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Jada Pinkett Smith on Willow's Controversial Picture: There's 'Nothing Sexual' About It

Jada Pinkett Smith on Willow's Controversial Picture: There's 'Nothing Sexual' About It

Jada Pinkett Smith arrives at LAX Airport in a denim vest and leather pants on Wednesday evening (May 7) in Los Angeles.

While at the airport, the 42-year-old Gotham actress responded to the controversial picture of her daughter Willow Smith in bed with a much older and shirtless Moises Arias.

“Here’s the deal,” Jada said at LAX (via TMZ). “There was nothing sexual about that picture or that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it. You’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

10+ pictures inside of Jada Pinkett Smith at the airport…

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  • Erica

    I agree with Jada. The media is so sick for trying to make an innocent picture something it is not. Willow wasn’t touching, looking, even under the covers, and she’s fully clothed. She wasn’t even looking at the boy. You guys are sick!!!!!!! If you look at the pic, you’ll see that their eye contact is looking at something else. Tv or other ppl. Clearly someone took the pic. So they were not alone. I’m sure her brother and their other friends were right there. Yes people might question why a 20 year old is around them. But remember Moises has been a good family friend since he was very young/ friends with Jaden since they were very young. If the media would only do their research before they blow things out of proportion. As for everyone else, I’m sure Will and Jada know their child best. How about we shift the attention to those poor Nigerian kidnapped girls? Surely they’d be back by now if the media gave the same attention they did Willow Smith?

  • James

    She is absolutely right. You people in USA are crazy. You act like puritans but all of you watch dirty movies, talk dirty and think of dirty things. The fact you see something sexual in everything only says a lot about yourselves. We are becoming scared of posting pictures cause you might find something in whatever innocent and completely normal.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    I agree with both of you. You know what’s funny? It’s always the ones who are super conservative/religious/self-righteous/judgmental that end up being the most twisted and perverted sexually. It’s hilarious to me, lol.

  • Jean

    You tell ‘em Jada. I agree with you 100%.

  • Just sayin

    She’s 13, he’s 20 and they were in a bed together which was unmade and he was with his top off. How is that appropriate behavior?

  • Sashalize

    Agree absolutely with all the above comments. Also, well said Jada.

  • Sorry Jada

    For some us it wasn’t about whether it was sexual or not. It was about why is a 13 year old child hanging with her brothers 20 year old friend. Heck why is Jaden even hanging with him, isn’t he 16? This guy may be harmless but it just doesn’t look good and it seems Willow hardly has any friends in her age group. You are allowing her to bypass the innocence of childhood and jump right into being an adult. Generally, when this happens sexual experiences can happen way too soon before the child is truly ready.

    No boys were allowed beyond the communal area of the house when i was growing up and he darn sure better not be older than a year or two of me. I know in this new age of young kids they see so much at a young age now that they just bypass being a kid, and jump straight into trying to hang with the older crowd and do as they do. So what would be deemed inappropriate to some is okay to them and the parents who want to seem cool and accepting to their kids. However, in the end it is Will & Jada that will have to deal with any future issues from their hands off style parenting. Everything is always okay and fine until something unthinkable happens.

  • believe

    I don’t think Jada has a clue WHAT her children are doing. Jada is too busy tending to herself.

  • Ap

    I worry for Willow

  • Dill

    Terrible mother Jada. Should’ve never had kids. You’re an aweful parent. Shame on you!

  • James

    @Sorry Jada: Jada raises her children very wisely. They trust their mother and have no secrets. So she can give them a freedom. Believe it or not forbiding never helps. Kids will always do what they want. Some kids are more conscious then others and make it easier for their parents. I was the same. At the age of twelve I used to laught at the other children how stupid they are because they were smoking. And believe it or we were friends at the same time. I just didn’t let them make me do the same mistake and they actually never offered me a cigarette. I knew exactly what was wrong and what I shouldn’t decide to do this young. Jaden and Willow have friends so they hang out. End of story. It’s sad to think that generally every 13 years old girl cannot be friend with 20 years old. You can’t generalize it. Yes, most girls in this age are stupid and would do something stupid with 20 years old boy but you can’t lock them at home. The best you can do is talk to them, listen to them, take care of them and build an open relationship with them. Jada is a good mother. Maybe that’s why people overreact. They try to find somethinf wrong no matter what.

  • James

    @Dill: Your judging is very very fast according to the fact you don’t know this family at all. How would you like it if some stranger write the same nonsense about you and your family on the internet? There is no help for your shortsightedness.

  • Lena

    Eyes BACK ON THE BALL folks!! Can we refocus attention BACK on the TRUE pedophiles of Hollywood now??? In millions of homes all over the world guys are getting out of the pool in their swim trunks in groups and first going into the kitchen to grab a bag of Doritos and a soda pop and heading into their friends bedrooms to play XBox in groups with their buddies with the tag along sis…., Dude #1 says to Dude #2: “dude, got any extra chairs?..there’s no place to sit man” Dude #2: “yeah man, sorry bout that, my mom won’t let me use the dining room chairs anymore after I spilled grape juice all over one last week…just sit on the bed.”. Dude #1 to younger sis: “move your feet and scoot on over half pint…”. Yeah, I’m glad Jada took care of that promptly and head on. Oh my word. The child protective system is flooded and bogged down with people filing revenge claims against ex-spouses or lovers, or overreacting nosy neighbors. I get that people are sensitive due to the Bryan Singer allegations and the recent James Franco skeezy attempted pick up of the 17 year old girl , but come on, there’s a huge difference here.

    If she was under the covers, or embracing him in a lip lock, fine. It just looks like they were laying on the bed telling stories, watching tv, playing video games, or something. My God. As a teenager who babysat back in the day, I used to lay down in bed with the small kids to tell them bedtime stories. Them under the covers. Me over. One under each wing. I had no interest in molesting them. It was just easier for them to follow along that way and then to fall asleep in that position.

    EYES… BACK…ON..THE… BALL…I suspect we’re all going to be quite busy being shocked and appalled once more victims start coming forward as Jeff Herman promised without having to jump all over poor Jada and her family.

  • Dill you are so bitter

    @Dill: We could all say the same about you. To say those mean things about a mom without even knowing her is just mean, only a bitter person would say those things. Its obvious this two werent alone. And willow seems to know him for years, so she doesnt feels threatened or so. I think thats more a sign that she feels secure and she knows he would never harm her.

  • Becca

    HAHAHAHA As if we don’t know Jada mama is not behind every long post above. Okay we hear you Jada but your daughter is growing up too fast and you are too busy taking care of YOU.
    As if at this point Willow is going to listen to you. PFFFT!!!!
    Get Real!!

  • holly

    @James: You WISHED we all watched dirty movies!

  • Dawny

    Willow was fully dressed. A bed is a piece of furniture and even if the guy had his shirt off, big whiff. Kids sit on a bed when they play video games, watch tv, listen to music and chat. I think the picture is a great PR piece, and it sure has created chatter.

  • Th e Truth

    Image Jada not sex. This picture allow people to think negatively about your daughter. This picture does not project the image of a leader of the 21 century the most parents will be happy with there kids following. That all Jada. What you allow her to do as a parent only affects us when the image is negatively projected in the public. That is our business.

  • What?

    @Th e Truth: “That is our business.” Who is ‘our’? Who is ‘us’. What the hell are you talking about? It doesnt affect me at all, why is it affecting you? I got my own life, maybe you should get one too. Why is it this pic of people you dont know affecting you? I bet its because otherwise, it would be to clear, that the real reason you are all in their business is that you have no life and thats why you’re that bitter.

  • Jess

    This is what happens when parents have nannies and bodyguards raising their children. The parents have NO CLUE what is right and what is wrong. What a disgrace. I see another MILEY on the horizon!

  • goaskjada

    Basically everyone who has commented saying it’s nothing big are the parents that let their kids do what they want because they don’t care to deal with them or teach them wrong from right because they trust their kids enough to learn it on their own and that’s why kids are growing up fast while their parents are out having drinks with friends to have a reason to show off their awesome night on facebook and then they cry when their kid ends up kidnapped, dead, pregnant, with an STD, an addict, etc. You irresponsible beings!

  • nolookey

    Her face looks like a sagging monkey. Then again jada always reminded me of a chimp.

  • LaCroix

    Why is a 13 year old girl, hanging out with a 20 year old man? What could they possibly have in common? The age difference is inappropriate. Not that lying in bed together is, If Willow was lying in bed with one of her 13 year old guy friends this would not be a big deal. Wake up Jada.

  • Lena


    Nah. Not me. Im just someone like tons of other folks in the world who have had to navigate the sad backlash of the “boy who cried wolf syndrome” as not paid enough and not appreciated enough benevolent state social workers are stretched to the limit being forced to waste way too much of their limited time and resources on abuse hotline calls from Gladys Kravitz (remember the nosy neighbor from Bewitched?) and vengeful exes trying to set up abuse claims to modify custody orders. There’s a difference between danger to children, physically or psychologically and mere discretion in parenting and individual parenting style. When EVERYTHING becomes seen as a risk and danger to a child, then those who are charged with investigating abuse cases, can’t help but begin to approach even real cases of abuse with skepticism, thereby increasing the danger of a child remaining in REAL IMMEDIATE peril longer than s/he should. It’s so easy for people to point fingers at Jada for this one picture. But how do you even know the maid wasn’t vaccuming and they jumped on the bed to briefly get out of the way? Those two weren’t alone. It’s ridiculous. And, I wonder (only hypothetically speaking of course) how many people pointing fingers at Jada here would criticize their ex spouse in front of their children and feel proud and fine in doing so? Feeling so righteous about doing so only to be shocked when later scolded by a judge for trying to harm their child through parental alienation? What shock on a visitation denier’s face when contrary to their expectations, and to their shock and dismay, a judge not only fails to jump on their bandwagon in condemning what they consider to be subpar parenting skills of their ex, but the judge also awards custody to the ex, who while not as “perfect” has shown (more importantly) flexibility and willingness to foster a loving parent/child relationship rather than be a judgmental cold hearted selfish control freak. Ahhhhh…the perfect parents have rendered their self righteous judgments. LOL. :). I personally think Jada showed some seriously strong indication of “Lioness protecting her cubs and family unit.”. She said “to hell with my movie star image…. this is MY family…And back off!..”. I was actually impressed with the speed and vigor of her reaction. All the above not intended to advise or lecture. It’s only my personal opinion of course.

  • Lena


    A 20 year old man? And who else? Who took the picture? Or is there a rule against contact between people with that age difference? Even if a third person is there? I hung out with my older cousins and their friends when I was 10. I have cousins 10 years older. We’d go fishing in the Gulf. Oooh….alone on a boat with guy cousins and their older male friends without shirts (getting tans showing off to all the 20 year old chicks in bikinis going by in speed boats) while teaching me how to bait my hook. Are you suggesting I was in danger just because they were older guys? Those guys were good boys. Older but not perverts just because I was 10 and alone with them on a boat. I think pedophilia is a wee bit more complex than that.

  • LaCroix

    @Lena: wtf are you on about? Actually there is a rule its called the law, when people of age hang out with younger people it causes issues especially when the older people want to do things that older people are allowed to do. I never said anything about pedophilia.. if you want to have a debate please stick to the issues I pointed out nothing else.

  • jon m’shulla

    She is 13 and totally out of control. She needs boot camp. For her own good.

    Boot camp!

  • crazy stan

    @LaCroix: apparently it’s ok in this world ask Sam taylor-johnson she had no problem scooping up an 18 yr. At 43 and getting pregnant from him twice! So not only does the guy have to raise his own kids but he has to raise 2 step children that aren’t his own blood. So we shouldn’t complain about this age difference because in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s feminist words nobody even notices it’s accepted for an older guy to be involved/near a younger girl.

  • jon m’shulla

    It is not just one picture. Her life is going to hell.

  • The Truth

    Jada I must say that I respect you and your parenting skills. I am not trying to do anything other than to warn you. What is obvious. I think that she has the potential to be better than her father. she is focusing on the people she hang with not her potentional. As you know you are a product of the people you surround yourself with. Whomever those people are that’s who you are. What i mean by our, yes this is your life but you are using the media to have young fans. These young fans are our kids. Its important to us that we make sure that whoever they pay attention too. Is doing things in the public not private. That we as parents approve. Your wearing marajuana socks. Having pictures with you in the bed with a half dressed adult. Those are negative imagages and as a parent it is unacceptable and we have the right to speak our opion. Yes you are rich and you can do things like have records and make movies. But our kids does not have to watch them. If you are not projected the image that we feel is acceptable. That”s we pay attention to what you do. I believe that you can be great.

  • mdmgcs

    please help us out!!!

  • Bert

    These Black parents are the new rich family of Satan, which they both have to sacrifice their children for wealth in Hollywood. Just look at their daughter pictures looking like she is their Son not their daughter. And the son who I love is now starting to take pictures looking like a girl. What is going on? Well if you know about the club of the rich they worship an Angel who got kick out of haven because he said he wanted to be God, a create being like us wanted to be our God and he could not even create another being like himself or like a human women and yet these fools sold their soul for some dead presidents that will be burn in the fire.

  • PattyFromTexas

    Those of you who think there’s something sexual about this picture, within the context of the situation need to critically examine their own reactions, and perhaps come to some conclusions that need to be addressed.

  • mlaross

    @Erica: Wholeheartedly, agree with mom’s stance. On the other hand, as per usual, “appearance” is a language unto itself.

  • gnadfly

    Please take the Will Smiths away. Their children are marginally talented, Will hasn’t made a good movie in years and Jada is just looking wayyy older than 42.

  • Shag

    No damned way that child should have been in bed with a 20 year old. With the rep that Will and Jada have about their lifestyle, can’t say I’m surprised. The need protect that child’s innocence until she’s old enough to make her own choices.

  • Anon

    @Just sayin: Brb, lemme just go make my bed then.

  • Anon

    @goaskjada: I am 17 and my friends tend to be 19~24, however, my mother knows everything that I do and when I’m doing it WHILE I keep my grades up and participate in school activities. It’s a parents job to teach their kids right, but its the kid’s decision on whether or not they’re going to follow through with it. So quick to judge. Those same kids who are supposedly sitting at home doing their homework and “the right thing” are the same ones who are good at being bad and hiding it. People are so quick to judge. Like Miley Cyrus said, people love to criticize what she’s doing, but they don’t even know what their own kids are doing, no matter how hard they try to deny that.

  • Anon

    Everyone is so worked up over this picture, but with all of the 13 year olds that post nudes and reply to old men’s messages, trying to grow up so fast is just /totally/ overlooked. Parents these days.

  • Meridan

    @James: Before you bash us,please learn proper English.

  • Akil

    The entire family needs help. A 13 year old in bed with a 20 year old… No problem. Happens in every family home, except those of us not living in Hollywood.

  • Leo

    Please pardon me for being so old fashioned about reality. Willow being
    the daughter of entertainers does Not make her less vulnerable to being
    taken advantage of than the average young 13 year old who starts out
    innocently being in the same bedroom with an older man. Even though
    Jada is taking this topic lightly, I wonder (as a father) if Will feel the same as his tolerant wife. Just saying!!

  • AlexMack

    @Sorry Jada:

    The question isn’t “Why a 13 year old is hanging with a 20 year old.” Jada is right. In all actuality, we ARE projecting our own twisted sexual perversions on them. There is no reason in the world why a 13 year old can’t be friends and even share a bed with a 20 year old. The REAL problem is trusting a 20 year old who is sexually mature with a 13 year old who is not. The whole situation is just screwed up. ON the on hand, Jada is right, but on the other hand, in real families, in real homes, this kind of thing could go south really quick if its allowed to continue. It’s hard enough (statistically) for boys and girls to be best friends without there being a sexual nature… And I suppose being a pedophile is not something a person just becomes by being in the presence of young people, but do you really want to take the chance with your child? That’s why it’s inappropriate. The purpose of that picture was to do just this…. to get peope talking and I’m afraid the Smiths just haven’t thought this one out. I have agreed with most of their out of box ideals for a long time but this one is a head scratcher. I mean, I can see it from both angles.

  • DeJay

    @Dill: who are you to judge, you can’t. Do you have kids?,could you do a much better job? That’s whats wrong with the world today, people are so quite to judge others before they take a good look at themselfs. What you should do is just put that child in God’s hands and pray that Jada and Will Smith are making the best that they can choices for their children. And we the people need to look at our own lives, to see if we are doing the right thing before throwing that stone.

  • justmyview52

    Regardless of whether Mr. and Mrs. Smith feel this is an inappropriate picture or not, her comment about people being covert pedophiles shows that she is very aware of what kind of people are viewing her 13 year old daughter’s picture. I do not know The Smith’s personally, so I’m not an advocate for, nor against them as parents. I will say that their indiscretion has put their children at a greater risk of being viewed by pedophiles everywhere.

  • sioux

    This pic was posted to spark these reactions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jada did it herself. So many people out there want to think they’re edgy, open and pushing the envelope. Shes helping her kid get her name out there. Totally staged and starting to be redundant w/these kids.

  • Stacy

    @Just sayin: maybe you should find out the true story then listening to tabloids…and really it’s no ones business’s obvious that someone is starting trouble..and knows they will find guilable ppl like you to fall for it

  • http://yahoo Beverly

    Looks like they just finished having sex and it was a disappointment to her and he’s laughing because he doesn’t care, like he just got over on a young girl that didn’t know any better.

  • KornGod

    Heh, people in America have this strange need to assume the worst possible situation. I first heard the story and was all “Lets kill the pedo”. . . Then I say the pic and was all “You guys are idiots”

  • the truth

    @Just sayin: I agree with you.