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Brands Drop David Dobrik Amid Vlog Squad Allegations

Brands Drop David Dobrik Amid Vlog Squad Allegations

David Dobrik is facing some fallout.

The 24-year-old YouTuber is losing some brand deals amid misconduct allegations, E! reported Sunday (March 21).

The move from the brands comes amid allegations of misconduct against David‘s Vlog Squad, including a woman who spoke out about Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, and alleged she was sexually assaulted.

David then uploaded a video talking about consent in his videos and his relationship with former friends, including Dom.

“Whether I’m shooting with a friend or shooting with a stranger, I always make sure that, whatever the video I’m putting out, I have the approval of that person.”

He also said he “chose to distance” himself from Dom and other former associates who are no longer part of his circle because he doesn’t “align with some of the actions and I don’t stand for any kind of misconduct, and I’ve been really disappointed in some of my friends, and for that reason I’ve separated from a lot of them.”

“Anyone who knows him knows he does not condone misconduct in any form. Vlog participants provide consent before anything is posted. Whenever consent is retracted, posts are removed. Any insinuation of wrongdoing is inaccurate and defamatory,” his lawyer also said in a statement to E!.

Brands including DoorDash and HelloFresh have confirmed they’ve ended the partnership amid scandal.

“DoorDash profoundly condemns the behavior of the Vlog Squad members, and we have terminated our sponsorship of David Dobrik‘s podcast Views. This horrific misconduct is incongruous with DoorDash’s values and does not represent the communities we strive to create. Our thoughts are with all those impacted,” DoorDash said to the outlet.

“We can confirm that we are no longer working with David Dobrik or any member of the Vlog Squad, and do not have any plans to work with them again in the future,” HelloFresh said in their own statement.

“We are aware of the allegations against David Dobrik. We haven’t worked with David since April 2020 and can confirm we are not currently working with him nor do we have any plans to in future,” an EA Sports spokesperson said in a statement to E! News.

Dollar Shave Club told The New York Times they were ending their partnerships with David.

“We’ve made the decision to end our relationship and cancel all planned activity,” they said.

SeatGeek is “reviewing” its partnership with David now, according to Business Insider.

Find out more about the allegations and what David Dobrik has said about it.

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