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Zac Efron - Teen Choice Awards 2012 Winner

Zac Efron - Teen Choice Awards 2012 Winner

Zac Efron poses with his surfboard award in the press room at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (July 22) in Universal City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actor who wore a Lanvin shirt and Topman trousers, picked up the award for Choice Movie Actor: Drama for his work in the film The Lucky One. He beat out Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, and Justin Timberlake for the honor!

Make sure to tune in to the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, hosted by Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale, TONIGHT at 8/7c on Fox.

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Kevin Mazur; Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • nily

    Zac won over Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum ??????????? ok ok

  • Claudia

    YAY! he won, soo happy :D

  • sam

    Wow, his face is bloated again. Is he binge drinking? Or is it some other kind of bloat?

  • R U sure

    Way to go Hot stuff

  • lauren

    i think its a mix of everything….

    has zac’s voice got deeper?

  • SE

    Of course he is the best ;D

  • Heather Gillroy

    @nily: Bullcrap paid for prize.

  • My 2 Cents

    He looks so handsome. Congratulations !!!! He really did do a great job in the Lucky One . I’m proud of him.

  • Uffie

    Wow, what happened to him? He looks tore up in the face. He used to be so cute. Where did his jawline go?

  • the true

    and taylor won over adel and
    and the lucky one won over the help
    and list is sooooo long this just bullshit
    ah and also ian won over ryan

  • crrl

    Some of you think he didn’t deserve to win and that’s okay you’re entitled to your opinion. I believe he earned it and fortunately so do the people who matter most. Its not an oscar but I’m still proud of him.

  • Panda

    These awards are a joke! At least they got him a short board so he could be taller than the award, LOL

  • My 2 Cents

    @the true: This is not the Oscars this is for the Fans the TEEN AGE fans who pick and vote for who they love . Hence the name of the Award Show is The Teen Choice Awards. It gives them a chance to see the stars and singers that are currently popular. Lighten up it’s for fun and a chance for the stars to says thanks. All Actors no matter what age they are know this is an important demgraph since they are future ticket buyers and an Actor is dumb if they are not apprciative. Zac is that is why they love him. and appreciate his work.

  • Uffie

    This poor kid is not going to age well. And that is one unfortunate pic with Taylor Swift. She’s so much taller..she looks like a ventriloquist and he looks like her dummy. Yipes!

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    LOL this is a joke….

  • Derpina

    Don’t forget Ryan and Channing are in this award for the same reason of Zac, because they are popular, and girls think they are “cute” or whatever, he’s not competing for an Academy Award against Gary Oldman lol

    And I just have to say, Zac you are sooo gorgeous with that haircut

  • Ventriloquist

    @Uffie: Zac can be my dummy if he wants, come here Zac, be my little dummy, let me show to you my tongue skills

  • Funny

    Can you imagine if Zac and Taylor tried to get it on? LOL..I’m not sure it’s even anatomically possible.

  • Jo

    She’s wearing heels, haters

  • kami

    he could have put on weight for an upcoming movie role. and i think he always gains in the face. unlike me; i gain in me arse.

  • kami

    i gain in my *a-r-s-e* why is that censored?

  • Nwvotes

    Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards? Vote at

  • Zac still fit

    Zac’s face is a little “bloated” since Charlie St. Cloud

    Maybe is a result of the gain of muscle

    I don’t know who said “drink make people lose jawline”, never heard of that

    Amy Winehouse drank all day and was not “bloated face”

  • Drooling

    @Zac still fit:

    H O L Y
    S H I T

    Zac’s body in this photo is just to die for

    This hairy chest, this wet body @_@

    I would have multiple O-R-G-A-S-M-S with this man only getting close to him

  • Tatum

    @nily: I know right. This shizz must be rigged….

  • NBTT

    Congratulations Zac to:
    - CHOICE MOVIE ACTOR (DRAMA): Zac Efron (“The Lucky One”)
    - CHOICE MOVIE ACTOR (ROMANCE): Zac Efron (“The Lucky One”)
    - CHOICE MOVIE DRAMA: “The Lucky One”

    Looks good and really deserved awards.
    The teens worldwide out there, have chosen who should win. And they know who they want to win. And no matter how much the jerks here hate him, he has his loyal fan base.

  • R U sure

    @My 2 Cents You make a real good point there. I never thought of it that way. I always like Zac. but i like seeing what you said. To bad it is wasted on a bunch of haters.

  • Diana

    Does anyone else think he looks like an elf? His ears are surprisingly pointy in some of the picks O_o

  • Hmm

    I used to dislike him tbqh, but now that I like him, it seems to me a lots of people are hating him..They call him gay in every post or douch..I mean how do you people know he is? Do you even know him? Or it’s just an immature jealousy to make you feel better about yourself?

  • el toro bumingo

    Wow! The Penshoppe model won another award. Congrats Zac Efron! :)

  • Rachel

    Zac looks really good! Event though the Teen choice awards are lame, I’m glad he won those 2 awards. I don’t think they are rigged, they are voted on by teenagers! Its not like they are the oscars or something that you guys are so shocked that he won!
    Stop making fun of his height. There are alot of actors who are short, doesn’t mean you should make fun of them. And that pic with Taylor, well she’s taller but she is wearing heels too hence that much height difference.
    P.S. I’m glad he got rid of the stache! I was fine with it, but he looks so much better without it!

  • Shauna

    OMG! Zac is so much shorter than Taylor in that pic! He really is not that tall! Not that it’s a bad thing, but does anybody know how tall he is?

  • Rachel


    Google says he is 5’10″.

  • Rachel

    IMDb also says that he is 5’10″.

  • Shauna

    There is no way in heck Zac can be 5’10! From what I’ve heard he can’t be over 5’9 and in a People Magazine article from late 2006 he said he was 5’6 and that’s when he was already 19! My friend met him at his premiere a few monhs ago and she is 5’7 and she said he was barely taller than him and was 5’8 MAX! No hate here for Zac, all respect but just want to know his true height!

  • NBTT

    @Shauna: He is 5’9. And to be honest 2006 is some years ago, he still got taller since this time. He’s tall enough for his skin. Not everyone wants or needs a height like Ash’s bf Scott.

  • vanessa

    actually he is 5’10 1/2 it says so in one site.


    @Shauna: Yes, he’s taller than me and that’s all that matters.

    Personally, I think he looks cute and manly here – a pookie bear, lol. He could probably drop 3-4 pounds but otherwise he’s purrrfect!

  • Lindsay

    @vanessa, he’s lucky if he’s 5’8. Shorter actors lie about their height all the time.

  • who do you think you are ?

    he won 3 awards and you find something to coplain about…. -.-
    haters gonna hate

  • Bunnylover

    gonna ignore the mindless hate, even though I am seething inside. WELL DONE ZAC!! You are a great actor and you did a great job on TLO! And you are a lot taller than me! And I know this because I met him at the premiere and there are press photos that prove he is a good 5-6 inches taller than me!!

  • Bunnylover

    And not to be rude, can we just point out here, when you laugh at him next to Taylor, that actually she is the one who is freakishly tall for a lady???

  • kami

    do they really have different sized surfboards? the one zac has looks like it’s exactly his height. the one taylor has looks like it’s a foot taller than she is and she has on what looks like 5-in heels. or maybe they come in 3 sizes–small, medium and large?


    I sooo love himmm.. he should play “will” (clock work prince) he has everything to be him…please cast himmmmmmmmmmmm, if you make the movie!!!

  • ness

    Isn’t it well known that pretty boys don’t age well…examples…DiCaprio and Leonard Whiting. I think those boards come in different sizes…his being extra small.

  • mmmmmmmmmmmm

    @who do you think you are ?:

    so true

    these haters are just jealous that their idol NEVER won anything.

    and haters don’t bother saying they don’t out because awards no matter how big or small always count.

  • Tiffany

    how is it rigged most of these teens grew up with zac on screen, older women like the other nominations its the teen choice awards

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Freebies

    Zac a very good looking guy but Taylor towers over him.

  • R U sure

    YEAH! Zac . I hope this team does better for you. I have been waiting to see this for a long time.