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Lily Collins & Thomas Cocquerel: New Couple Alert?

Lily Collins & Thomas Cocquerel: New Couple Alert?

Lily Collins reportedly has a new man in her life – Australian actor Thomas Cocquerel!

“They just started seeing each other. A friend introduced them,” an insider told Us Weekly. “It’s new. He is an all around great guy. She’s happy.”

Over the weekend, Lily posted a photo of herself and Thomas on her Instagram acccount while they hung out with pal Samuel Nolan.

“Shhh #don’tsayaword but @thomasdominique, @samuelwnolan, and I are playing games during the “big” game. Honorary 3rd wheel Australian…” Lily captioned the photo.

DO YOU THINK Lily Collins and Thomas Cocquerel make a cute couple?

Click inside to see the photo Lily Collins posted on Instagram…

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Donato Sardella, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Lauren901

    So does this mean her and zac were not even serious at all?

  • mememe

    Taylor Lautner>>>This guy>>The skinny,English meterosexua>>>>>Zac Efron

  • milena

    not the truth!

  • Anya

    Oh oh! Someone didn’t like being called wing woman? Haha poor zef

  • JUMP

    He’s hotter than Zac so get it gurl

  • sarah

    Sooooooo taylor lautner zac efron jamie zac and thomas nowwwww

  • julie

    Anya you are obsseed to zac pathetic girls

  • Hey there

    Really, enough with this girl and all her PR hook ups. If she lasts with a man for more than six months then that will be something to write about. Until them..meh..just like her. She is the very definition fo “meh”.

  • lauren

    No anya is just a hater…

  • Hey there

    @Lauren901: No. They were not serious in the least. Not at all, nada..okay. They’re friends at the most. He referred to her as his “wing woman:. That means she’s in the “friend zone”. Still confused? Look it up. They are not an item. Period.

  • julie

    @lauren yes ANYA she’s pathetics fan (of vanessa.h ) so immature no life

  • lauren

    @hey there
    Hence why i asked because they were seen together in october and then then nothing since then? So does no one care anymore?

  • Cate

    US Weekly aren’t exactly reliable. They made up a story about Lily and Chord Overstreet being at a party together a couple of years ago when Lily wasn’t even in the country at the time! Seems like she posted a picture with male friends and an ‘insider’ made things up from there. He’s hot and apparently talented, though so if they are dating: get it, Lily! Definitely the hottest guy she has been linked to. The Aussies make some hot men lol!

    @Lauren901: Lily’s internet stalker first person to post. Now that she and Zac may be over will you stop stalking her posts and IG? Maybe they were serious or just casually dating? Maybe they were just FWB who trusted each other? Maybe they reconnected as he needed someone good and sober to spend time with and have moved on? It’s their business.

    @Hey there: Nice to show your sexism so I know not to even bother taking you seriously as even if they were PR then the boys are just as much to blame as the girl but, naturally you bash the female. She dated both Taylor and Jamie for more than 6 months and how were they or Zac PR hook ups when they were very lowkey & she doesn’t talk about them.
    Hope all the rude, jealous and pathetic Efron fans will leave Lily alone now.


    Whatever, Lily sure does remind me of the crazy mother in The Shining.

  • milena

    @Cate: Lol! Definitely this magazine not reliable! I remember this story with chord!

  • Hey there

    @lauren: No offense, but no one does care and since they aren’t really together anyway it’s better to just leave no doubt. They are friends (not even close though) but that’s it. No one’s to blame, no drama, they just aren’t “together”.

  • Hey there

    @Cate: No one’s jealous. Hope the best for her but unfortunately it won’t be with Zac. The new guy is cute.

  • lauren901

    first you need to stop being hostile over every little negative comment about lily? and second us weekly is some what reliable because they were the first to have pics of kristen stewart cheating on rob from back in 2012… you need to chill out for once since your always defending her eon her posts it seems no one can have an opinion on her?

  • lauren901

    @hey there
    but they were spotted at the movies and then at disneyland back months ago and every mag and gossip mag seem to care back then? i always thought it was a distraction for zac and his problems when they came out and it seemed to work? idk.

  • nathalie

    Thomas and jamie is so ugly for you lily . Back to lautner or efron

  • Hey there

    @lauren901: Lauren for the last time..they aren’t together. I’ll leave it at that.

  • vic

    ze and mbj

  • sasha

    Zac and Lily were PR nothing more. Just like her and Jamie and her and Taylor.

  • lauren901

    @hey there
    i know they weren’t really together, hence why im asking these questions

  • hey there

    @vic: No not at Good friends though. Sorry.

  • Lol

    lol this girl gets more news for who she dates than what movies she works on. Sad.

  • Pomed1944

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  • Claudia

    I am a Zac Efron fan and i love Lily, so yeah… we’re not pathetic..

    Good Luck, Lily! :D

  • Cate

    @lauren901: I’m a Lily fan so when people post nasty lies about Lily of course I’m going to respond. I’ve seen you on Efron posts defending him but fans of other actors aren’t allowed to do the same? Guess I can add hypocrite to describe you.

    And YOU need to stop with your crazy internet stalking of someone you are not even a fan of. Anywhere there is a Lily post on the internet there you are (lauren/lipkin) asking the same inane questions and insulting Lily. You even stalk her friends and team’s instagrams!

  • Lily

    I really liked her and jcb though

  • Cate

    @Claudia: @Claudia: That’s a nice comment. Sorry, i just get so fed up with the nasty Efron fans I’ve come across especially on JJ but I know there are some nice Efron fans too :)

  • lauren901

    well if you ever look at his post about 99% of the comments are hate, i dont hate on every lily post at all? but whatever ill just leave it to you bye.

  • Cate

    @milena: LOL! It was so funny because there were even pictures of her catching her plane to London the day before the party she was allegedly at in LA lol lol!

  • milena

    @Cate: Yes, they invented this story with Thomas, because of photos that Lily has posted! I’m not
    talking about the intimacy of the friend of lily, the more I think that these magazines should
    see this picture, before leaving for ai publishing nonsense! Lol! Lily says clearly in this
    photo, that their Australian friends, are a couple!

  • idiots

    this guy is gay and dating her friend, lily is single

  • SSSeriously

    If Lily is dating a new guy then I’m so glad. Efron is a first class jerk and she would have to have skin as thiick as steel to have him as a BF.
    His humiliated her last time they dated then he did it again this time.
    What did her friend say DON’T BE MISS FOOLISHA . She seems nice and she needs a nice man not one that has done everything under the sun and would be bored with a normal girl. So this guy or another as long as it’s not Efron.

  • lauren901

    considering how the story came from star first then us ‘exclusively’ reported on it, its probably true shes dating this thomas guy, also us weekly needed to make the point that this guy makes her happy and he’s a great guy so kinda shading at zac per-say,

  • truth

    Hahahahhahahahahahahahhaa hope he likes being used.

    This girl is laughable. I wonder if this is her way of breaking up with zac efron publicly like she did with that Jamie guy?
    Maybe if she had some actual talent she wouldn’t have to ‘date’ (cough cough) ‘up and comers’

  • katie

    Used to be a big fan of lily but it seems she’s become more fake and wannabe Hollywood it girl the past few years. It’s a shame..

  • OK

    @milena You rally think Lily would out her actor friends as gay? She is worse than I heard.
    I had always said two of her relationships were PR just for attention.
    (Nothing more) Taylor and Zac.
    I believe Jaime was real and I hope this one is to.
    I wish her all the luck and happiness with this relationship.

  • savannah

    Lily and Jamie were in a real relationship, very real and very happy BTW, and the plenty of pics about them don´t lie. She never seemed before so happy and so open to show her feelings with someone.The reasons for the break up were in that unfortunate music festival in Lisboa, they never were a PR´s stuff like Efron. And Jamie is a stunning boy, very very handsome, a bit random but always different and funny. I really think the things between them are not over yet, wait until City of Ashes begins to shoot….and time will have the last say. The stuff between lawrence and Nicholas hoult was the same thing. And Cocquerel seems handsome and nice. Good for her by the moment.

  • lauren901

    but it seems pretty clear that jamie has a new girlfriend for a while now and seems pretty happy? i knew nothing about jamie except that he was dating some bonnie wright girl who he got engaged two then all of the sudden he was dating lily, so people just jump to the conclusion that her and jamie were some kind of pr thing or w/e idk, maybe some are just cynical of others

  • OK

    A new post on JJJr has Thomas and Lily out to dinner in WeHo last night.

  • savannah

    @lauren901: Hello Lauren901, well it´s just my opinion but there was so much love between Lily and Jamie, really, and the strange, stupid and painful mistakes of the guys can be forgiven (or not) over time, oh yep. It doesn´t matter they can be now in different relationships like everyone, I know Jamie has a girl of course,and his hurry for it I prefer keeping for myself……well, it´s his life,ok? but I also think “love is bigger than life”, and the way lily and Jamie always looked each other don´t lie and all those new boyfriends and girlfriends after their break up became with too much hurry.Time will have the last say in all this stuff, I insist, but I respect ABSOLUTELY their lifes, too. BTW, WE WANT CITY OF ASHES SOON Mr Moszkowicz.

  • Crystal

    @Cate: No offense to Lily Collins but if someone was going to be jealous of a celeb, I’m sure they would reach higher than her. I like her but she is nothing to be jealous of, unfortunately her acting career hasn’t been very successful unless you count being the lead in a movie adaption of hugely popular book series but that bombed at the box office. And not many people would now know who she is if she was not the daughter of a celeb and been romantically linked to Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron, I highly doubt that most of the people who hate her are jealous of her (and not everyone who hates her is a Zac Efron fangirl). FYI: No one with the mental maturity over the age of 13 takes the jealous line seriously anymore because the fangirls and boys have overused it to death. If someone can’t come up with an insult other than that, it’s best to say nothing at all because using the jealous line gets the person written off as a teenybopper fangirl/fanboy.

    In fact there’s several Lily Collins fans who come across like than in this blog. It almost makes me embarrassed to be a fan of Lily. Seriously people, it’s not a big deal that there are people who don’t like her. It’s inevitable and in a way is a good thing. It’s better for an actress/actor to inspire feelings in people even if it’s negative than to be ignored.

  • Kelly

    @savannah: If you think Jamie and Lily were tru luv, I have a comment for you: promoting their movie.

    That’s all their relationship was. Notice how they were always out holding hands for the paps? We never saw private pictures of them, Jamie never mentioned her on twitter.

    Jamie always looked far more in love and less PR with his past relationships, Bonnie and Zoe, and now with his new girl, Olivia. He never seemed the same with Lily as he did the others. I was a fan of Jamie’s back when he was with Zoe, so trust me, I know. “Jamily” shippers are in so much freaking denial about that. Lily and Jamie are never going to get back “together” either, as that City of Ashes movie is never being made. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • savannah

    @Kelly: My god, Kelly. I reaffirm myself in my words because I know Jamie´s character so well too, and his too much hurry to found a new girl was as a result the pics of lily and efron at the movies.His comments on twitter after all of that stuff were soooo reveling, but it is his life, I repeat, and I respect his choices like everyone, but lily and jamie were really in love and the plenty of pics (publics and privates) are very clear and a lot of things more that I can´t say because is private and I don´t mind their lives. And City of Ashes will be filmed, don´t be mean about it, please, City of Bones is a lovely movie and the cast is adorable, my god. I respect your comments and I hope you respect mines. Time will have the last say.

  • savannah

    Agh. The correct form is “hurry to find”, not “found”. sorry.

  • Kelly

    @savannah: Jamie finds a new girl within weeks of every girlfriend, it’s nothing new for him. You’re delusional if you truly believe Jamie/Lily were this special relationship. He was with Zoe and Bonnie far longer than he was with Lily… and most of the Lily relationship reeked of PR. I’ll never believe it was real.

  • Leslaine

    @savannah: I agree with savannah…There’s love between Jaime and Lily! It’s obvious with their actions.