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Miranda Kerr Addresses James Packer Dating Rumors

Miranda Kerr Addresses James Packer Dating Rumors

Miranda Kerr is seeing stripes while arriving at her apartment on Saturday (July 19) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 31-year-old Australian supermodel donned a cute and chic ensemble while stepping out for a meeting at the Mandarin Hotel in the Big Apple.

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The day before, Miranda got cameras flashing with a back-baring outfit while heading back to her apartment.

“We’ve been friend for years. [Rumours] happen all the time with me, it happens to Orlando [too]. We understand it. As long as we both know [the truth], then it doesn’t really matter what people think. People can speculate as much as they like,” Miranda recently shared about rumors that she is dating friend and businessman James Packer.

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  • Disapointed

    So she is back again at the daily pap photos ?

  • .

    Glorified hooker, and proud of it. She’s pathetic.

  • Cara

    She is such a Liar!!!! They are not old friends James and Orlando used to be bestfriend’s!!!! Now this bitch Fu–ing him for his billions and connections. She ruined that friendship

  • lol

    Nobody cares about you Miranda lmao

  • Su23

    She been sleeping with James Packer this whole week at his NYC hotel!!! Whhhhhorrreee

  • Vita

    She is the definition of a proud High class Hooker!!!!

  • Kath

    Love her white pants & stripe top. She looks great.

  • Adriane

    James Packet Is an idiot left his beautiful wife and 3 little children for this S L U T Disgusting

  • Kath

    Oh yeah….too many jealous b*tches here commenting on her & Packer…who cares. You all sound like your the ones who wish you were screwing him. Orlando & him were not best friends. And being both Aussies they have known each other for years….you w*nkers.

  • Bee

    Who did she hand her son to since Orlando is vacationing in France?? Everyone and their moms know she’s f*****g Packer…!

  • yes

    @Disapointed: Yes. :(
    She spent some days with James P and now she is back.

  • @9

    sorry, have you seen a pic of this Packer?? She does this for money, not because she’s in love ith him….plase!! This talentless woman and deluded model wants his money.

  • JJ

    I think theres much more important things going on in this world than whether who MK is sleeping with.

  • Your all Boring

    I think a few of u are JEALOUS

  • Michelle

    I think she looks beautiful. Always feminine

  • Zenya

    @Kath u Miranda’s publicist ??? Miranda and Erica James wife are from the same town in Australia and They all used to vacation And hang out together until miss Angelic w h o R e start f–ing Packer for his billions and connections

  • Fan

    Lady in the Street But a S L U T behind close doors lol

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: “Of course I am f**king James Packer but of course I can’t admit that I’m f**cking James Packer because the whole world knows that I am only f**king him for the money so that makes me look like the wh@re that everyone knows I am. Oh, here…I hired the paparazzi again so talk about my clothes and not about the fact that I am selling myself to keep my face cream business afloat.” @17 she is never a lady, in the street or anywhere else.

  • Texti

    Miranda’s an independant woman that lives a carefree and giving style and the gossip is only speculation. Both are great outfits, I like the dress tho.

  • Nene

    No one believes you, Miranda. Even your most loyal fans know you’re scr*wing JP, no matter what they say.

  • meg

    Before she was famous she and another Aussie model would go to parties and have little contests to which one of them could sleep with the richest man in the room so I really don’t see how this is any different. It’s her game and it’s how she got famous so it really is old news.

  • Sigh

    Seriously? What’s with all the hate… Y’all need to stop the insane jealousy and get a life. Highly doubt she’s with Paker but if she is/was–who give a flying f**k!! How many people sleep their way through life and are glamourised for it, Angelina, Elizabeth Taylor etc. really if anything,, every one of you need to get laid more..

  • @Elena

    Poor old Elena posting the same lies over & over again under different names yet you’re too stupid to understand we know it’s you……lololololol.

    Only you Elena & the Delphidiots believe the fake Packer rumours!!!

    Miranda has denied the rumours several times now “No it’s not true” “He’s been a friend for years” “I’m single & not in a relationship”

    The Australian media was so desperate for the rumour to be true as there both famous Aussies but there has not been one photo or ANY evidence at all. Just tabloid gossip all from convenient so-called “insiders” in other words lies!

    Your obsession & hatred of Miranda is beyond scary & delusion, get help!

  • Dating

    If you’re saying truth, than let share more photo’s because regarding Miranda Kerr i can’t believe on you share evidence please.
    Thank you

  • skippy

    @@Elena: yes and how do you personally know are you best friends with miranda, you too believe the rumour miranda is not exactly going to say she sleeping with a man who left his wife and three kids it not going to look good on her publicity wise people are entitled to say what they want to say go to a fan site if any of you can’t handle opinions honesty


    Just because Miranda said shes not dating james DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHES TELLING THE TRUTH. God. She said she DIDNT date orlando – YET SHE DID. She said they werent getting married – in fact they were. She said she and orlando was still together – yet they had seperated. I mean seriously… Just because she had said MONTHS after one of aussies biggest papers wrote that she and james dated that they didnt date, doesnt mean shes telling the truth. She lies to the press all the time. She gave marriage advice while she and orlando was filing for divorce. She said she ended VS so she could spend more time with orlando and they filed for divorce instead. Im not believing anything she says. And you know what? Its really NON of our business. If she is dating James – well good for her! That she have found someone she likes. Everyone deserves that. If they love each other, thats their business. And good for them! :) not so fun för the kids though. But i dont like her as a celebrity because she lies all the time so i got a hard time believe anything she says. She is a great model though and got a GREAT style! Love her outfits!! :) she is a great outfit-inspiration. But anything than that…. not so much. But shes got a lot of fans so good for them. I prefer Tyra Banks.

  • PuppyLove

    Who she’s dating is no longer Orlando’s problem…and I’ll bet he doesn’t miss the drama a bit.

  • Karen

    I’m with the people who say that her fans know in their hearts that she’s lying. They defend her to keep up the appearance of believing every word that falls from her lips. She has always had an aversion to the truth and that is never going to change. why does it matter? She isn’t the first home wrecker and she won’t be the last and she started her Kora line by sleeping with a rich guy so why shouldn’t she fund it that way now? She is a business woman and if she lacks brains but has the bod to sleep her way to a successful company, I say go for it! Good on you, Miranda!! Sell that a**!!

  • @3

    You keep saying that Packer and Orlando used to be “best friends”, but where is your proof of that?
    Orlando grew up in England not Australia. All of his long time friends are guys he knew in school. He may have met James a couple of times, and was on friendly terms with him, but there is no evidence that they are anything more than aquaintences. That’s all in your imagination.
    Btw, Miranda and James are both single. There is nothing wrong with them dating. If they even are.

  • @21

    Gee. I didn’t know that this is a fan fiction site.
    I know that Elena always posts fiction. But I thought that was just her, and her alter egos that pulled garbage out of thin air to post.

  • darren

    It always irks me the way she poses for the paps and then in interviews she complains about them.

  • Pam

    I laugh when I see comments from that person who compares Miranda Kerr to a Kardashian because let’s be real she’s more fake than any of those women.

  • @32

    You mean Elena? Yes, she is more desperate for attention than any Kardashian.
    She’s so lonely that she craves any form of acknowledgement. Even if it means that she comes across looking like a pathetic, lunatic stalker.

  • Kath

    What annoys me is all the haters carrying on like they know every intimate detail about her & how she lives her life. Umm…you dont!! Yes Miranda denies stuff…but what bloody celeb doesnt?? All celebs lie & deny about their business simply because its none of ours. (I find it so funny that the haters take Miranda lying and denying soooo personal) So what if she is sleeping with him? And why is it her fault if she is?? Shes got plenty of money of her own & do u really think James is ever going to give her his cash…plu-ease. If your aussie like me u will know every he loves models & has chased them over the years…but they all dump him…even when their engaged to him. So it was no surprise to me he split from Erica. Shes probably had enough of him. People say she married & had the kids to secure a lifetime of cash. But again what do we know… nothing. And MEG…I will say again stop pretending you know everything about Mirandas life you dont. Ive got friends that went to school with her in Brisbane….and even they dont know what she used to get up to. Lets just stick to seeing what shes wearing & what product shes endorsing hey….

  • HA!

    “Meeting” is code for “booty call” with James Packer.

  • Zach

    Do you think she emails the paparazzi and describes what she’s going to wear and they discuss what the captions to the pictures will be?

  • Emma

    @Kath: Just because you dont like certain parts of a celebs persona doesnt mean you are a hater. Just because someone doesnt like miranda that makes them a hater??? No! Why cant you just get over the fact that not everyone will adore her? A lot of people, including me, like miranda as an amazing model and nutrition guru. She is one of the best VS angels ever! But when it comes to her hypocrisy…. not so much. Just because someone writes something that they dont like with miranda you just assume they are a hater. People who doesnt like one or more few thinks arent a hater. Chiiiill. Lol. Why are you coming to her defense? You’re saying that people should stop thinking that they know her when they dont.. well what are you doing yourself haha? You dont know her either then. Or are you under cover?

  • Pam

    @@32: I was referencing Elena’s comments but I was saying that Miranda is more fake than the Kardashians. Sorry, I didn’t realize that someone would be stupid enough to misunderstand me.