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Zac Efron: Script Review!

Zac Efron: Script Review!

Zac Efron leaves a business meeting while holding a script on Thursday (June 14) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor is nominated for three Teen Choice Awards this year – “Choice Movie Actor: Romance” for his work in The Lucky One, “Choice Movie Voice” for Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and “Choice Movie Liplock” for The Lucky One (alongside co-star Taylor Schilling).

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The ceremony, which will include performances by No Doubt, Flo Rida, and DJ Pauly D, will air live Sunday, July 22 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!

FYI: Zac is wearing Topman trousers!

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron carrying a script…

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zac efron script 01
zac efron script 02
zac efron script 03
zac efron script 04
zac efron script 05
zac efron script 06
zac efron script 07
zac efron script 08
zac efron script 09
zac efron script 10
zac efron script 11
zac efron script 12
zac efron script 13
zac efron script 14
zac efron script 15
zac efron script 16
zac efron script 17
zac efron script 18
zac efron script 19

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  • lauren

    zac why are you always wearing those pants? or you can just wear no shirt at all?

  • kami

    is the guy in the dark shirt, with dark hair (on zac’s left) mohammad al-turk? kinda looks like him.

  • why?

    will somebody explain to me why a lot of people don’t think he is straight? because every time I open a zac’s post, a lot of people keep commenting on how he isn’t straigt and stuff like that. I mean, I really don’t see what they’re seeing. as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing about him that will make me think he isn’t straight.

  • lauren

    because people think he’s gay because he’s good looking, did musicals and just the way he is? idk, plus people think him and his relationship with vanessa was fake and v was his ”beard”
    which there relationship was real and was not fake, i think people are just angry bitter and just jealous of him because he’s very successful for his age and what he’s accomplished since 17

  • Melanie

    it’s called jealousy.

  • jazzmen

    not to hate, i love zac but he wears those same pants A LOT,
    i for one am okay with celebs repeating outfits but damn, he has been spotted in those same pants atleast 6 times within a month…that just nasty

  • Stelena

    i think he is heterosexual

  • why?

    @lauren: it’s a pity and very sad that people feel the need to attack him because they have reasons to believe he isn’t straight when in reality those reasons have absolutely nothing to do with his sexual orientation. I personally think he is a very beautiful man who is a very good actor and people should thank him for the amazing entertainment that he provides for all of us. isn’t that what it comes down to? amazing entertainment? and besides, things like who he is dating, what he wears, what he eats, and stuff like that are all of his business, not ours. it is simple as that. I just wish people would be more respectful and loving. that is all I want for all of us.

  • the_boyfriend

    he has a massive gay following, that’s why.
    & those pants again, i can’t.

  • lauren

    well its the internet people are stupid and bitter

  • Jenna

    I think he’s gay

  • Amanda

    I love him, but dude seriously needs to change up the pants.

  • KissThis

    He’s a cutie and very sweet, but I just wish there were u-known young actors being offered more roles. We see the same people in everything and while I adore Zac, I’m getting kind of tired in seeing him on tv, and in film after film.

  • Derpina

    Gossips about Zac’s homosexuality circulating since he’s emerged in the media, six years without any evidence, except for “blind gossips” full of details that seems more like gay fantasy than actual facts

  • My 2 Cents

    I love that Zac is lining up work. I agree with most of you that jealousy is the main culprit for calling Zac names. The man was in a relationship for five years. It was real no one can deny that. He has been single the last year and a half focusing on his career and working. Dating and having fun. After that long of a relationship he needs to live his life. He doesn’t need to settle down right now, With all this work he has no time to to devout the attention a relationship needs. Just because a person doesn’t have a female accessory on his arm all the time does not mean he doesn’t like girls. After the last relationship I highly doubt he will be parading a woman around. Beside he once said he wanted to be known for his work not for want he does on a Saturday Night. He’s so young and I hate the way Hollywood is .As soon as a break up is announced they want the person to already be in another relationship. Life doesn’t work that way. To me Zac is playing it smart.

  • merryci gorry

    dealing fix in meeting so god bless you dear..

  • florence2

    If he wins the kiss award at awards in July he and Taylor will no doubt give a fantastic replay of it considering how they were with each other on the promo tour for the film it would be no problem for them, maybe he’s wearing the bracelet for Taylor since they practically admitted he cheated on V while he was filming TLO.

    I orginally thought Lily but Taylor too is a good possibility.

  • DASH

    @why?: because he is never with a girl in his real life.all his ex relations were fake to promote movies.i mean lets get real thats why everyone saying he is gay.

  • Darwa

    Same can be said about Ricky Martin.
    And we all know how that story ended….

  • sezar

    i don’t know but a lot of rumors were floating around him when he was filming high school musical.that he was with a dude.and then out of the nothing he was dating vanessa hudgens,that once heard saying that he isnt interested in her that he and didnt want to have sex.high school over so there relation and since then all presume relations he had were fake agent mad ones,he is another john travolta in the have to be really stupid or blinde to think this guy is straight

  • adam

    and the Teen Choice Awards for bad acting go to.whats he holding?it’s a script to another horrible cheesy movie

  • VIC

    @why?: if you think that zac is straight then you have a problem.get ready to have your heart broken,you might have dated a gay guy or you will probably do in the futer.believe me sweetie he is gay.takes one to know on

  • juno

    does anyone even care about him anymore. He’s done in hollywood.

  • John

    His 15 minutes are so over…

  • florence2

    No doubt it’s another film that will have him doing another sex scene him having his clothes off more than on, bragging about how great the kissingand sex scenes will be when promo starts like he always does. Andall this is supposed to prove what a great leading man he is and to prove how grown up he is, well at least his PR team can keep telling him that.

  • Lana

    I dont care what people say about him.The next 20 years he will be something big.

  • Lana

    And people, grow up please. Calling someone gay is so boring and unoriginal.

  • Bunnylover

    @jazzmen: don’t worry! I’m sure that he washed them between wears!!!!

  • Bunnylover

    @KissThis: umm? on what planet do you live where zac is doing dozens of films?
    We had nothing from him last year and only one so far this year! (we haven’t had The Lorax here yet) and none of the others have actually been released yet anywhere. :)

  • R U sure

    @My 2 Cents You seem to be the only one who knows what is going on
    @florence 2 First you carried on how the braclet was for Lily and you knew it. Zac and his cript with no clothes on is that all you do is dream about havinf sex with Zac? I think you are a bit of a stalker. That’s all you ever think and talk about is Zac’ body , his kissing and his sex scenes. The bracelet must be for some one he truly care about, he still has it , so you are out of luck, please stalk someone else.

  • lauren

    wow the same comments how original.

  • Rose

    Hopefully a new project!! Can’t wait for The Paperboy, At any price, townies!!
    And though Teen choice awards are lame, I hope the teen girls vote for him and he wins them!

  • Rachel

    Business meeting? Maybe a new project. Goo Zac.
    And you look awesome, Zac!

  • Patricia

    I love you ZAC


    @John: I would like to see you hang for his fifteen minutes.

  • Rachel

    Gotta appreciate the haters :P
    Coming here and giving a ‘thumbs-down’ to positive comments is just so original :P

  • florence2

    @R U sure: Having sex with efron is and will always be the last thing on my mind weather I was awake or asleep and is the one who raves about his sex or kissing scene’s between him and his Costa R’s and behaves like a horny teenager in interviews.

    Funny though he did’nt do it with Nicole Kid man at Cannes maybe it was because her husband would have landed him a punch, we’ll have to wait and see when proper promo Stuart’s for the film.

  • Selma Kacha

    @lauren: how original you are here all the time. From now i’m gonna to call you “leech” it’s suit you very well. LOVE IT !

  • lauren

    Go back to ur v thread
    You dumb troll. Cus calling someone a leech is very mature of you

  • sam

    I don’t think that guy with Zac is Mohammad Al-Turk. He does look a bit like him, but too young.

  • R U sure

    @florence2 fess up you want him and want him bad. you are the one always bringing it up.
    @sam I believe he is a friend of Al-turki and Zac. He was in pics at Cannes also.

  • Selma Kacha

    @lauren: Dear Lauren, i feel sorry for you. Unfortunately, you don’t have any ready reply. I do what i want, if i want to comment here this is my right. And you are a leech that’s all, you have to accept that. #laurenFact
    Don’t be stupid, LEECH :)
    I know, this is very annoying LOL

  • kami

    anyone know what the script is? i mean, he’s holding it up so the paps can get a clear zoom-in shot and they didn’t. guess they aren’t interested in his work.

  • Tina

    There is no way anyone will ever convice me Zac is gay. If anything he is a player. Think about it if he was gay and he ended his relationship with Vanessa they would be best of friends. There would have been no reason for the relationship to have ended badly. Which it did, something happened and it was not pretty. Lots of hurt going on where they don’t even speak. I think enough time has passed where they might be able to be cordial since they run in the same circles but like any romance when it’s over there are usually some resentments because one or the other was hurt in the process. They were a real couple that lasted a long time, five years is not going to happen if it’s fake. Like I said if it was fake they’d be friends, they aren’t.

  • Tina

    @R U sure: Isn’t that his friend Alix one of the ninjas?

  • R U sure

    @ I believe it is Alix

  • My 2 Cents

    Vote for Zac at The Teen Choice Awards he’s up for three Awards.
    Best Actor in a Drama
    Best actor in a Romantic Film
    Best Voice in a animated Film
    I think The Lucky One is up for four others.

    @R U sure thanks for reading my comments, your very kind .

  • R U sure

    @Tina on closer look , that might not be Alix, I will check . I Think Alix is thinner and taller
    @My 2 Cents Your welcome . You are always very nice and well informed.

  • kelly martineau

    Zac is wearing a braclet on his’s right wrist. Vanessa is wearing a braclet on her wrist too. Whats up with that?

    He needs someone to dress him everyday. He’s been wearing those pants alot.