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Ian Somerhalder Wears Muscle Tank in Lake Como

Ian Somerhalder Wears Muscle Tank in Lake Como

Ian Somerhalder shows off his toned arms in a black muscle tank while heading to a boat on Thursday afternoon (July 4) in Lake Como, Italy.

The 34-year-old Vampire Diaries actor is in town filming a steamy commercial for Azzaro with Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

“Happy birthday America! I LOVE YOU!” Ian tweeted that day. “Watching fireworks in Italy, some American went VERY big-wow.”

If you haven’t yet, vote for Ian to win one of three Teen Choice Awards he is nominated for!

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  • Lovely

    He’s soo hot! Hottest man alive <3

  • Sara

    Hot guy but he is like many actors, everything for publicity even his personal life. First his fake relationship with Nina Dobrev , their relationship run its course (in publicity terms), I wonder who will be the next girl.

  • TVD

    Gorgeous, I’m so in love with him

  • danna


  • carol Lee

    Has he come out yet? There shouldn’t be any more girls but he will do anything for publicity so who knows. He has a very weird looking face and a little man attitude.
    Go away!!

  • Cc

    Ohmigawd. So beautiful.

  • Dani

    What a beautiful man in and outside! Can’t wait to see the commercial :))

    @danna: yup obviously thats WHY YOU ARE HERE LOOKING AT HIS PICTURES!

  • Dee

    But where are the muscles? Who will be the next beard?

  • Dani

    @carol Lee: This is a article about Ian, so I suggest YOU GO AWAY!

  • Pusch

    WHAT.IS.AIR He is so beautiful

  • MEY


  • Kel

    His face, his Hair, his Outfit, his muscles, his Body…pure perfection!!!!!!

    @MEY: Are you stupid or what? NIAN broke up month ago, and he’s doing a commercial with Ana, thats all! Oh damn you nian shippers are the worst :( seriously! Get a life and leave them alone already!

  • Kel

    His face, his hair, his Outfit, his muscles, his Body…holy wow he’s pure perfection!!!!!

    @MEY: are you stupid or what? Nian broke up month ago! And what Ian is doing with Ana is a commercial for Azzaro! You hear me? A COMMERCIAL! She has a BF and they are not dating! Some of you nian Fans are so pathetic! Its a shame :(

  • Vera

    Ok seriously Nian shippers are you mental or what? They broke up 2 months ago. What did you expect? Him to sit in a corner crying? Have you seen him? Have you listened to him? He can have a new girl in a matter of seconds. Seriously people , get over your fairytales and let the man be!
    He is a gorgeous human being with so much love for everyone! Maybe some people should take a page from his book.
    If you don’t like him don’t come here!

  • ……….


  • amouna

    LOOOL at people coming here just to hate !! seriously people get a life ! if you dont like him why are you looking at his pics ? if you dont want to see his pics just ignore and GO AWAY ! there is millions of people who want to see his pics ….8 years old people ..

    Ian and Nina broke up months ago so Ian can date anyone he wants ! and he is doing a photoshoots !! WORK !! and he looks GORGEAOUS !!

  • Vera

    THIS! Thank you! some people really like to waste their time! But you know what they say..Carma is a bitch so they are going to get so bitten in the ass for all that hate that they will not gonna believe it themselves.

  • Jessica

    OMG, he just keeps on getting hotter. Too gorgeous for words

  • verox87

    WOW..just WOW! he’s pure perfection!

  • Sasha

    Nian shippers is a shame of the whole fandom some of them now hates Ian bc oh how dare he to live his life as he wants not as they expect him to, others are really have mental problems claiming Nian is secretly married and this is all to cover the wedding
    Ian is having an amazing time and he deserved it
    He was noble enough to not openly denay that he never dated Nina just giving hints more that a hundred times but Nian fans re blind
    so enough is enough he has all rights to do what he wants he is giving fans so much love and attention like no other actor does


    gay irl

  • love

    i don’t like anymore!!

  • Maria

    Just a question why some anti fans( as it is obvious they are not fans) say that Ian is gay? I have read this in other sites as well. Can any of u anti Ian fans confirm that? If you cant confirm then it is better not to say anything if you say only bad things. Had Ian given any indication that he is gay? I mean so far I havent seen or read anything. Just because he has a face that physically is very attractive and handsome and his face features look feminine that does not mean he is gay. I mean he was a model and still is and I know and I get it that most male models do look like girls and indeed most of them are gay but why people are trashing Ian in this case.

    Ian and Nina broke up like 2 months ago or they got their separate ways although personally they did not confirm they did broke up but it looks like they did. Otherwise ian would have been on this European trip with Nina if they were a couple still as Ian and Nina when they were a couple they always went to trips together most of the time. Nina is also taking her time off in hawaii and in other places by herself or with her brother, therefore they are separated.

    The rumors says that Ian broek up with Nina because he wanted to committ asd he is a 35 yrd old man now and Nina who is 10 yrs younger than him did not want to committ yet, she was not ready to do it so as she want to spend more time beign single and enjoy life before committing. It is understandable as she is young but Ian is also young too, maybe his future goals were different than Nina’s. I mean Nina is 24 and some girls are married of course at 24 too, but in Ninas case maybe she was not read to take that big leap just yet. Other rumors said it was otherwise Nina wanted to commit but Ian did not want. I guess we will never know the real truth only their close friends and family know the real reason, not even their own agents must know the real reason and fi they do they wil never display it to the media.

    By the way Ian looks gorgeously handsome in that black tank top and those arms!! MMMM Love to get a hold of them.

  • Sandi

    Ian is hot,hot and hot! He looks so handsome in that black tank top. Just love him!

  • Kelly

    Ian is a gorgeous hunk of a man and so talented. He is one of the few genuine celebs out there. He deserves nothing but great things coming his way. This Azzaro shoot is huge. He looks fantastic. To the immature haters, get a life. Jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone and that’s all you are or else you wouldn’t feel the need to come here and bash. Ian is a 34 year old incredibly attractive actor who is now single. Time for the ”shippers” to move on.

  • kelisa

    Ian~such a gorgeous and beautiful man. I love u !

  • VE


  • Katya

    Ian is a poseur. Haha

  • Sasha

    why i do have a sneaky suspicion that all haters nowdays is upset Nian fans. They though that Ian is what they wish – 16 years old love sick puppy or Damon but as soon as Ian started to act as he wants aka working on his career and not allowing Nina to ride his fame fans are upset
    why he is a poser? bc he is not skulking feeling miserable as fans wants him to?
    Or may be now he is a poser bc when it was Nian times each girl though that to be with Ian is easy and you can be zero yourself and he will still chose you and now they see that you have to be a Woman with a capital W to get his attention?

  • http://justjared ahmad

    Bad actor with ugly face,he is a plauboy i am telling you,he only uses young girls for his fame,he used nina,and he never loved her truly,shame on you ian,you heart my girl she is only 24,she is hurting,and heartbroken just because of you,ian is totally a fake person,now he is dating a slut alexi,i am 100% sure sooner or later he will dumpe her true,he just uses girls,mr ian plz go date with a old women not youngs,man i know he just want to famous in youth just like justin beiber,who r you by the way ian,playing with women hearts..peolpe who adore him are blind

  • http://justjared ahmad

    he is not a marriage material person.he is totally a gay…time will tell

  • http://justjared ahmad

    he is 35 year old,ugly,baldhead,hypocrite,fake person. a playboy

  • Sasha

    oh ian hurt Nina. really? WHO WAS NUNA before she strated riding Ian’s fame? Would she get what she has now if she wouldn’t be rumored as his gf? NO WAY! she disrespects her fans, she acts like a Diva, she doesn’t keep her word, now she should thank Ian for allowing her to ride his fame for so long
    ppl tolerate her ONLY bc IAN said she is a good actress and ONLY bc they though she is his gf.
    So hands off from Ian!

  • Vera

    ok, that is enough! i told you the same thing in a previous article. It’s clear that your ΙQ must be below average cause you cant understand one simple thing: You don’t like him? don’t came here.
    As for ”your” girl Nina now…since you don’t understand from polite words, take this. Your queen does not give a crup about you. Who was she before Ian and Nian? An absolutely nothing. Now that she rode Ian’s fame and she has became famous as his girlfriend, you can tell clearly her true colours. So get over your stick cause if someone was being used here was Ian. Nina was having a fine and dandy time with her friends the whole summer and didn’t do one con to say a thank you to her fans who where the one that got her where she is. And you clearly were one of those mental Nian fans that take all their frastration to Ian now. HA get over your fantasies which YOU created, get over the silly dream YOU created and go on. Enough is enough with your brainless comments. You Nian fans are a disease of the worst kind…Silly little teens that created a fairytale and now that Ian desides AT LAST to live his life for HIM and not for the other, you are ready to eat him. So screw you (and i am being very polite here), go visit a psychiatrist, get over yourself and hands of Ian.
    Ian deserves a WOMAN not a silly little girl like your queen Nina that does not even know how to speak on interviews.

  • Vera

    I usually am not one to talk like that but since some people are clearly desibled to understand any other language take the comment above. Enough is enough with crasy shippers. They have become a joke all over the fandom and they don’t even understand that.

  • lucy

    iam feeling really bad for nina right now. she doesn’t know what she is missing o. but your loss will be someone’s gain.

  • love

    “ppl tolerate her ONLY bc IAN said she is a good actress and ONLY bc they though she is his gf.”???? speak for yourself! Nina liked me before Ian and I still like her now, speak for yourself and not for others!

  • Danny

    Ian looks so happy and hot!!!!

    @Vera: Amen! Thank you :)

  • ellen

    such a beautifull man and wonderful human beeing. Smart , gorgeous intelligent and a fantastic actor. I’m happy he is having some fun, he has been working tireless for years, for His foundation and establishing a Animal sanctuary, filming on the set for 15 hours a day, doing movies in between, and doing photo shoots and so on.

  • evelin akiza egalo

    hey ian,evelin ossoski , 7 monanten 1,80m body smlie , darkbrown hair schluder und gelock withe bloond-schwarz stand of haire , kahtlogisch , growup in poland famile , hobbys . jogging in park morging 7 talk and schopping and ready book. live in bremerhaven in germany.grüss evelin

  • http://emmalucy1133 Lucy

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  • isha

    @carol Lee: This weird looking face brought you here? I came here because he is gorgeous you have the habit of looking&reading about weird looking things that need to come out?LOL..what a weird person …

  • isha

    @……….: did he sleep with you and confirm it yet?or did not sleep with u? do yu have this annoying habit discriminating against a particular type person of his/her sexual preference?or are you a nian(wteer)that means or paul wesley angry fan?

  • evelin akiza egalo

    ian , have normal brown hair wihte stand of hair bloond– black brown eyes yesterday save for darkbrown haireist not right. about for yesterday save is ture. evelin

  • isha

    @danna: you were so tired of him&yet you read his article..most normal people don’t read/see what tires do have a lot of time considering you spend it on things that doesn’t matter to you

  • evelin akiza egalo

    not stand of haire , have normal wihte locken kurz bis schluder

  • Katya

    I love Ian, but he is still a poseur .

  • Nana

    Nina had been spotted kissing an undentified man during her trip to Tha<iland last week

  • Katya

    Ian rested with Alexis Knapp in Sardinia
    Nina simply was clowning around with new friends

  • Sasha

    So what? they both are single they xan do whoever and whatever they want