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All of Taylor Swift's Features Ranked

Taylor Swift is one of music’s most eminent solo artists, however, she boasts a number of great songs featuring her peers.

The 33-year-old “Cruel Summer” singer has dominated the industry over her 17-year career, having released 10 studio albums across three genres.

From country to pop to alternative, Taylor‘s impressive discography proves that she can shine equally as bright on her own as alongside other artists on a track.

Currently, Taylor has released 21 songs that list a featured artist – 15 of which she has put out in the last five years.

We’ve decided to rank them all!

Browse through the slideshow to discover our complete ranking of Taylor Swift’s features…

Shawn Mendes Shows Off A Mustache While Running Errands With His Family

Shawn Mendes has a scruffy new look!

The 25-year-old “Mercy” musician was spotted out and about with his parents Manuel and Karen, and sister Aaliyah, running a few errands around town in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 21).

Shawn, pictured in an oversized gray sweater and jeans, sported a mustache and small goatee while picking up and carrying a large Amazon box away from a store.

Earlier this month, Shawn was pictured showing off his muscles in a black tank, and fans can see him growing out his facial hair in the images.

If you missed, over the summer, Shawn was seen enjoying the yacht life in Ibiza, Spain with a group of friends.

Check out all the pics of him now!

Head to the gallery to see more pictures of Shawn Mendes and his new facial hair out in LA…

shawn mendes new stashe errands family 01
shawn mendes new stashe errands family 02
shawn mendes new stashe errands family 03
shawn mendes new stashe errands family 04
shawn mendes new stashe errands family 05

Shawn Mendes Looks Fit While Leaving the Gym in L.A.

Shawn Mendes is heading home after a workout.

The 25-year-old “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” singer made his way out to his car after leaving the gym on Friday afternoon (September 8) in Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Shawn Mendes

For his workout, Shawn showed off his muscles in a black tank shirt paired with black gym shorts and white sneakers.

Back in July, Shawn put his ripped figure, and many tattoos, on full display while going shirtless on vacation in Ibiza!

A few months ago, Shawn sparked rumors of a potential reunion with ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello. The possible reconciliation was already called off, but it started after they were spotted kissing at Coachella.

Earlier this year, Shawn shared an update on new music.

shawn mendes looks fit leaving the gym in la 01
shawn mendes looks fit leaving the gym in la 02
shawn mendes looks fit leaving the gym in la 03
shawn mendes looks fit leaving the gym in la 04
shawn mendes looks fit leaving the gym in la 05

Who Should Headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2024? Vote For Your Choice in Our Poll!

It’s time to start thinking about who will headline the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show, and we want to know who you’d like to see take the stage when the time comes.

The biggest football game of the year will take place on February 11, 2024, and whoever performs has big shoes to fill after Rihanna took the stage and played so many of her hits this year.

Who should follow in her footsteps? Who deserves to perform on what is arguably the biggest stage a musician will ever grace?

We put together a poll so that you could let us know who you want to see onstage when the moment comes.

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Shawn Mendes Goes Shirtless While on Vacation in Ibiza, Shows Off Some of His Many Tattoos

Shawn Mendes is soaking up the sun in Ibiza, Spain.

On Friday (July 29), the 24-year-old “Mercy” hitmaker was spotted out on the docks with some friends.

The shirtless star looked tan and relaxed, wearing a pair of olive green shorts and dark sunglasses. Many of his tattoos were left on full display, including ones on both of his arms.

Keep reading to find out more…More Here! »

shawn mendes ibiza shirtless 01
shawn mendes ibiza shirtless 02
shawn mendes ibiza shirtless 03
shawn mendes ibiza shirtless 04
shawn mendes ibiza shirtless 05

16 Celebrity Fragrances Ranked from Least to Most Expensive (& the No. 1 Entry Costs More Than $150!)

Celebrity fragrances have been popular since well before the era of celebrity beauty brands, and they remain a lucrative project for the stars to explore.

Everyone from Britney Spears, Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande to Michelle Pfeiffer, Dolly Parton and Lionel Richie has released at least one fragrance over the course of their careers.

Many of them are favorites of fans across the globe, but there’s no denying that some are more expensive than others. In fact, one of the priciest celeb fragrance retails for more than $150 a bottle.

We did some digging and ranked 16 fragrances from most to least expensive!

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Source Explains Why Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello's Recent Romance Fizzled Out, If Either of Them Is Dating Anyone New, & More

There’s been a lot of headlines surrounding Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello‘s relationship over the past few weeks.

The pair started as friends and dated for several years before splitting up in 2021. However, they sent the rumor mill into overdrive after they were spotted sharing a kiss at the 2023 Coachella Music Festival back in April.

Now, new info has become available about their reunion, and why their recent reunion fizzled out.

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