, squawking about her being ‘low key,’ with her charity work, ‘under the radar,’ or ‘quiet,’ because IF TRUE, that actually just means she’s been ineffective, simply because most people didn’t know she was doing it.

    The whole point of charity, philanthropy and being an ambassador or a messenger, is to AFFECT CHANGE, and bring awareness – Hello???

    You can’t do that, by occasionally, and very rarely, piping up and staying low-key. Though I realize that may not be her choice, it could be she’s just not as popular as an Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Nicole Kidman.

    Here’s hoping that Charlize follows the excellent examples she’s had YEARS to witness from other UN appointees and designees: Nicole Kidman (UN Ambassador – Violence Against Women ALSO), Natalie Portman (Finance), George Clooney (Darfur), Drew Barrymore (World Food Programme), Ashley Judd (Combatting Worldwide Sexual Trafficking) and yes – the most prominent and inspiring of all Angelina Jolie (UNHCR Ambassador) — a woman, the people named and many others worldwide, consider to be the number 1 role model in this area – as her dedication and her accomplishments have been established, scanning back over the last decade….

    ….so congrats Charlize…better late than never.

  • Dancer

    I too would much rather admire and support Jolie, Kidman, Clooney, Pitt, and Theron who work to make a difference in the world–than the empty headed, club hopping actors and actresses and celebutards out there today.
    This is a big world with much trouble in it. There is no need to bash other actors for also trying to contribute. Yes Charlize overcame some really horrendous obstacles in her childhood, but her involvement no way denigrates the involvement of other actors in helping causes.
    She will be a great messenger of peace, just like Kidman is working for abused woman, Jolie with the refugees, Pitt with NOLA, Clooney with Dafur. All of these actors are giving their time and themselves to make the world a better place.
    Shame on those of you who feel the need to put down the efforts of others because they didn’t suffer enough in their childhood according to you, because you don’t like them.
    It is hard to respect your opinion since you aren’t out helping any of them at the level of involvement they all have. What are you doing to make the world a better place? How many hours a week do you contribute? I put in about ten hours a week in my community, not enough, but I work full-time and have a part-time job and have a family. How about you?

  • L

    she is so pretty even without makeup

  • ….

    Wow to the famous obsessed jolie fanatic aka cliniqua calm down sweetie or go chill a pill , First there is no one who is trashing your GOD only one person who said that charlize is not calling for a lot of cameras around her everytime whene she is working, but your excessive hatred , jealousy and agressivity is just making you looking like the lonnie fanatic that you are and you are certainly giving a bad name to your GOD angie refelcting a bad image and im the one who is sure that your idole must be ahsamed of your excessive agressive catty bitchness .

    Second for your record your God angelina didn’t creat the charity you delusional fanatic,you’re talking as if she is the only humain bein gin this planet who created which not supring coming from some of her fantics actually…for your record charlize had been working on it since her young age my dear that nothing “new” like you mentioned she is probably not screaming for it like some ….she deosn’t need to tell the world constantly ” hey im helping im giving money and im saving the world” she had been working hard on it , and her good work had been paid for it,by her nomination for UN messenger of peace that just shows that most ppl and ” the most high important political ppl knows about it” and recongnized it ,just because a fanatic jolie as you who centred her life and who is living her pathetic life through ( a stranger) jolie and live only for her, just because your world is only centreted around your GOD jolie,doesn’t mean that all ppl are like you, and didn’t know about char’s amasing work,and she presented a documentary in Oprah centerted on the poor affected familes in the poor ares and explaining it and we all saw it we all know her amasing work that’s why it’s had been paid ,

    And third charlize’s is her own insipration , her own life is an insipration ,cuz she on the other hand knows the real value of the life, she is not born in beverly hills …and her personal fighiting started whene she was 20 years old im wondering what your GOD was doing at that age… she came from a hell and she bringed a real message of courage an example to follow for some of the psychotic in hollywood who wanted to kill themseleves just because they were bored….if you wanna talk about a model charlize is the pure model of courage a real survivor im wondering what some of these suicidal rich ppl would have done if they had been in charlize’s place , being a kid and seeing their father getting shoot face to their eyes,….a nightmare that she handels it very well she has chosen to love the life, and now she is offering her experience helping others who had been through similar nightmare ,that is a real example of dignity and courage, down to earth and humble .

  • amgfab_r

    Yes you rock girl ! your old fighting still continue , you deserve it, i wish you all the best , thank you charlize !

    There is only 10 Messengers of Peace , the other 9 are : actors George Clooney and Michael Douglas, musicians Daniel Barenboim, Midori Goto and Yo-Yo Ma, authors Paulo Coelho and Elie Wiesel, equestrian Princess Haya Bint al-Hussein and naturalist Jane Goodall.

    Congrats !

  • alice

    Charlize je t’adoooooooooooooooooooore t’es la plus belle actrice et la plus talentuese au monde , toutes mes fĂ©licitations pour ta nomination a l’onu !! je suis très contente pour toi !

    I’ll try in english [sorry for my english) Charlize Theron is one of the most famous and respected actress around the world,for her talent, for her privacy,for her nice causes, we just love her here in france ! btw i can’t wait for her new dior j’adore fragrance!!! she is not a “tabloid queen” that is the difference , these new -so called-popular tabloid people are not respected here they are laughble , due to their lack of privacy,to their low acts, actors such as Charlize, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks..these are a real actors.

  • she’s been activist for years

    Clinqua you’ve got it wrong, we have been praising Charlize for doing charity work for years before landing this honor. She just signed on as an ambassodor which means ofcourse she will make more public appearances for the UN to bring awareness. But we are just saying for those who think she is just doing this for PR, she did charity before without making it extremely public. She set up lots of health cliinics in south africa. You don’t need camera crews to do that. That’s how you’re helping by giving back.

    When we see Angelina over in countries, she may mean well but at the end of the day it’s bringing more attention to herself than the cause, because it ends up just being a photo op for US Weekly. The average person doesn’t look at that photo of her and says “Oh now I know exactly what to do!..” they don’t because Angelina doesn’t make clear what we can do to help, it’s just a photo of what she’s doing.

    It brings more credibility when it’s not a tabloid thing and it’s a serious issue. We were just making it clear that she’s not just doing this for PR is all. To say she wasn’t doing a good job because she wasn’t in the media with it all the time is also unfair. There are lots of celebs that do just as much charity as Angelina they just don’t like to bring camera crews. Jodie Foster and Russell Crowe have been known to give millions of dollars to charities without making a huge public deal about it.

  • she’s been activist for years

    and dancer what are you talking about? No one is bashing the other UN ambassodor’s because Charlize had a worse childhood then them. That’s not what I said. What I said was it shows her strength and it’s just amazing that you see trainwrecks like LINDSAY LOHAN and BRITNEY SPEARS a total mess with all their problems with fame, yet you have someone like Charlize Theron who has witnessed people getting killed before her own young eyes, and she has managed to pull through all that and carry herself with such class and dignity. I was talking about the tabloid trainwrecks not the other UN ambassodors when discussing her difficult past.

  • jasper

    clinique you really need to shut the hell up because you keep saying how we shouldn’t be putting down other UN activists (which no one was really) yet you keep dropping subtle ways to put Charlize down, you hypocritical idiot. You need to practice what you’re preach because throughout your post you’re basically saying she isn’t doing enough, and trying to put others above her. Sounds like just a jealous Angelina fan to me. Get over yourself and Angelina please. Better late than never? She’s been an activist before she was super famous while Angelina was acting like a gothic heroin skank in the 90s. So you really can’t talk.

  • Helen

    Beautiful and talented woman. Love her :) Right job for her!

  • angel

    you really said it beauty, brains and class she has all tree.

  • angel

    meant to say all three i’m typing fast .

  • angel

    she really looks like an angel.

  • deserved

    congratulations to Charlize. They made a good choice. I admire anyone working to create a better world.

    It’s gets a bit tiresome that whenever Charlize is involved in a movie or project to do with violence the tragedy from her past is mentioned.
    She has spoken up against many forms of discrimination, injustice and cruelty including animal rights, gay rights, sexual discrimination etc and participated in many charities. Her Africa outreach project helps fight AIDS and provides education on AIDs and other facilities. The high incidence of violence and particularly rape in South Africa is a problem she’s worked on for many years. Charlize does not need to experience these problems to feel strongly about them. She seems to have a huge amount of compassion and empathy and always seems to see the ‘soul’ of the person in front of her irrespective of that persons ‘success’ or other attributes that people tend to get measured by. Her mother is the same. When a road had to be constructed through a dam (they had an road construction bussiness) her mother built another dam and moved the fish to the new dam to save the fish. It’s ironic how bitchy some posts here are considering Charlize Theron would probably have to ask what being bitchy feels like.

  • jonas

    I am very happy for Charlize Theron! So lets UNite to End Violence against Women!!!