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Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, & Teyonah Parris Star in First Trailer for Netflix's 'They Cloned Tyrone' - Watch Now!

The trailer for They Cloned Tyrone has been released!

On Saturday (September 24), Netflix debuted the first trailer for the new sci-fi mystery movie starring Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, and Teyonah Parris.

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Brie Larson & Boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz Promote New Project at D23, Plus 'The Marvels' Cast Steps Out Together!

Brie Larson had a busy weekend at the 2022 D23 Expo!

The 32-year-old actress was joined by her boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz while attending a panel for their new augmented reality short film Remembering on Friday (September 9) at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.

Brie stars in the film, which was directed by Elijah. It’s now streaming on Disney+!

“I was mostly inspired by the work of Elizabeth Gilbert’s books, and Ted Talks, dealing with the, just the concept that ideas are not from us, but they are all around us. Ideas don’t always come to use in the conscious world and aren’t necessarily manifested in physical form. I wanted to explore what that looked like,” Elijah told Deadline.

On Saturday, Brie stepped out with her The Marvels co-stars Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris, as well as director Nia DaCosta, to promote the upcoming Marvel film.

The Marvels will be released in theaters in 2023.

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The New Trailer for Jordan Peele's 'Candyman' Is Seriously Scary - Watch It Here!

The latest trailer for Candyman has dropped!

Jordan Peele co-wrote the new horror movie, which is a remake of the 1992 film of the same name, along with Win Rosenfeld and director Nia DaCosta.

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Who is Geraldine in 'WandaVision'? What Was on Her Necklace in Episode 3?

Geraldine has become a huge mystery on the new Marvel series WandaVision, which is streaming now on Disney+.

The third episode of the nine-episode limited series just premiered and Teyonah Parris‘ character Geraldine played a huge role. We’re so fascinated by what happened in the last few moments of the episode specifically!

In 2019, it was announced that Teyonah would be taking the role of Monica Rambeau.

In the comics Monica Rambeau was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and gained powers after being hit with extra-dimensional energy. Initially she would be also called Captain Marvel. She would then change her name to Pulsar, and then eventually become Spectrum which she is known in the comic books today.

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Teyonah Parris Plays Geraldine on 'WandaVision,' But We Know She's Really [Spoiler]

Teyonah Parris is introduced in WandaVision‘s second episode as a woman named Geraldine, but fans who have been paying attention to the show’s development know that she’s really someone else.

It was announced back in July 2019 that Teyonah was cast as the adult version of Monica Rambeau and that the events in WandaVision take place after the events in Avengers: Endgame.

For now, the first two episodes of WandaVision have us trapped in a sitcom starring Elizabeth Olsen‘s Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany‘s Vision. It seems there is more to the story and we’ll have to wait and see what’s really going on!

On her role in the series, Teyonah told, “I can say that you do meet Geraldine, in the first couple of episodes. And so trying to figure out how this connects to Wanda and Vision, and yes, is part of the fun of the show. And is that Monica or is, she said her name’s Geraldine? Who is this? I think that’s part of the excitement that you’ll get to try to figure out as you watch the show.”

The role of Monica Rambeau was introduced as a young girl in Captain Marvel, which took place in 1995.

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Jordan Peele's 'Candyman' Release Date Delayed Due To Pandemic

Jordan Peele‘s new horror Candyman is getting a brand new release date due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The reboot of the classic 1992 slasher film was supposed to be released on June 12 and will now hit theaters on Sept. 25, 2020.

Jordan Peele co-wrote the Candyman remake with Win Rosenfeld and DaCosta. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Teyonah Parris star in the movie from Universal Pictures and MGM.

Universal’s film Praise This, previously set for release on Sept. 25, is now without a release date and will be scheduled at a later time (Variety reports).

Universal has already pushed three major movies, including Minions: Rise of Gru, Fast & Furious entry F9 and Sing 2, in addition removing Wicked from the release calendar.

Jordan Peele's 'Candyman' Looks to Be Just as Scary as 'Get Out' & 'Us' - Watch the Trailer!

It looks like Jordan Peele is going to deliver ANOTHER hit horror film! The trailer for Candyman just debuted and it does not disappoint! He wrote the film alongside Win Rosenfeld and Nia DaCosta. Nia directed the movie.

Here’s a synopsis: For as long as residents can remember, the housing projects of Chicago’s Cabrini Green neighborhood were terrorized by a word-of-mouth ghost story about a supernatural killer with a hook for a hand, easily summoned by those daring to repeat his name five times into a mirror. In present day, a decade after the last of the Cabrini towers were torn down, visual artist Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and his girlfriend, gallery director Brianna Cartwright (Teyonah Parris), move into a luxury loft condo in Cabrini, now gentrified beyond recognition and inhabited by upwardly mobile millennials.

With Anthony’s painting career on the brink of stalling, a chance encounter with a Cabrini Green old-timer (Colman Domingo) exposes Anthony to the tragically horrific nature of the true story behind Candyman. Anxious to maintain his status in the Chicago art world, Anthony begins to explore these macabre details in his studio as fresh grist for paintings, unknowingly opening a door to a complex past that unravels his own sanity and unleashes a terrifyingly viral wave of violence that puts him on a collision course with destiny.

The film will hit theaters on June 12!

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