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Lea Michele Will Guest Star on 'Sons of Anarchy' Final Season!

Lea Michele Will Guest Star on 'Sons of Anarchy' Final Season!

Lea Michele just announced some major news to her fans – she will be guest starring on an episode of Sons of Anarchy for the upcoming final season!

“Woke up so excited today! Fun news to share…” the 27-year-old actress tweeted. “I’ll be appearing on an episode of my favorite show @SonsofAnarchy! Thank you so much @Harparbar & @sutterink #SOAFX.”

Lea will be playing “Gertie, an empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother who connects with Gemma (Katey Sagal) during a difficult time,” according to THR. Her episode will air on October 14.

The show’s creator Kurt Sutter teased that a guest star announcement would be made at Comic-Con, but it looks like he let Lea break the news herself!

Other guest stars for the upcoming season, which will debut September 9, include Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lea Michele guest starring on Sons of Anarchy?

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  • Carly


  • Letsbereal

    You’d think her favorite show would be GLEE considering it made her famous…otherwise, she would have been doing musical theater in some small town with that unfortunate nose of hers. Eeeeeek!!!

  • Gisele

    Bad idea. Also what is with the giant eyebrows some of these girls are sporting now. Not flattering at all.

  • Why?

    A) I don’t believe for a second she watches SOA B) No, just no. She cannot even attract viewers to her own show which is basically all about her at this point.

  • Hurricane

    No, NO, NOOOO!!!!!!

  • Alice

    @Letsbereal: She is pretty fickle when it comes to “favorites”. Whatever or Whoever she wants to promote at the time is her best or favorite. I was a fan for many years and I never heard her mention this show.

  • Mast

    What?!! Sutter and Paris have been teasing about wanting her on the show for ages, I never thought it would actually happen. I am so excited for this!!!

  • stacy

    Yesssss!!! Can’t wait to see that side of her we never seen before on TV. Everyone else who thinks she is gonna suck…go eff yourself and find a job cause she has one!!

  • Camila


  • cam

    She is the best!!

  • mark

    Love you lea !!!!!

  • cory

    Best news today!!! She is gonna rock it

  • niki

    The bae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Finally she is doing something outside of glee!!! I’m excited!! This will open doors for her 100%

  • jaimala

    Yes!!!! Now she needs to be on AHS!!!!

  • Jules

    It’s a good start !

  • jaimala

    I’m excited to see what she can do!

  • Haynes

    I’m actually excited to see what she can do other than sing! She needs to leave glee behind and start doing this!

  • ash

    Bye glee and make way for Lea Michele!!!!

  • kami

    something about this girl reminds me of niki blonsky.

  • Kaitlyn

    Best start for her! Excited!!

  • chris

    DA BAE!!!

  • uraloser

    @Letsbereal: Yeah NY and Bway some small town.

  • stoptalking

    @Alice: No she binges watches show and often asked for fan ides on what ot watch.

  • No

    @stacy: That was the lamest insult ever. Go find a job? Lol silly tw*t.

  • Alice

    @stacy: I think in the fast few months we’ve seen ALL sides of Lea and she provided most of them.

  • CorysGirl_19

    Eat it up while you can Lea stans because she won’t be relevant after glee ends lol. Her true colors are showing and more of her fans are starting to hate her everyday lol! She can’t even hold viewers, look at glee! That entire cast couldn’t carry that stupid show without Cory and you wanna know why? Cory Monteith was the real star and the one audiences watched for! Even Matt Morrison and Jane Lynch admitted this! This phony b*tch is a lousy actress and a one trick pony and the SOA fans as well as Hollwood know it. You really think they booked her on a show like this because of her imo talent?? No they’re making an example out of her and its going to show once that new season airs. Both her movies “New Years Eve” and “Oz” flopped and critics bashed her acting in both! Her album also flopped and so did her book and the only reason people brought that crap was because she was using Cory to sell them but she won’t be riding his coattails for long.

    P.S she’s a friggin liar too, theres no way I believe she ever watched an episode of SOA in her lidfe. Notice how she’s saying that just because of her fans and to kiss that show’s a**. In all the years I watched glee and followed some of the cast I have never in my life heard her mention SOA EVER! She calls EVERYTHING her “favorite” from movies to friends to shows. LOL really why are we even talking about this idiot??

  • Diana

    This woman is such a fake. Oh yea Cory treated me like I could do everything, well did he teach you how to move on so fast to the next guy after 7 months.
    Cory’s mom saying I know her pain well the only pain this bitch had was not having someone to sleep with.
    Shame on her for flauting that prick in front of Cory’s mom when you can surely see that she is still in alot of pain.
    This woman has no morals and shame on her mother too for not teaching her daughter to be a decend human being. I guess it’s all about the old might dollar. Enjoy it while you are still here on earth.

  • Mich

    Cory killed himself with his addiction. He’s dead. When he was alive, he was trashed for everything from his weight to his acting skills/lack of talent. He’s a good person, but wow the post death whitewashing is done. But no with two brain cells to rub together actually buys it. You obsessive psychos need to move on.

    Anyways, really excited to see this.

  • Gina

    What an unfortunate picture…

  • alice

    @stoptalking: I’ve read every tweet and every interview she’s done in the past year or so and never once did she say that SOA was her favorite show. I was a fan and spent a lot of money on her until she decided to feature her butt and not her talents. No loss, there are probably a lot of people who want to see her that way.

  • Maddi


    unfortunate nose..she’s half Jewish you silly moron and I’m pretty sure her nose doesn’t define her ability to act. She’s an amazing talent..regardless of your opinions of her personal life or anything else you choose to insinuate about her. You look pathetic saying stuff about a person you seemingly hate. Lea’s gonna do well, it’s a one episode stint stop gagging yourself over Lea’s life and back away from the computer you immature aHole

  • Diego

    So unfortunate looking.

  • Lin

    I guess with Lea Michele her so-called favorites depend on what fits best with the PR-strategy for whatever she’s promoting right now. Six weeks ago, when she did PR for her book, she told moviefone her 5 favorite shows: The Bachelorette, Scandal, Game of Thrones, House of Cards and, of course, Glee. A very random selection of shows that are extremely popular right now in a wide array of different target groups. Those shows were probably chosen to create something to relate to her for as many different consumers as possible, so many people would buy her book.
    Now that she’s shooting SoA of course that’s her FAVORITE SHOW, after her guest role was arranged by her FAVORITE PERSON, Glee and SoA director Paris Barclay.
    Those favorites are all just for publicity, they tell you nothing about the likes and dislikes of the real person Lea Michele, they just tell you that she has no qualms about sucking up to audiences and business-partners alike by tweaking her public persona into whatever fits her career-plans best.

  • CorysGirl_19

    Umm fyi @Mich the idiot obvious Lea stan, Cory didn’t kill himself with his addiction! You seriously need to educate yourself on that mental illness and I suppose you didn’t know he also suffered from depression which effects more than 121 million people worldwide! Also Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy loaded the gun to his relapse (thank to that phony PRomance Monchele) as did Adam Shankman so technically they are partially to blame for his death, but morons like you overlook that part and only see what was found in the autopsy.

    Your queen is still on a show that’s barely breathing, getting zero positive critical praise and like her buddie Darren Criss she is doing as much as she can before she fizzles out! She’s also used Cory to help her career along and is still milking him even though she’s been f**king a prostitute for over 7 months maybe longer! The only reason she got this SOA gig was her because of her pal over at FOX Barkley not because she auditioned and blew everyone away lol! Oh and btw alot of people didn’t like her performances on Broadway nor do they like her diva attitude which she’s tried to deny having for years. The only people who love her are her fans. I would blame her parents for raising a sh*tty human being but she made her own choices in life and doesn’t value anyone but herself.

    Watch when glee ends see how relevant her and her fellow self-absorbed gleeks become lol. People like her don’t get far in Hollywood especially if they’ve been basing majority of their career on a deceased co-star and embody a sh*tty attitude. There are scumbags in HW but alot of them are smart in how they play the game because most of them have charisma (even ones who look as homely as she does have more to offer in their personality) which she doesn’t have. She’s a phony who likes to pretend she has charisma and poise but in reality she’s a piece of trash and people see through her sh*t. It’s only a matter of time before she’s history so enjoy it while it lasts my friend.

  • hunter

    @Lin: I applaud you

  • gleek101

    @CorysGirl_19: you are full of shit no one is to blame for his death but cory and cory did not have despression. You entire comment full of lies and crap. You need to stop spouting out garbage you are the scumbag and the loser who talks shit. Lea will never be history but you certainly are . The moron here so you who knows nothing but cargo and who only knows how to post lies go get a life

  • gleek101

    @Lin: you are also full of shit I with nothing better to do then bash and tell lies about someone you don’t know

  • Lin

    @gleek101: I’m not the one who’s bashing or telling lies here.

  • Gleek101

    @Lin: Yes you are because i am certaintly not

  • Lin

    @Gleek101: I quoted Lea Michele’s own contradictory statements and came to an obvious conclusion about the intent behind them, yet I am supposed to be the one who’s telling lies? You are the one telling me I am full of $#!t, yet I am supposed to be the one who’s bashing people I don’t know? You might take off your fan-goggles for a moment and have a good look at yourself and the person you idolize, because by accusing others for your own misbehavior you do neither of you a favor. Bye.