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Taylor Lautner & Maika Monroe: New Couple Alert?

Taylor Lautner & Maika Monroe: New Couple Alert?

Taylor Lautner and his rumored new girlfriend Maika Monroe sit next to each other during a Dodgers baseball game at Dodger Stadium on Friday (May 24) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old actor and the 19-year-old actress were spotted holding hands at the game while watching the St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Dodgers by the final score of 7-0.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Lautner

On the Dodger’s official Instagram, a pic was posted of Taylor posing with rapper Lil Jon at the game. Check out the pic below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Lautner and Maika Monroe as a possible couple?

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  • Rosie

    I wish he would just come out already! Your fans + media would be supportive.

  • yeah well

    @Rosie: seriously, this is getting ridiculous

  • ML

    She is 20 actually…

  • ontd

    He’s gay. Notice how thrilled she looks. I agree, he should come out, in his case it would probably help his career rather than hurt it.

  • jen king

    He was also seen with Sarah Hicks.

  • Dawne

    Whether he’s gay or not, I want him NAKED! NOW!

  • Oli

    This girl fits in this business real quickly O.o

  • Hunger Games

    it’s ok that he’s gay. everyone already knows

  • leelee

    She looks so thrilled to be there.

  • Alexandra

    You people are so quick to judge. She probably doesn’t “look thrilled to be there” because she didn’t want paparazzi taking pictures of them.

  • Paulie

    Shameless. And as you can see by the comments, everybody and their grandmas know. Stop pretending, Taylor.

  • Frau From Fly-Over USA

    Really, I don’t get it. Why do the teen girls fawn over this guy. He looks like the Missing Link.

  • Truth

    I’m sure He’s not gay, he’s only the kind of person who takes love seriously, he’s natural faithful, a great boy full of good qualities, not aggressive at all. I think he’s clear in what love is and that’s why he was taking his time to find his right girl.
    Really disappointed how people used “gay” word foolishly.

  • phoenix14

    If you people don’t like Taylor, why the hell are you reading this story? Just saying.

  • Olive

    Her face is the same face the most of girls has during a sport game, most of us don’t enjoy so much sport games as the boys do.


    thought he is gay

  • Mindy
  • LM

    Now here’s something for Taylor swift to sing about lol

  • monique

    Taylor is so handsome…………and sweet ….whoever gets him……… very lucky.

  • aquarius64

    @jen king: Seriously, he’s been seen with Hicks recently? I’ve heard no formal announcement he broke things off with her before taking up with this girl. I bet Sara’s not liking these pictures right now. This makes actress #4 Taylor stepped out on Sara with, and if she had any pride she’d leave him for good.

  • Lola_uk

    Yeah, new “couple”. sure… “How you doin” Taylor?

  • R U sure

    Just how do you all know he is gay? Where is your proof !

  • selena

    he gay

    he’s got a new “crappy” movie coming out— “grown ups2″ so of course his management told him to pretend to like v..a..g..i..n..a and take a chick out—LMAO

  • gammi

    when did taylor become mexican???

  • Ashley M

    Taylor is so Hot. He needs Bella and He NEEDS to keep the excitement and fun with Couples Products for Women and Men at AthenaToysDotcom

  • Rhianna

    He’s not gay ; he said in an interview that he was STRAIGHT so you guys can stop assuming hes gay. Either way I love him & hes perfect <3 But if they are a couple then this makes me upset .-.

  • peniss


    and you believe everything you hear??

  • aquarius64

    @peniss: “and you believe everything you hear??” The same statement can apply to you. Come up with evidence that this guy is lying (pictures of him making out with another dude) then you got an argument. Opt eds on Twitter and blogs don’t count.

  • cousin larry


    he is gay

  • aquarius64

    @cousin larry: Where’s your photo evidence?

  • misti

    I’m sure he’s been out doing a lot of things, just lucky the paps didn’t catch up to him. If he is gay, maybe he’s good at hiding those meetings. I don’t think him and Sara have dated since the first breakup, they just make time to hang out as good friends from time to time. I also don’t think this girl and him will go anywhere in a relationship, she’s using him for PR reasons, being new to the biz and all.

  • Candy

    Clearly he’s not gay or he wouldn’t date women! A lot of you gay people insist on saying everyone is gay. At most he is bisexual, just like Rob and Kristen probably are. It’s very easy to tell the difference. Nobody ever debates the sexuality of Ellen because its obvious. The reason everyone questions Taylor, Rob, Kristen, Tom Cruise, etc…is because they are likely bisexual. Zoe Saldana is a perfect example of a Bi person (she just admitted it). Why should they line up with either side? Taylor is athletic and sporty but also artistic. Same with Robert Pattinson who plays the piano, but also has a more masculine side as well. Look at Angelina Jolie, she ended up with Brad and had children, but she had a longtime model girlfriend and has always been openly bisexual. For men its not that easy because it can hurt your career. None of these ambiguous celebs owe the gay movement anything.

  • http://BitchesPlease Sweet to Bitche 1.0 Sec.

    Really am tired of you people saying “he’s gay, he should come out of the closet” Don’t make assumptions of other people, that you cant even prove. Why the hell would you even think he was gay? I really don’t thing its okay? What the hell is wrong with you bitches?

  • Donna Marie

    Taylor Lautner is so far from gay. Sad part is woman are used to seeing the bad boy type they forgot what a nice guy looks like. I think that look on her face is from ” Come on really will you leave us alone ” stupid Paparazzi. The other photos of them are cute and two people having fun and cuddling. Taylor Lautner is a logical person. If he started a serious relationship 4 years ago it would have been bound to crash. For 5 years he was working on the twilight series so he wouldn’t have been around enough to even see them. He was 15 when he started and no at 21 he has the time to date. I think there is so many guys that want Taylor to be gay . Sorry guys, you can look but don’t touch :) Guys that hate him are just jealous. Taylor is HOT

  • khree

    wow tay gets sexier and gorgeous every day…the girl though …he needs someone to match that hotness

  • aquarius64

    There are a couple of YouTube clip of this date. In one clip baseball fans were seeking Taylor’s autograph and pictures, and he obliged. If this girl is in the business those fans didn’t know it because they ignored her. In the other clip Taylor walked out on the field to meet Lil Jon – but he didn’t take Maika with him to introduce her to Jon. Taylor had a person take a picture of Lil John and him on his cell phone – and he didn’t bring Maika in for that picture. She stood on the sidelines along with a guy that was with them at the stadium (I’m guessing agent or bodyguard; they’re too old for chaperones.) IMO if you are a gf you would be presented to colleagues and fellow celebrities and part of the personal shots. After seeing this it makes me doubt that the hand hold pic(s) were genuine; as if they were aware of the cameras that were near where they were sitting and gave the paps the money shot. Maika may be into Taylor, but Taylor may not be into her. She looks like arm candy brought out for PR purposes.

  • http://Google LuLuBelle

    He can do much better! He is totally not gay and he would make an amazing boyfriend to the right girl. It’s definitely not this one though!

  • Jess Mee

    Rock Hudson IS NOT GAY!!!
    Liberace IS NOT GAY!!!
    George Michael IS NOT GAY!!!
    Lance Bass IS NOT GAY!!!
    Clay Aiken IS NOT GAY!!!
    Ricky Martin IS NOT GAY!!!
    Neil Patrick Harris IS NOT GAY!!!

    Same old song…