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Bruno Mars Interview -- Exclusive

Bruno Mars Interview -- Exclusive

Bruno Mars is on the fast track to super-stardom thanks to his smooth voice being featured on B.o.B‘s “Nothin’ On You”, Travie McCoy‘s “Billionaire”, and his own hit song “Just The Way You Are“.

The 25-year-old Hawaiian-raised singer has a new album out in stores now called Doo-Wops & Hooligans — and it’s getting rave reviews! had the pleasure of interviewing Bruno last week during a blogger event held at Lucky Strike Bowling in NYC.

Click inside for the full Bruno interview!

Bruno Mars Interview — Exclusive

JJ: Tell us how you got into music.

BM: My father’s a musician and my mother’s a singer. My dad’s originally from Brooklyn and he was a Latin percussionist so I’ve always had instruments around the house. He used to have a show like a 1950s rock and roll show with Little Richard music. They would do doo-wop songs and stuff like that. My uncle would impersonate Elvis, so I used to watch him and one day I said “Coach, put me in.” So basically I was 2-3 years old and he brought me up on stage.

JJ: So young!

BM: Yea, I was a kid — a TYKE!

JJ: Who are your musical inspirations right now?

BM: Everybody, man. I got so much love for classical music and I hear so much incredible music. As a producer, I get that question a lot. I would love to work with Coldplay one day. You know, you have to be a little well-rounded. You should know a bunch of music and have respect for all sorts of genres and styles of music.

JJ: Any other artists featured on your album?

BM: I have Damian Marley (is the youngest son of Bob Marley) on a song called “Liquor Store Blues”. Being from Hawaii, a lot of people don’t know that reggae is huge out there and I used to be in a reggae band when I was in Hawaii. So once I had the song, I made the phone call to Damian. He was on tour, I hadn’t even met him yet. He heard the song and we got him in the studio and he did his thang.

JJ: You grew up in Hawaii but are of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent.

BM: Yeah, my mom’s Filipino and my dad’s Puerto Rican — my dad’s actually a bunch of stuff.

JJ: Growing up, did your mom cook for you? What was your favorite Puerto Rican food, Filipino food?

BM: Chicken Adobo of course. My father’s mom would make this thing called Spanish Rice. It’s yellow rice with olives, peppers and a whole bunch of other stuff.

JJ: Do you cook yourself?

BM: A little bit. I can get down. I can make pop tarts. (laughs) Actually I can. I learned a lot from my mom.

JJ: Who are you listening to now?

BM: I just bought Lil Wayne‘s album last night at the hotel. I got Drake‘s album. I’ve been listening to a lot of Beach Boys recently.

JJ: Have you heard Rihanna‘s “Only Girl In The World“?

BM: Really quickly. I heard a clip just on on iTunes. It knocked me off [my seat] and I was like “what is this?” It sounded like some good old fashioned Rihanna.

JJ: How would you describe the feel of your album?

BM: It’s eclectic. I’m hoping that “Nothin’ On You”, “Billionaire” and “Just The Way You Are” — songs that I produced… I hope that it’s a warning for people. I hope it lets them know that I’m a little unorthodox when it comes to genres and styles. So you’re gonna get an eclectic mix of music but I think there’s something for everyone there.

JJ: From start to finish, how long did the album take? What were the inspirations?

BM: It took a while … it took years and years and years, truthfully. “Talking To The Moon” was the first song that I wrote after we produced a couple of songs for other people. Then one time, I thought I could write a song for myself. So, I got on the piano and I wrote “Talking To The Moon”.
And then we did “Count On Me”, “Somewhere in Brooklyn”, and “The Other Side”. The songs that you hear on the EP. That was what he had before we submitted “Nothing On You” and “Billionaire” to Atlantic Records.

JJ: And now those songs are HUGE!

BM: Yeah — I’ve been workin’ hard man!

JJ: What’s your favorite song from the album?

BM: It varies. Right now, it’s “Grenade”. It’s gonna be my second single. You know, I write a lot of songs about being in love, how beautiful women are but I’ve definitely experienced that other side of love where you’re in a situation where you love a girl so much but you just know for a fact that she doesn’t love you the same. “Grenade” is the extreme way of saying “I’d do anything for you and why can’t I feel you would do the same for me?” So I think people are gonna like it. It’s definitely a different side.

JJ: What’s the concept of the “Grenade” video?

BM: Oh man. Just know that you’re gonna see me suffer…the lyrics in the song.. I want to bring the emotion to life. You’re gonna see Bruno Mars’ pain.

JJ: Have you shot the video yet?

BM: Not yet. As soon as I get back from Saturday Night Live (October 9). Jane Lynch from Glee is hosting.

JJ: Very exciting! Thanks for speaking with me.

BM: Great talking with you!

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  • Tash

    I can’t tolerate any of his singles/collabs. They’re painfully generic and his videos are so corny.

    I heard his upcoming single(or B side?) and an unreleased track on Utube and they’re way better than the cr*p he’s released so far. Why do artists always release the most generic and weakest tracks off their album?

  • Jase, 24

    @Tash: “Nothin’ On You”, “Billionaire” and “Just The Way You Are” are so bad.

    Grenade is decent I guess. And Liquor Store Blues.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]

    …an almost unknown cock-head artist interview.. cool. ahahahahahahaa

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o l]


  • Yolanda

    Hey Jared did you score some CRACK off Bruno LOL!!?!!?!!!

  • brunito

    he is a nice guy, and humble..i hope he goes to rehab and gets clean, he is too talented. be smart Bruno..

  • Joanne

    don’t do drugs Bruno, your better without it.

  • Alison

    he looks creepy as f*ck

  • Lauren

    Jared you should post more of him! He’s so talented!

  • bette

    Tell him stop taking dope!!! He doesn´t need it to be cool and popular being one of the guys. He´s smart enough not to be like them. That´s I am hoping for! Otherwise, he´ll popularity is numbered end up like Peter Doherty or Li´l Wayne in jail.

  • brunooo

    he is so cute……………….awwwwwwwwww

  • lol.

    @bette: Who said he’s taking it for others? You do drugs because YOU want to. BTW my favorite artists have all taken drugs, whether they intended to be found out or not.

  • lAmy

    I can’t stand his music and it doesn’t help that he looks like a turtle

  • Sled

    Bruno Mars looks like a midget alien plus he is a drug addict and a total LOSER!!! Off to jail he goes just when his career started, how dumb can a person be. Plus he is nothing but another imitator no originality at all except to mimic the music of others. So typical of his kind.

  • jimmycarter

    He looks like a monkey because he is PuertoRican that is also why he is a drug addict.

  • nkenk

    @Yolanda: oh you’re funny. how old are you, 12?
    He’s actually really talented if you listen to his own songs and his music is totally different than the songs he’s made with other people.

  • marisa

    love his music, so talented, but lost all of my respect due to his coke addiction. sad.

  • golden shower

    Right after reading this posting, I pondered the same point that I invariably wonder about when scanning new blogs and forums. Just what do I believe about this? Precisely how need to it impact me? This and extra posts in your weblog right here undoubtedly give some stuff to consider. I basically ended up here by way of Yahoo when I was first doing some internet research for some course perform that I have. Generally good times browsing via and I’m hopeful that you’ll maintain on writing new posts. Cheers!

  • me

    ewww bitch just shut up!!! if ur not out there makin goodmusic then u should just shut the hell up!

  • jj22

    @jimmycarter: Go #$% dumbass!

  • Saz

    People obviously can’t grasp the fact that he has various musical influences from his background – it’s in all of his music. Get the album and you’ll understand. He’s got a fabulous voice, he can play a heck load of instruments, he produces, writes songs for himself as well as other people and all of his songs have different meanings to them, let alone different genres. It’s great that this guy is quite versatile. Just because you’re not a fan, it doesn’t mean he’s a crap artist. And he’s gorgeous too.

  • babyg

    GO BRUNO!!!

  • Plums

    Don’t mind those stupid haters Bruno. Keep Shining! ♥

  • Justme

    I agree with Saz. Some people are just so ignorant and rude. You don’t have to like his music, but that doesn’t mean you have to bash him! I don’t like Rihanna’s music, but there are lots of people out there that would argue that she’s just amazing!
    Bruno has a beautiful voice, he’s an amazing writer/producer, and he’s creative…creativity is definitely something that music is lacking today.
    Ignore the negativity Bruno. There’s always going to be people trying to bring you down, no matter how great you are *smh*

  • sophie

    @Sled: wat do u know about originality?? He is as original as ur gonna see for a long time. Jeez. why cant u people see him for wat he is, A GENIUS!!

  • Alice

    hey bruno mars my mom is your biggest fan

  • z.t.c.

    Jared is Asian??!!! I never knew that

  • nicki

    wow u haters r so kool!! not!! y cant u just leave bruno alone? like really! we all make mistakes!
    i love his songs n his voice puts me to sleep :D
    keep writing bruno!!

  • Mary

    @Sled: @jimmycarter: That’s extremely racist. It’s people like you who make Americans look stupid. And plus coke originated from Cuba, dumb****. Bruno Mars is amazing.

  • UGG 5825

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