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Daniel Radcliffe to Star in 'The Lost City of D' With Sandra Bullock

Daniel Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock are about to be co-stars!

Daniel is set to play the villain in the upcoming Paramount romantic action-comedy The Lost City of D, starring the previously announced Sandra Bullock, Deadline reported Friday (March 19).

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Channing Tatum is also set to star, as well as Patti Harrison and Da’Vine Joy Randolph.

Here’s a plot summary: “The story follows a reclusive romance novelist (Bullock) who was sure nothing could be worse than getting stuck on a book tour with her cover model (Tatum) until a kidnapping attempt sweeps them both into a cutthroat jungle adventure, proving life can be so much stranger, and more romantic, than any of her paperback fictions.”

Daniel Radcliffe recently got very candid about his acting during the days of Harry Potter. Find out what he had to say…

Daniel Radcliffe Says He's 'Intensely Embarrassed' By His Early Harry Potter Acting

Daniel Radcliffe is taking a look back at his performances in Harry Potter!

The 31-year-old actor reflected on his early acting experience in a new interview with Elijah Wood for Empire Magazine.

“I’m intensely embarrassed by some of my acting, obviously,” Daniel said. “But yeah, it’s like asking, ‘How do you feel about your teenage years?’ There’s so much in there that it’s almost impossible to single out one feeling.”

“It’s hard to separate my relationship with Harry from my relationship with the films as a whole,” he continued.

Daniel added, “I’m incredibly grateful for the experience. It showed me what I want to do with the rest of my life. To find out early on what you love is really lucky.”

Daniel recently joined Sean Evans for an episode of Hot Ones and revealed why he broke so many wands during his time on set!

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Daniel Radcliffe & Elijah Wood Open Up About Being Mistaken For Each Other

Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe interviewed each other for Empire magazine, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of their most famous movies being released.

The two actors, who are best known for their roles as Frodo in The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter from the franchise of the same name, opened up about being mistaken for one another by fans.

“Once I was in an elevator…just me and one other person, and I could feel them looking at me intently,” Elijah recalled of one moment with a fan. “Just before the door opened, he finally got up the courage, pointed at me and said, ‘Harry Potter!’ I said ‘No!’ and I walked away.”

Daniel had the same type of situation, too.

“Though we’re both short, pale, blue-eyed and brown-haired, I would say that we don’t exactly look alike,” he noted. “But the idea of us is exactly the same.”

Daniel continued, “When people say to me ‘Lord of the Rings!’ I literally just say, ‘Nope. The other one.’”

Being mistaken for each other happens to them often, and Daniel once told a story about him signing an autograph as Elijah.

See what happened here…

Celebrity Lookalikes Daniel Radcliffe & Elijah Wood Cover 'Empire' Magazine's New Issue Together

Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood are proving just how similar they really look on the new issue of Empire magazine.

Empire revealed the first images from the issue, which celebrates their films, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and The Lord of the Rings, which came out 20 years ago.

“[We] has united Wood and Radcliffe for the very first time, bringing them together in conversation and for a (distanced, Covid-compliant) photoshoot – looking back on their experiences at the heart of the most expansive fantasy sagas of the ’00s, discussing their memories of playing Frodo and Harry, and how those films changed everything in their lives and careers, and in the Hollywood landscape,” the mag shared about the iconic cover.


Daniel and Elijah aren’t the only celeb lookalikes in the industry.

Here are 10 other celeb pairs who have often been mistaken for each other.

These two stars even teamed up on a music video together!

Daniel Radcliffe Broke So Many Harry Potter Wands Because He Was Doing This With Them!

Daniel Radcliffe is looking back on his time on set of the eight Harry Potter movies!

The 31-year-old actor appeared on YouTube’s Hot Ones series for an interview, where he addressed all those rumors that he broke tons of props on set of the movies.

Dan said he didn’t break a lot of props, but did admit that he had to get a new wand every few weeks because he would snap them while using the wands as a drumstick.

“The wands I definitely broke a lot because I would just like, drum on my legs with it all the time and do that incessantly,” Dan said. “So, probably once every three or four weeks, it would just weaken to the point where it snapped.”

“And then I would say I was very sorry to the prop master and he would give me a look like, ‘Please stop drumming,’” Dan continued. “They were very, very sweet with us and tolerated more than I hope they would from an adult actor.”

As for Harry’s glasses, Dan admitted that he did break a few pairs of the years, but said that the reports of how many he broke are “massively” exaggerated.

“I definitely didn’t break the glasses that often at all, I don’t think,” Dan said.

Also during the interview, Daniel Radcliffe revealed why he never plans on joining social media.

Daniel Radcliffe Explains Why He Won't Join Social Media, And It Might Not Be What You Think

Daniel Radcliffe is opening up about his lack of social media accounts and why he hasn’t joined any of the apps.

The 31-year-old actor, who shot to fame with his role as Harry Potter, is on the latest episode of Hot Ones, in which he ate 10 spicy wings while being interviewed.

Daniel didn’t say that he’s off of social media to maintain his privacy. He’s not on social media to make sure he doesn’t get into any fights!

“I would love to say there’s some sort of intellectual, well throughout reason for this,” Daniel said. “‘Cause I considered getting a Twitter and I 100 percent know that if I did, you all would be waking up to stories like ‘Dan Radcliffe gets into fight with random person on Twitter.”

He added, “When I was younger, not anymore thanks god, I would like to look up comments about myself on the internet and read s–t like that. That is an insane and bad thing to do. And to me, like Twitter and everything just feels like an extension of that. Unless I want to go just read all nice things about myself, which also feels like another healthy thing to do.”

There was a Harry Potter reunion last month that you have to watch!

Tom Felton Reunites The 'Harry Potter' Cast, Including New Dad Rupert Grint!

Tom Felton threw the best virtual reunion to celebrate the 19 year anniversary of Harry Potter.

Through videos and social media, the 33-year-old actor, who played Draco Malfoy in the film franchise, gathered up almost everyone for the reunion to reminisce about the films.

19 years is a very important date, as the epilogue for “Deathly Hallows” happens exactly 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

During the virtual reunion, Rupert Grint actually shared a funny story of not being able to keep a straight face during the more somber scenes, like Dumbledore’s funeral.

“I remember on Potter it would always be the most inappropriate scenes, like Dumbledore’s funeral was a particularly bad one,” the new dad shared. “For some reason I found that absolutely hilarious.”

Rupert continued, “Yeah, once you start laughing, it’s very hard to stop. I had a particularly bad reputation, they used to call me Go Again Grint because I could never do anything without doing it like 20 times.”

In addition to Tom and Rupert, Daniel Radfliffe, James and Oliver Phelps, Evanna Lynch, Mark Williams, Jason Isaacs, Bonnie Wright, Alfred Enoch and many more joined in on the reunion.

Check out the full reunion video below!

If you didn’t see, Rupert just welcomed his first child, a daughter with a very unique name!

Here’s where you can find the Harry Potter films to stream now…